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How Should Investors Approach New Bitcoin ETFs?

Products ancillary to ownership of the coin itself can come saddled with significant shortcomings.

Rotational Action Builds as the Uptrend Gains Momentum

Growth Stocks led the market on Monday, but breadth was negative as small-caps lagged.

Treasury Sweet Spot, Inflation, Fed Minutes, Taiwan Semi, Trading UPS and FedEx

While supply-chain constraints are a global problem, consumer-level inflation is not yet as broad a problem, or at least not evenly distributed.

Indications of a Market Bottom Are Building

It is still early, but the character of the market action shifted on Wednesday, and the potential for a new uptrend is increasing.

Where the S&P and Nasdaq Stand, The New Green Team, Trading Southwest and Pfizer

With earnings season starting in earnest Wednesday, both indexes have offered investors nothing but lower highs coupled with lower lows since the start of September.

Here Is My 5-Step Plan for This Difficult Market

The corrective process continues as we await inflation news.

A Series of Fortunate Events, Fiscal Cliff, Powell's Prospects, 4 Trading Notes

Market volatility could spike in late November/early December just as liquidity walks away. Keep that in mind.

Blue Monday, Gathering 3 'Roses', Ugly Nasdaq, Fossil Fuels, Trading Amazon

In a real bear market, one that persists, volumes will dry up. Corrections are violent and volatile. That's where we are now.

The Corrective Process Intensifies, But There Is Light at the End of the Tunnel

Market participants are not having any problems finding justification for the selling.

The Euro Could Make a Comeback in October

Traders are holding the largest bullish dollar bets and bearish euro bets we have seen in the previous year.

Pessimism Builds as the Third Quarter Comes to an End

Predictions of a very difficult market are building just as we are heading for the seasonally best time of the year.

Serious Thursday, D.C. Dealing, Charting the S&P and Nasdaq, Merck's Antiviral

Is Delta dying down, or is this the calm before the storm up north?

2 Key Index Support Levels Violated as Insiders Increase Selling Activity

The 10-Year Treasury yield has increased to just shy of our projected 1.55% resistance level.

Septembers and Octobers, Yellen's Hard Truth, Guidance Worry, Death of Peloton?

It is now clear, in a world without all that much clarity, that professional money is in the early stages of distribution mode.

Enter Sandman, Rising Yields, Fed Heads Talk and Walk, Ford, Trading Raytheon

Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell have plenty more up their sleeves. The appearance of having gained the upper hand is more important to them than your P/L ratio.

Rotational Action Picks Up Steam as the Correction Continues

The market is seeing pressure again Tuesday morning as oil and energy continue to move higher.

A Peculiar Week, Political Maelstrom, Q3 Earnings Season, Time to Sell Nvidia?

The real crisis is not that the Evergrande story will be back, but that China isn't able and politically willing to be the global driver of economic growth it has been.

Fed Speaks, Taper Timeline, Dot Fantasy, Evergrande, DC Circus, Booster Stocks

It was as if markets heard what they wanted to hear, when it was actually much more simple: markets heard exactly what they had anticipated.

Even If You Don't Trade Copper, You Should Be Watching It

It isn't a coincidence that the copper market is teetering between feast or famine at the same time as the S&P 500.

The One Question, Evergrande, Fed Meeting, Technical Levels, Looming Knife Fight

China cannot be the engine that global economies have relied upon if its goals have shifted back toward pulling power away from even its own leading businesses.

Is the Correction Over?

Don't be too trusting, too quickly. V-shaped bounces have been more common recently, but the key technical level is Monday's lows.

Bounce Improves the Market's Mood but Danger of More Downside Persists

The key technical question is whether the lows hit at the close Tuesday will provide support.

Minty Fresh Breadth, Market Streaks, Inflation, Vaccine Plays, An AMD Warning

The New York Fed's August Survey of Consumer Expectations could be problematic.

The Market Is Doing Exactly What the Bulls Need It to Do

This is a market undergoing some very healthy consolidation.

Evolution, Charting the S&P and Nasdaq, Debt Ceiling, Found Money, Trading RH

All life, all learning, from parenting to aging to investing is about adaptation -- the ability to evolve.

Corrective Action Continues but Don't Expect It to Go Too Deep

The biggest obstacles the market faces right now are negative seasonality and a lack of positive catalysts.

Where to Now? Asking a Prussian General, Job Winds Change, Seasonality, TINA

In isolation, rapidly slowing economic growth coupled with rapidly rising inflation would bring about stagflation, a phenomenon most younger Americans don't seem to understand should be feared.

Market Fatigue, Treasuries Death Cross, Meme Memo, Taiwan Semi, Oh What a Night

I could be wrong, but as far as I can tell, nobody else is telling the story about the sudden movement in these yields.

Jackson Hole Provides a Convenient Excuse for Some Needed Consolidation

Conditions are ripe for finding the sort of negative news to justify a pullback.

Comirnaty, Semiconductor-Palooza, Infrastructure Snag, Trading Cybersecurity

The fiscal football remains a greater threat this week than anything Fed Chair Jerome Powell says on Zoom this Friday.