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The Countertrend Bounce Gains Traction

In addition to hopes of fiscal stimulus, there are also some positives in the coronavirus statistics that are producing increased optimism about how long the crisis will last.

Jim Cramer: Should We Consider Closing the Markets Until the Virus Peaks?

Let's explore a concept I have been loath to consider.

Jim Cramer: The Best Time to Buy Is Coming, but It's Not Here Yet

A year from now, this coronavirus-inspired market drop could be viewed as a beautiful buying opportunity.

An Options Tool for Use in Volatile Times

It is the covered call, and it can be used in trading ETFs and individual stocks.

What's Your Plan Now? A Look at the Big 3 Index ETFs

Now is not the time to be aggressive long or short.

Market Leadership Is Turning Too Frothy for My Tastes

Tesla and even tech stalwart Apple are sporting valuations that appear high relative to their growth prospects.

The Awesome Power of Sector Rotation

Most market participants are obsessed with the level of the S&P 500, but look under the surface: The "safe-haven" trade has started to be unwound.

4 Most-Dangerous Words on Wall Street: A Correction Is Due

Calling for a correction at this point is easy, but it comes with a sizable opportunity cost. Ignore the anticipatory bears and stay focused on the individual stocks.

The Market Is Still in Reset Mode, but Indices Are Holding Up

Many stocks need rest and small-cap earnings season is rocky, but that doesn't mean the indices are going to see significant downside.

It's All About Sector Rotation: Cyclicals vs. Defensives

The Federal Reserve was slightly hawkish overall at the October FOMC meeting, and there should be a dollar bullish bias.

Jim Cramer: Take the Billionaire Investors With a Grain of Salt

Despite the rhetoric from on high, it is possible to find good stock picks in this market.

Asian REITs Post Growth Returns Despite Their Value Dependability

Investors looking for Asian real estate exposure can get both equity gains and yield from Asia-focused REITs.

Jim Cramer: Are Capital Markets Losing Their Principal Function?

No one ever thought when we created a stock market that there would only be buyers of stocks in an index.

Don't Be Fooled by the Indices, This Market Is Undergoing a Major Correction

There are times when the indices fail to tell the story of what is really going on.

Market's 'Split Performance' Is a Nagging Issue

The S&P 500 is approaching key resistance levels.

Will Earnings Season Upset This Complacent Market?

The indices are in good shape technically, although there was choppy and inconsistent action under the surface Thursday.

Bulls Take the Reins Holiday Week

Good mood takes markets higher, but buyers are so anxious to put money to work that they're throwing it into indexes, rather than individual stocks.

What's In Store for the Markets in the Second Half of 2019? A Technical Look

The recent upside breakout in gold is likely telling us something important about where we want to be invested right now.

5 Cannabis ETFs to Fire Up Your Portfolio

Two of them are brand new.

Index Rebalancing Will Dominate the Action Even as the Media Focuses on G-20

Hundreds of stocks will be impacted by the reconstitution of the Russell indices, but don't read too much into this temporary phenomenon.

Index Rebalancing Adds Some Excitement, but Just Wait Until Next Friday

The reconstitution of the Russell indices is often the highest volume day of the year.

A Slowdown in China Is Bad News for Global Equity Bulls

With MSCI increasing the weight of domestic Chinese stocks in its global index weighting, what happens in China does not stay in China.

Late-Day Buying Does Little to Counter Negative Breadth

We would need to see some improvement in breadth and bullish technical violations on increased volume to become more encouraged.

Novice Trade: Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF

These types of index divergences usually do not last too long.

This Market Presents Investors With a Difficult Dilemma

If you aren't a little concerned about chasing at this point, then you haven't checked the rear-view mirror.

How to Allocate Your Income-Generating Assets Now

My 'Hopium/Doomium' model has stood the test of time.

Jim Cramer: The Goodness of Owning Stocks With Your Mad Money

Starting with Lyft, individual stocks are going to make a comeback. I sense the excitement and the possibilities. But don't leave it to just the IPOs.

Tuesday Was a Clear Victory for the Bulls

The action could have been better, but there seems to be a good amount of capital still looking for a place to go.

Is Jerome Powell Backed Into a Corner?

When fundamentals and economics do not align with liquidity, take a breather and wait on the sidelines rather than be caught long and wrong.

Jim Cramer: 5 Examples Show Why Stock Investing Is So Difficult

Consider these five, right in front of you on this one day, so you get the perils of stock ownership and know how to handle them when they occur.