Deutsche Bank Gets Hit With Yet Another Body Blow: Where's the Towel?

I like my odds with the Mega Millions better than buying a stock in a prolonged downtrend.

Alibaba Is Down but Not Out

On the cusp of China's Singles Day, Alibaba shares are down from their all-time high, but performing relatively well.

Jim Cramer: Oil Demand Must Be Slowing

But a plummet in oil signals a global synchronized downturn, and we will not be immune.

Jinping Cuts Chinese Import Tariffs, But All Eyes Are on Mid-Terms

As weak PMI data came out, Chinese President Xi Jinping promised cuts to import tariffs, but any major news on a trade deal will wait until after the elections.

Curaleaf Stock Stumbles as Multi-State Landscape Gets Crowded

The stock closed down on its first day of trading on the CSX. Here is a breakdown of the current landscape and some up-and-comers to keep an eye on.

Staying Long Apple Into Tuesday's Product Launch: Market Recon

My target price and panic points have changed, and I am watching for a chance to add or shave some off, depending on which direction the stock takes.

2 Plays on UnitedHealth Amid the Market Wreckage: Market Recon

This name has significantly outperformed both the S&P 500 and the health care sector over the course of this awful month

1980s Flashback: Trump Is Using Reagan's Playbook

We are at the late end of the economic cycle, so trade disputes and fiscal easing now could easily cause the next recession.

What Barclays Gets Wrong About Cannabis and Tobacco

Cannabis and tobacco are hard to equate, which Barclays' primer on the Cannabis industry misses.

How to Trade Microsoft Into Earnings: Market Recon

Add to longs near this key support level.