Santa Rally Trading, Morose Monday, 5 Steps Toward Progress, Managing Risk

The ability to adapt is the single most important character trait present in those who do well in difficult spots.

When It Comes to Lumber Futures, Take a Bottom-Up Approach

Lumber prices appear poised for an upside recovery.

Fed Madness, Powell's Ongoing' Mistake?, Confused Traders, Trading Coca-Cola

The Fed should have used a scalpel in executing recent policy adjustments. It chose to use a sledgehammer.

Why Oil Speculators Throwing in the Towel Is a Bullish Sign for Crude

Speculators have been slowly liquidating their long positions to the smallest seen in at least five years.

A CPI Set-Up? Fed in the Wings, Bah Humbug, Sam Bankman-Fried, Bullish Pfizer

If the CPI number prints a bit frosty, there will be and should be some questions.

Cold as Ice, Hot Pockets, Tempered Fed Rhetoric, The Iger Sanction, Trading Zoom

For both the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite, in aggregate, Monday was the slowest trading day since August.

Oil Has a Crude History on Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving holidays are known for oil market collapses.

Don't Fight Seasonality, Or You Might Get Coal in Your Portfolio

I've seen the holidays wreak havoc on unsuspecting bears -- don't be an open target this time.

Trampled Ground, Intense Algorithmic Fight, Good News-Bad News, Cisco and Nvidia

The big kids have been far more active in rallies. Selloffs have more than likely been composed more of traders taking profits, while those big kids have sat on their hands.

Timberrr, Warren Buffett Has Bought Into Louisiana-Pacific

I wonder if The Oracle considered WFG before buying into LPX?