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Clues for When the Speculative Party in Commodities and Stocks May End

Fundamentals are failing us; it is all about the greenback, "green" bets and easy-money policies.

Tuesday's Wild Ride, Jay Powell, Borrowing Concerns, Palantir, Trading Nvidia

The Fed Chair threaded the needle better than Joe Montana down by six with a minute to go on any given Sunday.

Following Some Quick Corrective Action, Stock-Pickers Are Back

After the chaotic action Tuesday, I am looking for a renewed focus on stock-picking.

Night-Time Running and Trading, Tech Beatdown, Yellen on Bitcoin, My Nvidia Plan

Cryptos and cash are both headed for a real fight. For their own existence.

Rounding Action, Hot Retail Sales, Vaccine Thoughts, Trading Twilio and Apple

The funny thing about flat lines is that the move at the end is usually explosive, but could go either way.

What the Spike in Treasury Yields Means for Stocks and Other Markets

If rates are going to keep rising from here, both of these things need to happen.

Keep on Trucking With These 3 Plays on Heartland Express

3 options strategies offering very nice returns in HTLD.

SPAC Mania, My Short-Sale Rule, Inflation, Bumble IPO, Rivian, Trading Nvidia

Who knew high finance was so easy? And why the heck was I working so hard? Fundamental analysis is so 1980s.

A 'Picker's' Delight: These Stocks Are on My Screen Today

The main themes are bitcoin, cannabis, stocks priced under $10, small biotechnology, and small-caps in general.

Turn of the Worm, Treasury Curve, Manchin's Might, Trading Microsoft, Spotify

There is a point where if longer-dated yields move high enough, defensive-minded investors will be drawn from equities to debt securities.

A Market No-Doubter, Vaccine Milestone, GDP Green Shoots, Inovio, Amazon, Google

The fact is that even if there is some compromise, the next fiscal stimulus package will be closer to $1.9 trillion than $600 billion.

What Really Happened Wednesday, Is This 'It'?, Fed, Trading Apple, Tesla, AMD

Everyone gets frightened. Everyone fears the water moccasin when hip deep in the swamp. Everyone fears what they cannot see, and what they do not understand.

A Rush to Rotate Into Short-Squeeze Plays Is Roiling the Market

The market is struggling with instability as a massive, short-squeeze movement continues. 'Good' stocks are being dumped by funds to pay for short-selling losses.

Youth Gone Wild, The Swarm of Individual Traders, GameStop, Melvin Capital

As a trader who at times takes short positions, I don't know whether to stand up and applaud this group or to fear them.

Janet Yellen, Interest Rates, the Fed and the Tapering Threat

Yellen will likely oversee a massive increase in government debt. How much is too much?

Wednesday's Woe, Biden's Plan, U.S. Dollar, J&J Vaccine, Trading Intel

We are going to live again. You will dance in the aisle at some concert whose performer I have never heard of, and you will cheer for your favorite team in person again.

Room of Nightmares, Political Reality, Bitcoin, Trading Boeing and Microsoft

What you have seen over several weeks is a market reacting to improved prospects for increased fiscal support reliant upon deficit spending.

Unpopular Opinion: The Bitcoin Rally Is on Its Last Leg

The risk of being long and wrong in the cryptocurrency is real.

Capitol Offense, Market Reaction, Shift in Equity Leaders, Roku and Netflix

I had thought markets were smitten with the idea of gridlock. Now, they seem laser focused on looser fiscal policy as a catalyst.

Stocks and Commodities Are Flush With Irrational Exuberance

At some point, the piper will need to be paid. And that day might be sooner than some believe it will be.

Georgia on My Mind, Monday's Market, Taper Tantrum, Shorting Tesla, Trading AT&T

The entire financial media may have swung and missed on Monday, but our old nemesis, those keyword reading algorithms that determine price? They spun the marketplace like a top.

Silent Tears, My D.C. Solution, Dogs (and Leaders) of the Dow, 2021 Predictions

In 2021, let's support each other as we fight our way out of this mess. Let's learn how to love, and forget how to hate.

Strangest of Rallies, Wonder Woman 1984, Retail Sales, Apple's Inflection Point

The Russell 2000 is currently on an eight-week winning streak. The New York Jets have not done that since 1986 when the team's starting quarterback was Ken O'Brien.

The Final Days of 2020 Offer Some Very Tricky Trading

End-of-the-year moves may pressure some of 2020's biggest winners. Don't assume that tax avoidance will prevent selling.

Santa Claus Rally Explained, Leaders & Losers, Peak Housing?, My Holiday Message

Do you hear what I hear? Check the guy on your left. Check the gal on your right. Check the house across the street. They may need something that you can provide.

Trump's Threat, Anger, Renewable Energy, Put /Call Ratio, Walmart,Trading Apple

This note does not accurately represent how ticked off I feel about what's included and not included in the current stimulus bill.

Where Will the Cards Fall in Friday's Game of All Fours?

We're reaching a quarterly 'quadruple witching' amid elevated valuations and volume.

Danger in Still Waters, Assessing the Fed, Forward-Looking Risk, Trading Peloton

Life is unpredictable. Black Swans are unpredictable events that disrupt not just financial markets. Twelve months ago, I went to my neighbor's New Year's Eve party.

Broad Rally, Tipping the Scales, What to Expect From the Fed, Trading Apple

The Russell 2000 is now up 7% for December, twice the increase for the Nasdaq Composite.

Vulnerable Markets, Rusty Staub, Narrowing Leadership, Trading AMD and Inseego

I fear our legislators see these statistics and misunderstand the plight of the lower to middle class American in this environment.