Market Music, Maestro Powell, Algo Reading, Crude Wildcard, Trading Ford

Where a human trader might see a war in Europe that could expand and hurt sentiment, algos don't experience sentiment.

Look Where Few Others Are: Derivatives

Here's why you should never underestimate the power of derivative positioning in equity markets, especially at this time that looks so similar to 2008.

Commodities Are in a Vicious Cycle -- Don't Get Sucked In

As the worst is feared in Russia's invasion of Ukraine, widespread volatility in commodities is feeding on itself. Here are two rules to remember and my take on what we're seeing now.

Resistance & Sanctions, Complexity Risk, Rubles, Bitcoin, Defense Stock Breakout

How will the extraction of all things Russian from worldwide participation impact the global economy?

What Is War Good For? A Market Reversal

News of the Russian invasion of Ukraine turned into a 'buy the bad news' opportunity Thursday.

A Look at 2 Energy Picks as Oil Reaches a Big Round Number

Occidental Petroleum and the VanEck Oil Services ETF are included in our BOOSTER portfolio.

Markets Ablaze, Ukraine Invasion, Neon Nightmare, What If? Gold and Silver

Thought the semiconductor shortage had already been severe? That's where the cards currently lie.

The Inflation Hedge Trade Appears to Be Reversing

Four things I am seeing that tell me the 'sell Treasuries and buy crude oil' strategy is overstretched and due for a reversion to the mean.

Russia-Ukraine, January PPI, Index Action, Rate Hike Handicapping, Trading Cisco

There is a good reason, if estimates are close, to believe that consumer-level inflation has peaked or is peaking.

Panic City, Hot Inflation, Bullard's Bombshell, Tough Thursday, Futures Shock

Futures trading is now pricing in the near certainty of 50-basis-point liftoff for the fed funds rate on March 16 and a lot more beyond.