As Trading Conditions Turn More Favorable, I May Snap Up Some Snap Options

However, keep in mind that the market likely is experiencing a bear market bounce rather than the start of a new long-term uptrend.

Don't Be in a Hurry to Fade This Market, but Don't Get Too Comfortable, Either

Tuesday's rally was welcome and has provided the bulls with an opening based on fear of missing out, but we're far from a new bull market.

Bulls Could Have an Opening Based on Where the Index ETFs Sit

I'm also watching the ARK Innovation ETF and SPDR S&P Biotech ETF for trades there.

Chipmakers Show Some Life, but Don't Rush Into Building Positions in Them

The same can be said of cannabis stocks as fresh talk of federal legislation to legalize marijuana likely is just that… talk.

Lack of FOMO Is Keeping This Market a No-Go

Many investors and traders do not fear missing out on the next rally, and that's preventing positive momentum from building.

Heads Up, QQQ Traders, as Software and Cloud Stocks Take It on the Chin

The momentum-investing community needs to pay heed to what's next for their first and most faithful loves.

Watching and Waiting for the Market Action to Gain Some Traction

Until then, this trader will spend most of his time sitting on his hands.

3 Indexes Push Back Over a Key Threshold, but I'm Still a Bit Gun-Shy

With the June inflation report near and earnings season kicking off this week, there are reasons to tread carefully if you're inclined to be bullish.

Ignore the Recession Debate and Trade the Price Action in Front of You

And if you're inclined to trade the price action, keep your approach to trading simple; here are a couple ways to do it.

Signs of Progress, Semis Shine, Follow the Averages, a Buffett Run for Oxy?

While Thursday's rally was really nice to see, it was on lower trading volume than the day before - just sayin'.