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Is Gold Leading Bitcoin or Are They Alternative Assets?

Bitcoin is still a market people prefer talking about rather than trading in, but the gains in 2020 are more legitimate than those in 2018.

November to Remember, Energy Roars, Janet Yellen, Transition, 8 Breakout Stocks

Equity markets have run wild since Oct. 30, and it is the more economically sensitive indices that have really taken flight.

The Trap Door, Winter Arrives Early, Lesson of Hiroo Onoda, Fading Consumer

Technical analysis has become so much more accurate a trading tool than it ever was before.

Masks on a Wall, Moderna, What Rotation?, Tesla and the S&P 500, Trading Walmart

They called it rotation. I'm still not completely convinced. Don't you normally have to sell something to rotate?

Indecisive Markets, RealClearPolitics, Infection Surge, Moderna, Disney Earnings

Trading volume was low enough Wednesday to indicate a lack of conviction, or conviction that did not spread across enough managers to truly change the narrative.

Vaccine Rotation, What I Bought and Sold, Stocks on Thin Ice, Apple's Event

What the Nasdaq experienced Monday is known not just as an 'Outside Day,' but an 'Outside Reversal,' and these can be dangerous.

Election Hindsight, Treasury Yields, Fed Day, Chip Stock Setup, A Great Trade

The most important market takeaway right now is that both the Nasdaq Composite and S&P 500 have filled their respective gaps and retaken their 50-day simple moving averages.

My Election Day Wish, Tech Sector Performance, Trading Amazon and 6 Other Stocks

Here's to the removal of uncertainty -- and thousands of campaign signs on thousands of lawns in my neighborhood.

Nowhere to Hide: Investors Are Shaving Risk Ahead of the Election

Thoughts on copper, precious metals and the S&P and a low risk way to get involved in a possible recovery in stocks.

Red Monday, Virus Rattles Market, Political Picture, Aerospace & Defense Stocks

This is a major earnings week, electoral risk is real, the virus is already slowing velocity, and the cavalry (fiscal policy) is not coming. Sometimes, circling the wagons is not the worst idea.

4 Straight Days, Troubling Trend?, Dollar Weakness, FDA Meets, Pfizer Vaccine

Several sessions over the past 10 days have seen increased trading volume at the NYSE, but not the Nasdaq, and for the S&P 500, but not the Nasdaq Composite. Is this professional risk reduction?

Covid Surges, Playing Politics, Charting the Nasdaq and S&P 500, U.S. Outlook

Markets have certainly recovered nicely off of the lows of late September. Now, here in mid-October, it feels like it did that cold night back in 1980-something. The wolves are visible and noisy.

J&J's Pause, Nasdaq Thumbs Up, Amazon Prime Day, Apple Hi, Speed, Veeva Breakout

Now, that we have confirmation from the Nasdaq Composite, I think we can say equity markets are indeed back in what I would consider an uptrend.

Been Stalking Corn? Then I've Got a Trade Idea for You

Corn rarely plows past $4, but will this time be different?

DC Do-Over, October Volatility, Positive Technicals, Datadog Breakout, Moderna

Suddenly, both sides realize that they have played politics and the people had noticed. Not those two from Tuesday night. Thankfully.

With These Volumes, CBOE Could Be in for a Tough Stretch

Here's how I'd play it into earnings.

Nasdaq Retakes the Line, My Tech-Centric Focus, Debate Watching, Mid-Cap Beauty

Speaker Pelosi and Secretary Mnuchin appear to be playing nice for the moment. Can we keep the consumer in the game?

Kass: One Man Gathers What Another Man Spills

Too often we debate markets with the same source of dogma and lack of objectivity that exists in our political debates.

Chipmakers in China and Japan Jolted by U.S. Security Restrictions

SMIC and Toshiba affiliate hurt by further export curbs on chipmakers dealing with China.

Market Bounce Takes Everyone By Surprise

Obstacles that lie ahead, but this market never seems to embrace a negative narrative for long.

Precious Metals Rally Is Tarnished, but I See a Silver Lining

A short-term bounce is likely -- so here's how I'd play silver.

What's Next for the Gold, Copper and Soybean Markets?

During times of economic or political duress, commodity rallies are often all or nothing. Here's a trade idea.

The Fed's Message, Market Reaction, Snowflake's Blizzard, JFrog, TikTok/Oracle

At least part of the market's negative reaction to the Fed on Wednesday may be tied to two factors.

Treasury Holders Are Complacent: They Shouldn't Be

Investors have been content holding duration and interest-rate risk despite the red flags. Complacency rarely ends well.

This Divergence Is Visible - And It Hasn't Been Stock Market Friendly

The risk of being long and wrong is growing substantially.

An Options Play on the GM/Nikola Partnership

This Nikola tie-up could signal the start of a renaissance for GM.

I've Spotted a Curious 'Kink' in the VIX Futures Curve

Have some big movements ahead been priced in already -- or is there an explosion to come?

Why the CBOE Is Catching a Bid - And How to Ride It

The Mini VIX future has been a huge success.

Fed's Big Day, Market Rock and Roll, Ives' Targets, Tesla's Tech Breakthrough?

If financial markets any indication, a lot must be expected from Fed Chair Powell Thursday morning. Plus, two guys to never bet against.

Monday Night's Short-Squeezing High in the S&P 500 Futures Could Hold

The trend is obviously higher, so selling futures is a high-risk venture.