Report Predicts China's Share of Tech Production to Plummet

The push to diversify tech manufacturing away from China will benefit India, Vietnam and Mexico as multinationals go through a period of adjustment.

Taiwan Semiconductor Rallies After Earnings and Charts Say the Party Isn't Over

Here's where this vital chipmaker's shares could be headed next.

Angry Birds Shareholders Left Red in the Face With Sale to Sonic's Sega

The planned acquisition of Finland's Rovio Entertainment by Sega Sammy Holdings is yet another step in the consolidation of the video game industry.

Japan Approves First Casino Resort in Win for MGM Resorts and Orix

Osaka will be site of Japan's first casino complex, approved on an artificial island that will also host the World Expo in 2025.

Japan's Trading Houses Get Buffett-Backed Trading Boost

Warren Buffett sees something in Japan's sogo shosha conglomerates, and says he'll throw out the idea of co-investment deals while visiting his holdings in Japan.

Tesla Tightens China Ties as Beijing's Wargames Around Taiwan Conclude

The U.S. Navy ran a warship close to Mischief Reef as the People's Liberation Army wraps up three days of a simulated blockade/attack on Taiwan.

Britain Joins Pacific Trade Bloc, Ignoring Geography to Ease Brexit Pain

The Pacific trade group is welcoming its first European member in the form of the United Kingdom.

Alibaba Shares Skyrocket in Hong Kong on Restructuring Plan

The company will split into six separate entities which will be run under separate management and free to list independently.

Jack Ma Breaks Exile to Appear Inside Mainland China

Popping up to discuss ChatGPT at a school he established, Alibaba's figurehead waves the 'patriotic' altruistic white flag.

Deutsche Bank Shares Are on the Ropes: Here's What the Charts Tell Us

Traders are acting like traders -- sell first and ask questions later.