Don't Let Omicron Variant Hubbub Dictate Your Trading Strategy

Buying or selling stocks based on one's political view of Covid variants won't pay the bills, so check your politics at the door when trading.

My Stock Shopping Spree, SPR Show, Cathie and Jamie on China, Crypto Regulation?

I have to admit that I deployed a good bit of cash on Tuesday, far more than I expected to during Thanksgiving week.

The Fed's Future, Powell and Brainard, Yield Curves, Hypersonic Weapons Problem

Assigning the central bank responsibilities extending beyond the adjustment of monetary policy creates an unknown that I do not think we can assume outcomes for.

Oversold Secondary Stocks Ready to Bounce as Thanksgiving Seasonality Takes Hold

The Russell 2000 is testing its breakout point due to vicious rotation, but conditions favor better speculative action during the holiday week.

Time to 'Coppa' Trade Opportunity?

March copper futures often find a low in November and rally through February.

Quiet Season, Oil, Credit Card Boondoggle, Cisco's Strike Out, Nvidia's Home Run

Energy prices have turned out to be the primary driver for what now appears to be 'out of control' consumer-level prices.

Here's How the Indexes Are Misrepresenting What's Really Happening in the Market

The indexes have been hiding poor action in growth stocks and better action in small-caps.

To BITO or Not to BITO (or Perhaps XBTF)?

What once was pure novelty is now being treated as a legitimate investment, if not an entirely new asset class. But how do the new Bitcoin ETFs stack up?

Summit Summary, Taiwan Talk, Yield Curve, Splunk Goes Splat, Lucid Reports

It was as if equity markets had taken the day off. Not bond markets, however.

Momentum Slows as Corrective Action Intensifies

The good news is that some of the frothy speculation has cooled, and skepticism is building.