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Bond Funds  

Where the Fed Is Headed

The Fed appeared to hint that a cut could be coming later as it focuses on expansion -- here's what that could mean.

Plot Thickens: While Fed Unlikely to Cut Now, July May Be Different Story

The longer the Fed waits to cut, the lower rates will ultimately go, but so far there's little hint of action to come.

Stick With the Shorter Side of the Yield Curve in This Market

This is why rates rose the day the Fed made such strongly dovish comments, and how you should manage your fixed income portfolio in response.

Income Strategies for Volatile Times: Munis, Treasuries and Bond Ladders

There are an array of low-risk, fixed-income opportunities to consider for investors seeking shelter from a stormy market.

How to Allocate Your Income-Generating Assets Now

My 'Hopium/Doomium' model has stood the test of time.

How to Play the New 'Perma-Dove' Federal Reserve

Wednesday's FOMC minutes convince me that the central bank is becoming less strict about preventing inflation.

Don't Go With the Flow: There Are Better Places to Invest Than High Yield

What I would rather invest in to get similar yields.

The Fed's New Dovish View Has Huge Consequences for the Markets

Look no further than Europe for why the Fed has make this shift.

Chart of the Day: Citi's Stabilization Comments Buoy Banking Sector Sentiment

If one is betting on a sustained surge from Citi, bigger banks could be bullish bets.

2019 Will Be a Good Year for Income Investors

For the first time in years we don't have to sacrifice quality to maintain income.

Inflation, the Fed and How to Position Your Portfolio Around the Latest Numbers

The evidence that inflation Is slowing Is mostly circumstantial.

Why These Countries Are Dumping U.S. Treasuries and What It Means for the Dollar

Data has been decent, but is showing signs of softness as the demand collapse in the rest of the world feeds into U.S. data.

Don't Get Burned by the 10-Year Treasury Yield: June Trading Strategies

Don't expect the market to take a summer vacation this year. We've brought in the experts to help you heat up your portfolio this summer.

Where Investors Should Look for Safety and High Yield

Advisers say investors seeking safety and a yield greater than 3% could consider these two asset classes.

Novice Trade: TLT

I like owning July calls in TLT, as the Fed will have a hard time hiking rates 3 more times this year.

6 Top Tips for Income Investors in the Current Environment

From overweighting dividend stocks to avoiding high-yield bonds, this is how I'm playing things here.

Volcker Rule Revisit Unlikely to Revive Fixed-Income Trading

Potential reform of the Volcker Rule won't revitalize the bond market.

How to Play a Coming U.S.-Chinese Trade Deal

Four steps income investors should take now, as Presidents Trump and Xi will likely play nice.

What the Fed Decision Means for Stocks and Bonds and How I'm Playing It

Tricky crosswinds facing the central bank will have major implications on the markets.

How Target-Date Funds Could Fit Into Your Investing Plan

Investors worried about stock-market volatility might want to add so-called 'target-date funds' to their portfolios.

Fear the Move in Semiconductor Stocks?

It is sloppy and a bit ugly out there today but there are no signs yet of a major turn to the downside.

Worried About Rates and Bond Risk? Here Are Some Income Options

Options for ETFs that hold short-term Treasury bills and floating rate investment-grade bonds as well as other strategies.

Women's History Month: Abigail Adams, One of the First Female Bond Traders

For Women's History Month, Alpha Rising is showcasing the historical women that have paved the way for the rest of us. Today meet Abigail Adams. She was one of the first female bond traders -- she traded war bonds during the Revolutionary War back in 1777 and consistently doubled her money. Watch!

Some Increased Volatility Following Powell Testimony

I'd love to buy back some positions but there isn't much on my radar right now.

High-Yield Bond Funds for the Current Environment

Income-seeking investors are best served focusing on total return, not just income.

What the Spike in Treasury Bonds Supply Means for Interest Rates and Inflation

The huge $179 billion issuance this week is only the beginning.

The Fed Minutes, Inflation, Rate Hikes and What the Market's Reaction Tells Us

Stock investors should be paying more attention to Fed policy, less to the 10-year yield.

AT&T 5G and 4 Other Top Stories You Need to Know Before You Trade Wednesday

When you take your eye off of an avalanche of earnings, these are the stories you need to watch Wednesday.

A Pullback in Markets Now Would Be Normal, but This Market Isn't Used to Normal

This time the issue of higher interest rates may be gaining traction.

Elon Musk's Hyperloop and Everything You Need to Know Before You Trade Tuesday

Welcome back from the long weekend, Wall Street. Here's what you must know.