Delisting of Chinese ADRs Is Part of the New Cold War

The process of dealing with a delisted stock is painful for individual investors and impossible for many institutional investors.

Hong Kong's Population Shrinks Due to Emigration Wave

Since the introduction of a detested National Security Law, more than 200,000 Hong Kongers have left, taking their wealth and skills with them.

Hong Kong Cuts Quarantine to 3 Hotel-Stay Days

With its economy in recession, Hong Kong is finally recognizing that it must 'live with Covid' like the rest of the world.

'Remarkably Mild' Market Response to China's War Drills Off Taiwan

In response to Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, China has fired missiles over the island and into Japanese waters, and is simulating a military blockade.

Pelosi's Taiwan Trip Could Aid Rather Than Hinder Asian Stability

Asian markets haven't taken Beijing's bait that the House Speaker's visit to Taiwan is somehow destabilizing the region.

Alibaba Vows to Stay on Wall Street After SEC Threatens Delisting

BABA, which is applying for a joint primary listing in Hong Kong just in case, says it will 'strive' to retain its U.S. stock listing.

DiDi Global's US$1.2B Fine in China Ends Damaging Tech Crusade

A financially disastrous and embarrassing attack on the tech sector looks to be ending in China, with DiDi Global penalized for data-protection violations.

Taiwan, Indonesia Benefit From China's Fall in Expat Popularity

With interest in living in mainland China and Hong Kong plunging, other Asian destinations are drawing away expatriate talent.

China's Meager Q2 Growth Manifests in Mortgage-Payment Boycott

Homebuyers are refusing to honor their mortgages in a movement that is snowballing in China, causing a headache for developers and mortgage-issuing banks.

Asian Chipmaker Shares Rally as Sector Appears to Bottom

With share prices having corrected sharply, companies such as TSMC and Samsung are now refusing to move lower, and even showing signs of a rebound.