2 Setups to Look at: XLE Energy ETF, JPM

There's a a buy setup in XLE and then a secondary entry in JPM.

How to Play Oil and Base Metals Amid Bearish Signals for Both

Rather than an outright short on commodities, consider a spread bet between long energy and short base metals.

Rally or No Rally, Charts Say Little Has Really Changed For Stocks

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The iShares China Large-Cap ETF Is Bearish and Has Further to Fall

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Gloomy Overseas Action Compounds Seasonal Malaise of August

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Jim Cramer: There is Too Much Life Support to Declare the Bull Market Dead

Ever-increasing demand from index funds makes it hard to imagine a truly bear market.

Novice Trade: FXE ETF

So where am I going here? The answer is the euro.

Novice Trade: EWU ETF

This portfolio cannot be trusted to be diversified enough.

Redfin Might Be the Canary in the Housing Coal Mine… or Not: Market Recon

The housing always has been regional, which makes it dicey to judge where it is headed from any one company.

Jim Cramer: Will the Algos Have Their Say?

But against the algos? FANG.