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How a Small-Cap ETF Is Playing the Part of Lucy to Traders' Charlie Brown

Every time traders think they're about to kick the ball and send the iShares Russell 2000 ETF flying, Lucy pulls the ball away and they end up flat on their backs.

QQQ Has Left Orbit, So Follow This Approach Before Heading to Space

I'm focused on a pattern that has repeated all year long.

Debt Saga Drags On, Rate Hike Handicapping, Data Deluge, Marvelous Marvell

Plus, the Nasdaq and S&P 500 did not do justice to Thursday's market action as there were far more losers than winners on the day.

This Small-Cap Proxy Looks Ready to Break Out, So Here Are 2 Ways to Play It

In case you hadn't noticed, the most popular small-cap ETF around seems to be regaining its footing and could put on a sprint soon.

Here's How to Play What Could Be the Long-Awaited Bottom in Regional Banks

Wednesday's powerful move in a popular regional banking ETF may set it up for more gains to come.

TLT Could Go Tilt if Buyers Don't Step In Soon, and So Could SPY

A breakdown appears imminent if traders don't begin hitting the buy button for the iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF, and the S&P 500 Index could follow.

Coinbase Could Make or Lose a Lot of Coin Based on Its Trading Pattern

The stock of the operator of a cryptocurrency exchange platform could stage a powerful breakout or breakdown based on recent movements.

Doug Kass: A Stock Market on Tilt?

There are no new eras and human nature and conditions never change -- nor have investors learned from history.

Carvana Should Be Just a Rental if You Recently Took It Out for a Drive

The used-car e-commerce platform has had a nice few days, but the short squeeze play could decline quickly if momentum traders exit.

Apple Is the Focus of My Market Eye…Well, That and a Few Index ETFs

Apple likely will be our guide for what's ahead after reporting its latest results as it is one of the few pieces of the market foundation that is offering hope.

Establishing New Positions Ahead of This Fed Decision Feels Like a Coin Toss

And anyone who claims to know which direction the central bank is going to go is lying.

A Major Equity ETF and Popular Bond Fund Diverge, but Will That Continue?

The biggest concern for bulls is the 2023 correlation between TLT and stocks.

Don't Guess in Any Big Way at What Apple or the Fed May Say

Either or both could move the market significantly, so now isn't the time to roll into anything, long or short, with significant size.

Trading Alphabet Isn't as Simple as A-B-C, but Here's How I'd Approach It

The parent of Google makes for an intriguing trade after decent results and its $70 billion buyback announcement.

The Major Indexes Have Lost Support and Even Strong Earnings May Not Help Them

And the ETFs that track those indexes are losing their bullish luster

Something's Gotta Give Soon With the IWM ETF

If any part of you is a pure volatility trader, now is the time to focus on the iShares Russell 2000.

Stay Emotionless, Dear Trader, but Try to Profit From the Emotions of Others

Let's use Tesla as an example of how to play a stock that is driven by emotions more than logic.

This Small-Cap ETF May Create a Buy Trigger Soon, but Don't Jump the Gun

Be willing to wait and pay for some knowledge in the form of a slightly lesser upside or higher entry price.

I'm Avoiding One Index ETF but Have Hope for More Bullish Action in Another

The iShares Russell 2000 ETF has been a bear -- pun intended -- to figure out.

Short-Term Traders Should Tune Out the Noise and Focus on the Moving Averages

Those who aren't long-term investors shouldn't be overly concerned by economic reports and guesses as to where interest rates are heading.

Let's Hope Latest Inflation Data and Bank Earnings End This Directionless Market

It isn't much fun trying to trade in a market that moves in a small range on minuscule volume.

Apple and Microsoft Suddenly Become the Focus of Traders' Eyes

Questions arise as to whether the two mega-cap tech stocks can continue to support the Nasdaq and with it the Invesco QQQ Trust.

Avoid This Index ETF as It Sits in a Vulnerable Position

The underlying index of the ETF continues to look weak.

OPEC Gives an Oil ETF a Boost, but It Still Doesn't Look Bullish to Me

Even after Monday's advance the oil bulls may need some time and consolidation before trying to make their next move.

Sizing Up Where 3 Major Indexes Stand After a Bullish Week

Two could continue their upward momentum, but a third may be heading into resistance.

As Gold Begins to Gain Some Luster, Here Are a Few Plays to Consider

They include ETFs as well as gold miners and royalty companies.

If You Insist on Trading This Small-Cap ETF, Handle It With Care

Stops are a must for those who trade the iShares Russell 2000 ETF long.

Here's How I'm Approaching the Popular TLT Treasury Bond ETF

The thing is, this ETF could break either way based on where it is at present.

Traders Continue to Disbelieve What the Fed Says It Will Do

Despite the central bank's insistence that it won't cut rates, the market is betting rates will be lower by the end of the year.

I've Got a Wary Eye on Intel, and a Few Sector and Index ETFs

Intel seems trapped in a range, and the ETFs continue to trade beneath important moving averages.