I'm Focusing on the Semiconductor Float in This Week's Earnings Parade

That's because we need the semis to stabilize for tech stocks to begin hammering out a bottom.

Get It Through Your Head That the Fed Isn't Replacing the Punch Bowl

Traders need to take Fed members at their word when they say they want rates higher and for longer than the market is expecting; also, AMD lays an egg.

I'm Focusing on 3 of the Largest of Large-Cap Stocks for Trading Cues

And here are a few thoughts on how to approach Tesla.

Prospect of Lowered Profit Outlooks Keeps Me From Jumping on the Bullish Train

I don't believe I'd trust that a bottom is in place if we've hardly begun slashing forward earnings estimates in the face of a slower economy.

Don't Expect Me to Play 'Pin the Tail on the Market Bottom'

It's a fruitless exercise best suited to gamblers and attention-seeking stock market commentators.

Don't Be Freaked Out by Those Tweets About a Closed-Door FOMC Meeting

There are many meetings of the Federal Open Market Committee that aren't part of the regular schedule, so don't fret too much.

Stock Picking Languishes as Traders Keep Hunting For Oversold Index Bounces

Valuations and the merits of individual stocks just aren't significant right now as many people largely trade index ETFs.

Don't Fixate on the Latest Inflation Numbers as They're Already Old

It won't be surprising to see the data begin to tilt toward lower inflation in coming months.

I'm Still Waiting to See if Sellers Are Losing Interest, Even for a Brief Period

The hope is for an oversold bounce that lasts more than a day or two.

Not to Throw Cold Water on the Rally, but I'm Looking for a More Meaningful Low

I'm waiting to see what is known as downside excess in the technical world.