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What's Next for the Gold, Copper and Soybean Markets?

During times of economic or political duress, commodity rallies are often all or nothing. Here's a trade idea.

The Fed's Message, Market Reaction, Snowflake's Blizzard, JFrog, TikTok/Oracle

At least part of the market's negative reaction to the Fed on Wednesday may be tied to two factors.

Treasury Holders Are Complacent: They Shouldn't Be

Investors have been content holding duration and interest-rate risk despite the red flags. Complacency rarely ends well.

This Divergence Is Visible - And It Hasn't Been Stock Market Friendly

The risk of being long and wrong is growing substantially.

An Options Play on the GM/Nikola Partnership

This Nikola tie-up could signal the start of a renaissance for GM.

I've Spotted a Curious 'Kink' in the VIX Futures Curve

Have some big movements ahead been priced in already -- or is there an explosion to come?

Why the CBOE Is Catching a Bid - And How to Ride It

The Mini VIX future has been a huge success.

Fed's Big Day, Market Rock and Roll, Ives' Targets, Tesla's Tech Breakthrough?

If financial markets any indication, a lot must be expected from Fed Chair Powell Thursday morning. Plus, two guys to never bet against.

Monday Night's Short-Squeezing High in the S&P 500 Futures Could Hold

The trend is obviously higher, so selling futures is a high-risk venture.

Bond Prices Will Move Before Normalcy Returns

Here's my 'counterintuitive' bet on lower Treasury prices, and therefore higher rates, right now.

Apple Still King, Dow Shell Game, More Market Faith, Renewed China Talks?

Monday's market action was in no way similar to that recent disparity between the 'haves' and 'have nots.'

Traders Have Stacked Their Chips Ahead of 2 Risky Events

There is risk of fireworks and price squeezes as the stock market prices in the best of our current scenario, and the Treasury market prices in the worst.

Cruel Summer: August/September Usually Worst Two-Month Period for Stocks

For those looking for a mild way to play a sideways to lower market, I offer an option spread idea.

Danger Beneath the Waves, Chip Stocks Ahoy, Fiscal Battle, Sizing Up Starbucks

Negotiations on the next round of stimulus, more so than tension between Washington and Beijing, and more so than earnings season, will control short-term financial market performance.

Silver Goes for the Gold

The metals appear to be poised for a short-term continuation of the rally. If so, swift gains in gold could be met with parabolic gains in silver.

Looks That Kill a Rally? Bad Breadth, More Relief, Rockin' and Trading Silver

Monday's rally might have been ugly, except that this is 2020. Anything goes in 2020.

How Will Gold's Mighty Rally Pan Out This Time? Here's a Trading Strategy

If you are confused about what to do with prices above $1,800, you aren't alone.

You Can Bank on People's United

PBCT is one the largest regional banks in the Northeastern U.S. and is among the Top 50 banks nationwide.

Why CBOE Is Down and a Good Way to Play It

With the end of TVIX, ownership in volatility trading ETPs needs another place to go.

Wild Night With Navarro, Nasdaq vs. S&P, Strat-O-Matic, in Praise of Walmart

Are equity markets still in a confirmed uptrend? It depends on which index you look at.

Let's Get Real: The Market's Rally Has All Been About Fed Liquidity

Anyone who says this market is up on "fundamentals" is lying to themselves.

Sizzling Nasdaq, Covid Crossroads, Coins Collect Dust, Thoughts on BP

Confused by Wednesday's late-day trading action? Some on Wall Street who were too.

Mining for Gold on Newmont's Charts

A new technical strategy for NEM shares.

Is the Oil Rally Exhausted?

Oil prices have recovered on supply cuts and increased demand, but specs have already loaded up on longs.

Futures Dip, Playing Amazon, Trading Thoughts

Futures were down overnight after another day of hot trading volumes on Monday, while analysts are bumping up price targets on Amazon.

The Trend Is Higher in Gold, but the Downside Risk Is Substantial

Those looking to either remain long or get long the precious metal from these levels should do so in a skeptical manner.

Bullish and Bearish Scenarios for the End of This Rally

Be prepared for when this rally might terminate, possibly somewhere under the all-time highs.

Tesla and the USO Oil ETF Are Starring in a Theatre of the Absurd

Absurdity is everywhere. Take advantage of it.

Don't Give Up on Down-and-Out Oil, Which Has a History of Staging Comebacks

Extraordinary factors that have driven down the price of oil should begin to ease a few months out and produce an improved market for crude.

Investors Still Going Long the USO ETF Don't Get What's Going on in Oil

The oversupply of crude that's likely to last for a long time in the market makes trading the United States Oil Fund a risky proposition.