Treasury Takeaways, Pricing in Herd Immunity? Apple $3T, Trading AMD and Marvell

Defensive sectors took three of the bottom four places on Monday, a stark reversal from what was experienced across the marketplace the past week or two.

A Quiet Place: The Market May Be Sleepy But Don't Let Your Guard Down

A weak day for stocks at the end of the year is not unusual.

Santa Baby, Volatility, CDC Shift, Apple $3T, CES, Trading Energy Stock APA

Over those past 15 years, the S&P 500 has posted an increase for the last week of the trading year 67% of the time.

Harsh Reality: The Trajectory of This Market Is Unsustainable

It is easy to forget where we came from, but we can't.

A Subtle Turn, My Monday Trades, Dominant Omicron, Biden, Not Easy Being Green

The semis survived a series of individual tests on Monday, which might be worthy of finding a spot in the back of that mind of yours.

Stocks Are Pricing in Omicron Uncertainty and Finding Some Support

The stealth bear market is not so stealthy now.

Morale Boost, Searching for Correlation, Evergrande, CPI Watch, Trading UiPath

I remain more comfortable trading than investing until there is at least one notably upward trading day on notably higher aggregate trading volume.

Day of Infamy, Market Bounce, China Trade Balance, Finland, Intel's Eye-Popper

Positive news on Omicron is more powerful at the moment, at least for the markets, than the overhanging probability of tighter monetary policy.

Omicron Panic, Scared Money, A Tech Bright Spot, Fed Talk, My After-Hours Trades

Whether panicked sales over these past few days, especially Wednesday, prove to be either the 'fast' or 'smart' money remains to be seen.

The Oil Spill Was Ugly, but Support Is Holding: Key Levels to Watch

Volatility events are commonly followed by market consolidation as traders pair risk and lick their wounds.