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The Most Difficult Market Environment in Many Years

High P/E and high-beta names have had no support regardless of fundamentals.

Disappointing Wednesday, Nasdaq Line, No Fear, Glimmers of Hope? Fed Dreamin'

The longer the Nasdaq remains below the 200-day line, the easier it becomes for risk managers to compel portfolio managers to reduce exposure.

They Don't Call It 'Crude' for Nothing

Unfortunately for crude oil bulls, corrections are rarely soft landings. They tend to bring a considerable amount of pain and chaos.

2 Major Themes Are Causing Significant Market Disruption

Now that rotational action between growth and value is picking up steam, the disparity between index and individual stock performance is even greater.

Time to Listen to the Doctor? Here's What Copper Could Be Telling Us

Copper prices and the S&P 500 are mostly positively correlated -- and the industrial metal is generally the leader.

Shots Heard Around The Street, Fed Minutes, What Now? Yields, Rules of the Game

The market may be preparing itself for a much tougher environment that if not met with the necessary level of finesse, could be somewhat lengthy.

Treasury Takeaways, Pricing in Herd Immunity? Apple $3T, Trading AMD and Marvell

Defensive sectors took three of the bottom four places on Monday, a stark reversal from what was experienced across the marketplace the past week or two.

A Quiet Place: The Market May Be Sleepy But Don't Let Your Guard Down

A weak day for stocks at the end of the year is not unusual.

Santa Baby, Volatility, CDC Shift, Apple $3T, CES, Trading Energy Stock APA

Over those past 15 years, the S&P 500 has posted an increase for the last week of the trading year 67% of the time.

Harsh Reality: The Trajectory of This Market Is Unsustainable

It is easy to forget where we came from, but we can't.

A Subtle Turn, My Monday Trades, Dominant Omicron, Biden, Not Easy Being Green

The semis survived a series of individual tests on Monday, which might be worthy of finding a spot in the back of that mind of yours.

Stocks Are Pricing in Omicron Uncertainty and Finding Some Support

The stealth bear market is not so stealthy now.

Morale Boost, Searching for Correlation, Evergrande, CPI Watch, Trading UiPath

I remain more comfortable trading than investing until there is at least one notably upward trading day on notably higher aggregate trading volume.

Day of Infamy, Market Bounce, China Trade Balance, Finland, Intel's Eye-Popper

Positive news on Omicron is more powerful at the moment, at least for the markets, than the overhanging probability of tighter monetary policy.

Omicron Panic, Scared Money, A Tech Bright Spot, Fed Talk, My After-Hours Trades

Whether panicked sales over these past few days, especially Wednesday, prove to be either the 'fast' or 'smart' money remains to be seen.

The Oil Spill Was Ugly, but Support Is Holding: Key Levels to Watch

Volatility events are commonly followed by market consolidation as traders pair risk and lick their wounds.

Don't Let Omicron Variant Hubbub Dictate Your Trading Strategy

Buying or selling stocks based on one's political view of Covid variants won't pay the bills, so check your politics at the door when trading.

My Stock Shopping Spree, SPR Show, Cathie and Jamie on China, Crypto Regulation?

I have to admit that I deployed a good bit of cash on Tuesday, far more than I expected to during Thanksgiving week.

The Fed's Future, Powell and Brainard, Yield Curves, Hypersonic Weapons Problem

Assigning the central bank responsibilities extending beyond the adjustment of monetary policy creates an unknown that I do not think we can assume outcomes for.

Oversold Secondary Stocks Ready to Bounce as Thanksgiving Seasonality Takes Hold

The Russell 2000 is testing its breakout point due to vicious rotation, but conditions favor better speculative action during the holiday week.

Time to 'Coppa' Trade Opportunity?

March copper futures often find a low in November and rally through February.

Quiet Season, Oil, Credit Card Boondoggle, Cisco's Strike Out, Nvidia's Home Run

Energy prices have turned out to be the primary driver for what now appears to be 'out of control' consumer-level prices.

Here's How the Indexes Are Misrepresenting What's Really Happening in the Market

The indexes have been hiding poor action in growth stocks and better action in small-caps.

To BITO or Not to BITO (or Perhaps XBTF)?

What once was pure novelty is now being treated as a legitimate investment, if not an entirely new asset class. But how do the new Bitcoin ETFs stack up?

Summit Summary, Taiwan Talk, Yield Curve, Splunk Goes Splat, Lucid Reports

It was as if equity markets had taken the day off. Not bond markets, however.

Momentum Slows as Corrective Action Intensifies

The good news is that some of the frothy speculation has cooled, and skepticism is building.

Market Kindling, Misery Index, Inflation Fright, Bond Spreads, 'Dirtiest' Crypto

There was a time when we would see a headline cross, then watch for the tape to move. Now, we see the tape move and then look for the headline.

Inflation Concerns Slam Growth Stocks

It wasn't apparent in the senior indexes, but parts of the market suffered their worst corrective action since September.

Market QB Sneak, Fed Musical Chairs, China's Warning, 'Targeting' AMD and Nvidia

Did anyone else see the semi-annual Financial Stability Report?

Don't Time the Indexes, Let Your Individual Stocks Dictate Your Market Exposure

Everyone agrees that the market is extended and needs a rest, but this is a market for stock picking, not index timing.