Cautious Moves, NATO, Charting the S&P and Nasdaq, Russian Oil, Apple of My Eye

Thursday almost surely promises to be a headline-driven trading session, after a Wednesday's cautious trading behavior.

What an Inverted Yield Curve Is Telling Us About a Potential Recession

The inversion that we saw this week is only the beginning -- an ever more aggressive Fed results in an ever more inverted curve.

Market Push and Pull, Powell's Brutal Honesty, Yield Curves and Spreads, Russia

The lesson is to remain flexible. Always. Let price discovery guide decision making as much as logic, not less, not more.

Commodity Chaos: Volatility Is Running Amok

In 20 years, I've never seen this type of market disfunction and illiquidity.

Fed Observations, Market Reaction, Defense Stocks, Trading Nvidia, Marvell, AMD

While professional money likely participated heavily on Wednesday, the percentage of these trades that were simply price insensitive, short interest covering, risk removal trades may have been substantial.

China Stocks Soar as Investors Await the Fed

No one can deny the many obstacles the market is facing, but there are signs it has been already priced in.

Separating the WEAT From the Chaff on Commodity-Based ETFs

If you're looking for a simple way to access commodity markets these ETFs provide that exposure.

Blue Monday, Technical Damage, Death Cross, FOMC, China, Raskin, Lockheed Martin

The Nasdaq Composite suffered a 'death cross' back in mid-February and what happened after that is now clear to see.

Red Monday, Running for the Hills, Crude Reality, Nickel, Lithium, Apple Event

Professionally managed capital not only participated heavily on Monday, the pros showed some aggregate fear.

With Commodities Up in the Air, Wait for the Dust to Settle

Let's see how extreme volatility is exacerbated by extreme illiquidity amid chaotic pricing in wheat, crude.