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The latter shows a bit of relative strength, while the former looks to break above resistance.

The Market Narrative Shifted on Tuesday, So Here's How to Shift With It

It officially changed from concern over inflation and interest rates to fear of recession, which is causing a change in where traders position themselves.

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A look at the Russell indexes shows that value stocks suffered in the first six months of 2022 but not nearly as much as growth issues.

A Few Thoughts on How to Approach a Tougher Bear Market Than Most

A key goal is to keep from losing money while the current bear runs its course, and don't count on positive seasonality leading to the Fourth of July.

AMD Soon Could Present a Tempting Trade Opportunity

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Finding a Silver Lining or Two in Tuesday's Tech Wreck

It wasn't a pretty day for most tech stocks, but it wasn't a disaster, either.

The Highest Volume Day of the Year Is on Tap as Indexes Rebalance

Don't try to read anything into the movement; it is just index adjustments that have nothing to do with valuations or technical patterns.

If These Stocks Are Any Indication, Investors Are Betting Against a Soft Landing

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Face It, Meta Platforms' Chart Isn't One to Like Right Now

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