Big Tech Produces a Mixed Earnings Bag, but This Cannabis ETF Finally Perks Up

Meanwhile, the market indexes remain on cruise control as traders await Jerome Powell's utterances at Jackson Hole.

Please Get It in Your Head to Not Fight the Fed

The mantra should sound alarm bells in your noggin, especially when so many Fed members are indicating that they are intent on fighting inflation.

Trade What You See and Not What You Want to See

That admonition includes how to approach trading the major market ETFs such as SPY, which we examine more closely.

Dip Buyers Need to Identify the Market's Direction and Go With That Flow

The iShares 20+Year Treasury Bond ETF and Invesco QQQ Trust serve as examples of why to follow that advice.

Remember, Overbought and Extended Aren't the Same as Bearish and Broken Down

There is not sufficient technical evidence to assert that Wednesday's decline in stocks was the beginning of a severe decline.

If You're Playing the Short-Selling Game, Make Sure You Have an Escape Plan

Getting caught in a short squeeze without an exit strategy is an even worse feeling that getting hit with fear of missing out on the way up.

Only Hindsight Will Let Us Know If a Bottom Is In, So Trade Cautiously

It's normal for investors to want definitive answers about trends, but it's not realistic.

If You're Buying the Dips in QQQ, Here Are 2 Zones to Consider

There are a pair of moving averages to watch in this process.

PPI Cools, Home Prices Don't, Fed in the Dark, Technical Battle Lines, Chevron

Just when is the Federal Reserve going to reduce the cash slosh, anyway?

Hey, Traders, Here's How I'm Approaching QQQ, The Trade Desk and Roblox

It seems to be time to err on the side of caution when dealing with the Invesco QQQ Trust.