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Interpreting Jerome Powell 101: What Did He Mean?

If the latest FOMC meeting left you scratching your head, then you're not alone. Let's try to pick apart what's really going on.

What the Fed Said and Did, Robinhood IPO, Trading Ford, Facebook and ServiceNow

Are traders and investors confused? Possibly. Was that the intent? No, but I think Jerome Powell is fine with that.

Traders Looking for More Rotational Action as Facebook Stumbles

Senior indices and many big-caps are technically extended and prone to 'sell the news' reactions.

Coffee Talk: Is This a Repeat of 2014 or 2011?

In a year full of boom and bust commodity moves, let's spill the beans on coffee's unruly rally.

Deceptive Indices Will Confront Major Earnings News Tuesday Night

Conditions for 'sell the news' action is good, but is it too obvious to actually work?

4 Primary Issues Are Driving the Market Action

Traders and investors are trying to adjust and stay ahead of the curve.

Crypto Pep Rally, S&P Wonder Line, Minerd Unmuted, Chip Keepers, Trading Moderna

Small-caps and mid-caps are still picking first downs on every play, storming back from a badly oversold condition that has just about normalized.

The Focus Is on Stock-Picking as Macro Concerns Are Set Aside

The market doesn't seem much interested in the pessimist narratives right now.

Sifting Through the Wreckage, One Ugly Chart, Holding the Line, Netflix Preview

IBM beat expectations and the complexion the overnight mood changed. But will the mood change hold?

COVID Provides an Excuse for Selling but Watch for an Overshoot

In many respects, the Monday's action was a rerun of the standard COVID trade.

Why I'm Watching Chipotle Closer Now

Futures traders of a certain age have this pattern permanently etched into their brain.

The Indices Continue to Distort What Is Really Happening in the Market

The primary issue for traders now is whether the stocks that have been hit hardest can bounce back.

The Gulf Between the Indices and the 'Real' Market Continues to Expand

The market action we're seeing right now is unsustainable.

Oil Is the Last Man Standing, But It Could Be a Dead Man Walking

Oil prices tend to struggle to hold gains beyond mid-July.

Good Stocks Are Hanging Out With the Wrong Crowd

Several names I like are slow fading due to disinterest in small-caps.

Powell on the Hill, Inflation and Treasuries, Budget Deficit, Apple, Trading WW

If you are not in the market for a vehicle right now, inflation is right where the pros thought it would be.

Earnings Kickoff, Trading GS and JPM, CPI, Lockheed Martin, Black Widow's Model

Perhaps a bigger deal Tuesday morning than second-quarter banking earnings will be the June data for consumer prices.

Jim Cramer: Want to Know When to Pounce? Look Into the Futures

The tug of the futures gives you phenomenal prices you don't deserve. Let me show you what I mean -- and why the early bird gets the bargain.

The Market Is Confused About Interest Rates and Growth as Earnings Season Starts

Searching for a theme, the market can't seem to decide if it wants higher or lower interest rates.

Thursday Morning Selloff, Risk-Off Mode, Olympics, Fed Thoughts, Bond Markets

Global equity markets, global debt markets, commodity and crypto markets went into risk-off mode overnight.

The Corrective Action Hits the Big Caps

Bond yields continue to fall as worries about slowing growth replace inflation fears.

Here's What Could Happen as Complacency Runs Rampant

A change in market behavior is in action as oil appears to top out and Treasuries, gold, and the U.S. dollar have all managed to grind higher together.

Rotational Action Remains the Biggest Market Challenge

My main concern is stock-picking, but we have to be very aware of what sectors are working.

Taiwan Risk, Defense Stocks, Amazon's Fear Factor, What's Up With Lands' End?

How peculiar that the last day of a calendar can still drive frenzied activity given that most folks can follow their money on a daily or even real-time basis these days.

Making Sense of Monday, Banks Get Green Light, Dear FOMC, Trading Zscaler

After five days, the nastiness that is allocation through high-speed algorithmic selection (profit-taking) returned to the fold.

Navigating Rotation Is the Key to Superior Returns in This Market

The rolling corrective action is what is helping to keep the overall trend positive.

Stay Focused on What Can Go Right Rather Than What Can Go Wrong

The bears are on the wrong side of the action again.

My Fed Reaction, Hawkish or Late? Projections, Taper Timing, Stagflation Threat

The change in the FOMC's projections in just three months' time tell us one thing: those sitting on the committee just do not know any more than do the rest of us.

Here's My Game Plan After the Fed News

Keep your eyes open for new themes and market leadership.

Tech Rally, Acronym Animal Crackers, Fed, Dimon Hands, Trading Banks and SoFi

The public seems to have resigned itself to dealing with a greater degree of inflation for longer than anything I would have considered to be 'transitory.' The again, the public is often as wrong as the Fed.