Market Kindling, Misery Index, Inflation Fright, Bond Spreads, 'Dirtiest' Crypto

There was a time when we would see a headline cross, then watch for the tape to move. Now, we see the tape move and then look for the headline.

Inflation Concerns Slam Growth Stocks

It wasn't apparent in the senior indexes, but parts of the market suffered their worst corrective action since September.

Market QB Sneak, Fed Musical Chairs, China's Warning, 'Targeting' AMD and Nvidia

Did anyone else see the semi-annual Financial Stability Report?

Don't Time the Indexes, Let Your Individual Stocks Dictate Your Market Exposure

Everyone agrees that the market is extended and needs a rest, but this is a market for stock picking, not index timing.

The Russell 2000 Has the 'Space' to Go Much Higher

The charts of the Russell, S&P 500 and Nasdaq are notably different right now.

Will Precious Metals Get Pumped Up, Too?

As prices go up everywhere else, what can we expect for gold and silver?

I Would Worry About the Huge Base Pattern on Wheat Futures

The price of wheat is expected to go higher.

The Worms Turns, O Bank of Canada, Flattening Curve, Ford on Fire, Apple, Amazon

We had almost forgotten that sometimes Mr. Market can still land a ham-sized fist squarely upon that beaming smile of yours.

The Fed Has Never Faced a Scenario Like This

How will the central bank deal with decelerating, but still high inflation, especially if it coincides with decelerating, but still solid economic growth?

October Rebound, Pricing In the Past, Tesla Hertz So Good, Space, Facebook Q&A

Markets are pricing in some fiscal policy, but it's not what a lot of pundits think.