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Index Funds  

It's a Mess Out There, and the Indexes Are Covering It Up

Strength in a few big-cap names continues to hide very vicious correctional action in the majority of stocks.

The Index Race Ain't Over Yet, So Keep Your Eyes on the RMPIA

The Real Money Post Industrial Average is now up 18.2% -- here's why it could still plow ahead of the Dow and S&P 500.

During Selloffs, Look to the Exchanges

The days when the market sells off are cash cows for index options. Here's how to play them.

Expect the Highest Volume Day of the Year as Russell Indices Rebalance

Hundreds of stocks will see volume spikes as the rebalancing occurs, though index funds have been accumulating these additions to the indices for a while.

The Charts of Honeywell Begin to Sweeten

Here's where aggressive traders could go long HON at current levels.

Trading the Russell Indices Rebalancing

In the weeks ahead, there's likely to be unusual increases in volume in a number of the stocks that are being added to the Russell 3000.

This Is the One Chart That Illustrates What's Really Going on in the Market

What will happen to ARKK and the stocks that it reflects if there is a major correction in the senior indices?

Rising Rates? Buy These Inflation-Protected Securities

Inflation can get out of control fast. In that case, investors will benefit from an inflation hedge.

With Indices at All-Time Highs, Traders Grow Nervous Over Index Rebalancing

The pending addition of Tesla to the S&P 500 makes the rebalancing act for index funds particularly interesting this time around.

Tesla's Inclusion in S&P 500 Makes Trading It and Other Stocks Tricky

Funds that track the index will be forced to reallocate capital invested elsewhere to buy Tesla, and that won't be easy.

3 Reasons Not to Be Aggressive, IPO Jenga, Facebook Sued, Disney's Big Night

Long-term investors need to understand that an over-reliance upon tracking funds will ultimately exacerbate volatility, and once everyone is standing on the same side of the ship, destabilize financial systems.

I'd Brake for Tesla ... and Then Rev Up the Buying

Here's why some types of financials will look much more attractive after Tesla races to the S&P 500.

Look for These Diamonds to Sparkle

Look for the DIA to make a move higher.

With Small-Caps Showing Cracks, I'm Taking a Downside Shot

Here's a way to play a pullback in the IWM ETF.

Index and Pension Rebalancing Acts Will Impact the Markets Near Term

The headlines about increased Covid-19 cases are unlikely to be a significant market factor as we wrap up this week and enter next week.

Markets Are Reacting Rationally to a Reopening Economy

Economic activity is increasing, slowly but surely, and it appears the upstroke of the V recovery is only in its early stages.

Jim Cramer: Sell Index Funds and Stay Long These 4 Stocks

We are on the cusp of a decline, so anticipate the negatives and get your portfolio pandemic-recession-ready.

If You Can't Answer This One Question, You Shouldn't Own the Russell 2000

Think you're diversified? Understanding what you are investing and trading in is key.

Cramer: The Stock Market Is Now Divided Into 3 Buckets - And One Is Unfortunate

The problem for index fund owners is they own all three buckets and there are a lot more companies in the third bucket than in the first two.

The Diamonds Could Be an Investor's Best Friend in This Market

The S&P 500 is no longer a diversified index.

The Countertrend Bounce Gains Traction

In addition to hopes of fiscal stimulus, there are also some positives in the coronavirus statistics that are producing increased optimism about how long the crisis will last.

Jim Cramer: Should We Consider Closing the Markets Until the Virus Peaks?

Let's explore a concept I have been loath to consider.

Jim Cramer: The Best Time to Buy Is Coming, but It's Not Here Yet

A year from now, this coronavirus-inspired market drop could be viewed as a beautiful buying opportunity.

An Options Tool for Use in Volatile Times

It is the covered call, and it can be used in trading ETFs and individual stocks.

What's Your Plan Now? A Look at the Big 3 Index ETFs

Now is not the time to be aggressive long or short.

Market Leadership Is Turning Too Frothy for My Tastes

Tesla and even tech stalwart Apple are sporting valuations that appear high relative to their growth prospects.

The Awesome Power of Sector Rotation

Most market participants are obsessed with the level of the S&P 500, but look under the surface: The "safe-haven" trade has started to be unwound.

4 Most-Dangerous Words on Wall Street: A Correction Is Due

Calling for a correction at this point is easy, but it comes with a sizable opportunity cost. Ignore the anticipatory bears and stay focused on the individual stocks.

The Market Is Still in Reset Mode, but Indices Are Holding Up

Many stocks need rest and small-cap earnings season is rocky, but that doesn't mean the indices are going to see significant downside.

It's All About Sector Rotation: Cyclicals vs. Defensives

The Federal Reserve was slightly hawkish overall at the October FOMC meeting, and there should be a dollar bullish bias.