I See a Chance for a Brief - and I Do Mean Brief - Snapback Rally

The ugliness of the index charts notwithstanding, short-term traders shouldn't rule out a near-term rally.

Take Profits ASAP in the Strongest Sector of 2022

Indications are that equity values in this group have peaked and a decline could accelerate from here as recession fears grow.

We May Not Be in a Downtrend, but Monday Put the Bulls Back on Their Heels

As for the energy sector, how to play it depends on your trading time frame.

I Guess I Didn't Hear the Same Powell Speech That Other Traders Did

To my ears, the Fed chairman did not say anything on Wednesday that merited the incredible stock gains racked up after his remarks.

As Much as It May Kill Most Traders, It Isn't a Bad Time to Sit on Your Hands

Whenever you need to search high and low to find a few tradable stocks, it usually is best to reduce your activity dramatically.

Trading These 3 Major Index ETFs Looks Unappealing at This Juncture

The charts indicate that even the SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF, which has been a bright spot since early October, appears to be losing steam.

The Big Question for Me Is Positioning, Specifically in Equities

It's hard to buy the "everyone is bearish" argument, but there are reasons to believe there could be selling pressure as the end of the year approaches.

Don't Expect This Rally to Last, So Put in Stops Now to Protect Your Profits

It won't be surprising to see folks focus on earnings estimates being too high once late December and early January roll around.

Hey, Turkey, Don't Let Yourself Get Too Caught Up in Positive Seasonality

The statistics show stocks do tend to gain during Thanksgiving week, but don't make significant portfolio decisions based on a single data point.

As Indexes Tread Water, Opportunities in Individual Stocks Abound

Plus, a few quick thoughts on how to trade a popular bond ETF and a couple gold plays.