Jim Cramer: 4 Reasons to Invest in U.S. Stocks on Trade War Rhetoric

Here is what is really happening with the China trade war, and how to think about your portfolio as it continues.

Hong Kong's Stocks and China's Yuan Weaken, for Very Different Reasons

A general strike on Monday in Hong Kong finally has hit its stock market, while the yuan has fallen past 7.0 to the U.S. dollar thanks to trade woes.

China Retaliates Against Tariffs and World Markets Slump

This action is macro-driven and is not favorable to stock pickers right now.

Summer Break Is Over as China Trade War Again Heats Up

All key technical levels are being broken during August, when most traders had shut their screens off after the Fed FOMC meeting.

Will the U.S. Shoot Itself in the Foot in a Race to the Bottom With China?

For Trump to get what he wants, he will tariff nations and cause an economic shock just to get the Fed to further cut rates.

Japanese Box Office Shows Signals of Rising Economic Confidence

Moviegoers are riding greater confidence in the Japanese economy, and buying film tickets at higher prices. This summer looks set to deliver strong box-office sales in Japan.

Equities Are In Their Own Merry World, Right Now

The FX and bond markets are trading logically, and any major news or headwind could change trend in the equity markets, and quickly.

CBD Is Flexing on the Marijuana Industry

Be sure your cannabis investments have the right CBD strategy, as the market for these products takes off.

Earnings Preview, Fed Watching and the Rally: Market Recon

All the key equity indexes are up 16% or more this year, as earnings season starts.

Chinese Tycoon's Child-Molestation Case Highlights Risks of Asian Stocks

Company founders often treat their firms like personal empires even after businesses go public.