Fed Reaction and Takeaways: The Statement, The Projections, The Balance Sheet

I have never seen a market downturn end on its own, without the Fed turning dovish as a catalyst or in response to some crisis-level situation.

If You're Freaked Out About Energy, Then Look Back to 2007

That year we were in a similar situation of skyrocketing energy prices and stories of peak oil. My mom even bought a Prius. Instead of rushing out for a new electric car yourself, try this trade idea.

What the S&P 500 Does at This Magic Level Could Set the Tone for Summer Markets

We are approaching a critical juncture in the markets that could set the tone for price action in the coming months.

The Thin Green Line, Market Fairness, Treasury Demand, Mortgages, Meta and Musk

We've never unwound a close to $9T central bank balance sheet before, let alone do so as the entire economy skates on the thinnest ice seen in these parts for quite some time.

Navigating a Swamp, Global Recession? Apple WWDC, Trading ServiceNow

What matters more than trading volume right now is the 21-day exponential moving average.

Bulls Have the Advantage, But Economic Uncertainty Isn't Going Away

Though not technically in a bear market, is difficult to imagine that the S&P 500 can withstand the biggest economic shift in many years.

Hurricane Jamie, Recession Risk, Sandberg and Meta, Trading the Energy Sector

I bought the FB dip last night, but then sold the shares, not willing to stay long overnight in case there was more news.

Where Are We Now? The Week Ahead, EU Oil Ban, Waller's Words, S&P 500 Earnings

This may be a short week, but you know what they say...

A Relatively Forgiving Bearish Natural Gas Strategy for Paper Traders

Despite the treacherous nature of the market, most people have an opinion to express on the direction of gas prices.

Overnight Blood, Didn't It Matter? Snap's Whammy, Trading Bank Stocks and Zoom

There was the 'momentum play' on Monday and not much else as portfolio managers resisted temptation to increase risk exposure.