Not Your Average Thursday, CPI Setup, Cleveland Guardian, Uber, Trading Notes

Markets were so green Wednesday, it felt like somebody knew something.

The CPI Report Will Test Some Newly Minted Bulls

Shorts have been reloading, and many bulls are still very underinvested.

The Trading Action Is Difficult, But I'm Game for This Small-Cap Play

Tuesday's market isn't offering many opportunities.

Market Fun House, Bond Yields, Nord Stream 2, Raytheon, Steel, No Dice Nvidia

I had actually worried a bit that Arm was going to take Jensen Huang's eye off of the ball. That worry can now be put to bed.

Unpopular Opinion: Treasuries Are a Good Buy, So Play the Upside

This might be surprising to hear, but the complex tends to move higher as the Fed is raising rates.

A Deeper Correction in the Nasdaq Is Positive for the Overall Market

We will have an interesting test Thursday as the market deals with the fallout of Facebook.

Melting Candles, Meta, Spotify, Tech-Ageddon, Jobs Mess, Healthcare Hot Tickets

Just a week ago Jerome Powell referred to the labor market as 'strong.' Now, economists, traders, investors, and the public are just not quite sure what to expect Friday.

The Rate-Hike Narrative Hasn't Changed, It Has Shifted

When the Fed is tightening, they are like a car trying to back into a parking spot without a rear-view mirror. They only know to stop when they hit the curb.

2 Charts That Hint at More Food Inflation to Come

Corn and soybean are ingredients in many foods and are used to feed cattle, and prices for both look like they are headed higher.

The QE Long Game: We Have Seen This Movie Before

The stimulus honeymoon is over, but that doesn't mean commodity and financial markets won't continue to be influenced by the increased money supply.