Why Cleveland Research Heats Up the Market

One firm's channel checks hit some of the market's biggest giants -- meaning investors should keep an eye on the Midwest.

Regulatory Pressure May be Weighing on Risk-Taking in the Markets

Listed options did not cause the 2008 financial crisis, but were still swept up in the regulatory reform and the regulation may be preventing risk-taking.

Overseas Investors Boosting Muni Bond Market

Municipal bonds have regained their safe haven status as volatility returns to the stock and bond markets. They have also been getting a boost from yield-starved, go-anywhere overseas investors.

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Give closed-end funds a chance.

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Brexit Volatility Creating Opportunities for Bonds

Given all the post Brexit volatility there is no better time to be in a long/short bond fund, according to one portfolio manager.

Alternative Funds Seeking a Stronger Second Half

Hedge funds and the less-pricey liquid alternative funds that attempt to mimic them have generally underperformed thus far in 2016.

Why a ‘Replication’ Strategy Trumps Liquid Alt Funds

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Give More to Your Favorite Charity Through a Donor-Advised Fund

Donating to charity is obviously a virtuous thing to do, but giving straight cash is not always the best way to do it.