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Don't Fixate on the Latest Inflation Numbers as They're Already Old

It won't be surprising to see the data begin to tilt toward lower inflation in coming months.

I'm Still Waiting to See if Sellers Are Losing Interest, Even for a Brief Period

The hope is for an oversold bounce that lasts more than a day or two.

Not to Throw Cold Water on the Rally, but I'm Looking for a More Meaningful Low

I'm waiting to see what is known as downside excess in the technical world.

Whether You're Talking Stocks or Bonds, It's Hard to Fight the Bear

The bear clearly has the upper hand, though that doesn't mean it isn't worth stalking bullish reversals in both asset classes.

The Dollar Doesn't Matter to Most Traders Until It Does… and It Matters Now

That's why I have my eyes on a bullish dollar ETF in hopes of spotting a bearish reversal.

If You're Going to Play the Bounce Game, Just Remember You're Fighting the Fed

Buying into the decline is OK, but make sure you know where your stop is before you punch the key.

Syntax Makes Sure Investors Speak the Right Language With ETFs, Indexes

This innovative index provider and fund issuer can accurately identify, categorize and allocate across companies both in its indexes and exchange-traded funds.

I'm Not Ready to Wave the White Flag Just Yet

Most charts are ugly, but until the major indexes crash through key support levels we can't rule out a bounce.

Don't Focus on the CPI Data, but Rather on the Response to the Data

It could be clear fairly early in the trading day whether the bulls remain in control.

Those Who Think the Fed Will Temper Its Hawkish Tone Likely Will Be Burned Again

Suffice it to say that some investors need to learn the hard way.

For Chart Watchers, It's Hard Not to Spot the Places Where Sellers Are Lurking

Wednesday's rally was welcome, but it isn't a reason to become wildly bullish.

Let's Shine a Light on a Few Potential Solar Energy Trades

Enphase Energy is one of the most popular names among momentum traders, but there are other solar stocks worth checking out.

Conditions Are Ripe for an Oversold Bounce but It May Be Very Limited

There will be a strong inclination to look for an escape into strength after Fed Chairman Jerome Powell's hawkish comments last Friday.

Here's My Vision for Vision Marine Technologies and QQQ

The technical signals for both the maker of electric motors for boats and the Invesco QQQ Trust are worth tracking.

A Message Had to Be Delivered and Central Bankers Delivered It

They are fighting expectations as much as anything and hammered home their alleged willingness to hike rates in the face of bad economic data.

ARKK Takes on Water Again After Powell Kicks Over the Punch Bowl

The ARK Innovation ETF had a rougher Friday than the market in general following the Fed chairman's expression of his resolve to fight inflation.

Thursday's Rally Was Swell, but Powell Could Reverse That Momentum Quickly

It would be foolish to ignore the Fed chairman, who could sneeze and turn everyone bearish.

Big Tech Produces a Mixed Earnings Bag, but This Cannabis ETF Finally Perks Up

Meanwhile, the market indexes remain on cruise control as traders await Jerome Powell's utterances at Jackson Hole.

Please Get It in Your Head to Not Fight the Fed

The mantra should sound alarm bells in your noggin, especially when so many Fed members are indicating that they are intent on fighting inflation.

Trade What You See and Not What You Want to See

That admonition includes how to approach trading the major market ETFs such as SPY, which we examine more closely.

Dip Buyers Need to Identify the Market's Direction and Go With That Flow

The iShares 20+Year Treasury Bond ETF and Invesco QQQ Trust serve as examples of why to follow that advice.

Remember, Overbought and Extended Aren't the Same as Bearish and Broken Down

There is not sufficient technical evidence to assert that Wednesday's decline in stocks was the beginning of a severe decline.

If You're Playing the Short-Selling Game, Make Sure You Have an Escape Plan

Getting caught in a short squeeze without an exit strategy is an even worse feeling that getting hit with fear of missing out on the way up.

Only Hindsight Will Let Us Know If a Bottom Is In, So Trade Cautiously

It's normal for investors to want definitive answers about trends, but it's not realistic.

If You're Buying the Dips in QQQ, Here Are 2 Zones to Consider

There are a pair of moving averages to watch in this process.

PPI Cools, Home Prices Don't, Fed in the Dark, Technical Battle Lines, Chevron

Just when is the Federal Reserve going to reduce the cash slosh, anyway?

Hey, Traders, Here's How I'm Approaching QQQ, The Trade Desk and Roblox

It seems to be time to err on the side of caution when dealing with the Invesco QQQ Trust.

These 3 ETFs Offer Yield-Hungry Investors Some 'Options'

As our appetite expands to 'take what we can get' investments, let's look at three funds from Global X and see how they stack up against major index funds.

The Market Is Too Comfortable With the Idea That a Dovish Fed Soon Will Return

That's not to say stocks couldn't continue to rally, but it isn't a bad idea to take some profits on strength.

Mixed Earnings Bag Requires Diligence Among Momentum Traders

Stocks are moving abruptly and dramatically depending on which way quarterly reports go for the companies that deliver them.