Central Banks Are in the Holiday Giving Spirit

With Trump touting a trade deal and more liquidity being pumped in by global central banks, this is a good time for equities, commodities and risk assets.

Tariff News Should Hit Today but Don't Count on Clarity

The market response will not be as simple as 'up on good news and down on bad news.'

Jim Cramer: It's Time for China and the Job Exporters to Pay

The cost will ultimately be small for us and big for them -- and now is the time to do it.

All the Fed Cares About Is Jumpstarting Inflation

Inflation will be a big theme for 2020 and commodities will benefit the most -- especially copper and iron-ore.

Watching the Fed Rate Decision, but Tariff News Is Still Key

Whether or not tariff increases are delayed or not is the only short-term catalyst that really matters.

With Saudi Aramco IPO, Saudis Have Another, Huge Reason to Support Oil's Price

And we could be in the middle of the perfect storm for oil markets, where prices can rise aggressively through the first quarter.

Short Sellers Temporarily Happy in Asia, but Are Robbed of a Pool of Equities

The decision by Japan's GPIF, the world's largest pension fund, to suspend share lending removes a big portfolio of international equities from access to short sellers.

The Stage Is Set for a Dramatic Conclusion to a Very Positive Year

The stocks that have performed worst this year will have additional selling pressure in December, but that should set up an interesting 'January effect.'

Alibaba Achieves Hong Kong Stock Offering Success Amid Baffling Market Moves

The Hong Kong stock market rallied for no good reason on Monday and Tuesday, then surrendered those gains; meanwhile, Alibaba easily sold $11 billion in stock there.

China's Army Takes to Hong Kong Streets but Market Rallies

The Hang Seng was Asia's biggest gainer among major indexes on Monday even as police cornered hundreds of student protestors.