Market Hot Streak, Breakout or Rejection? Davos Risk, China, Earnings Parade

CEO speak will be as important as anything the Fed Heads say this week or anything that spills out of the clown car in Davos.

CPI Main Event, Disney-Peltz Proxy Battle, Pump Up the Volume, January Effect

Disney is not the first well-known firm to be taken on by Peltz and Trian.

CPI Is Expected to Drop, But Will It Be Enough to Keep the Market Going Higher?

The market has consistently overestimated how willing the Fed is to shift to a more accommodative stance.

I See Big Possibilities for the E-Mini S&P 500

The charts here are neutral now, but any large dips will likely be fantastic long-run setups for the bulls.

CME Group Gains an Analyst's Favor, but What Do Its Charts Say?

The technical signs are mixed but are showing some recent improvement.

When Gold Bugs Are Flat, Rallies Can Sparkle

It's rare to see a speculative position in gold that's anything other than largely bullish, and liquidation events have generally been stepping stones for fresh rallies.

Welcome to 2023: What Now? 2022 Scorecard, Jobs Week, Margin Eaters, Tesla

The business relationship between the U.S. and China is changed forever. That removes many of the margin-increasing benefits of globalism from the corporate profit proposition.

2022 Was All About Extremes in Commodities

Over the past 12 months, the boom and bust tendency for wheat, oil and gas was put on full display, but will 2023 go back to the fundamentals?

This Weekend's Assignment: A Study on Gas, Sugar Trades

Here are two 'paper trades' I've put together to learn about how commodities work and to get the swing of trading them -- safely.

Santa Rally Trading, Morose Monday, 5 Steps Toward Progress, Managing Risk

The ability to adapt is the single most important character trait present in those who do well in difficult spots.