Four of the Most Important Concerns for Investors and the Market This Week

Things are moving fast, and believe it or not there's even some 'good-ish' news out there.

Finally Changing Direction, Japanese Wages and Chinese Home Prices Move Higher

In signs of economic progress, two indicators that stubbornly have refused to budge are rising.

Is Bidu's Ernie Bot Presentation a Sign to Bid Adieu to the Stock?

Let's do a human-powered search of the charts.

Credit Suisse: No Support and a Long-Term Downtrend

The message from the chart is clear.

Bank Failure a Headache for China's Tech Sector

It's not clear where Chinese firms will move their money now that their 'go-to' tech bank collapsed.

China's New Premier Promises Support for Private Sector

The National People's Congress has come to a close, with a leadership change putting loyalists to President Xi Jinping in control.

Japan's Longtime Central Bank Chief Departs, Leaving Strong Legacy

Haruhiko Kuroda has overseen his last interest rate meeting, keeping the country's controversial super-easy monetary policy in place.

China Renaissance Confirms Missing Financier Is Part of Investigation

Top tech financier Bao Fan has been missing for over 10 days, with the company he founded confirming he's been detained for questioning.

First Words From the Bank of Japan's Chief-To-Be

Stocks rise, yen weakens as the candidate to become governor of Japan's central bank testifies before Japanese politicians.

Hong Kong Budget for 'Happy Hong Kong' Fails to Make Markets Smile

The frenzied recent rally in Hong Kong stocks after two terrible years is losing its legs, with little to spur the market in the city's newly announced budget.