Taiwan Semiconductor Stock Is Struggling Ahead of Earnings

The world's leading manufacturer of semiconductor chips is on many investors' minds these days.

The Hang Seng Index Breaks a Long-Term Key Level: Don't Ignore This

Investors should pay attention to this trend in Hong Kong.

Double Whammy as Chinese Chip and Consumer Plays Descend

The U.S. Commerce Department's tough new rules on semiconductor supply promise to set back China's ambitions to develop its own chip industry.

Shein's Price Drop Could Prompt IPO Recalculation

Shein, the leading fashion-app download in the US, was valued at US$100B at its latest financing round, but faces a cut-price discount sale on its own shares.

Chinese Property Props Up Plunging Hong Kong Stocks

The Hang Seng Index closed at an 11-year low, with losses in financials and tech, although piecemeal property measures out of Beijing temporarily boosted developers.

Asian Stocks Wrap Up Their Worst Month Since the Pandemic's Onset

September has been a ragged time for mega-caps in particular, with Hong Kong and South Korea especially hard hit.

A Vote of Little Confidence for the Brazilian Stock Market

The charts of the iShares MSCI Brazil exchange-traded fund looks shaky.

Growth in Rest of Asia Expected to Outpace China for First Time in 22 Years

The World Bank says other Asian nations that face risks to growth for now are buoyed by exports and higher commodity prices.

Asia Opens Back Up to Travel - Finally

Hong Kong and Taiwan declare an end to the mandatory hotel quarantine, while Japan reopens to all travelers.

Australia's Central Bank Says It Is Bust

After the Australian fiscal year ended in June, the Reserve Bank of Australia marked its bond holdings to market - wiping out all its reserves.