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Take a Fresh Look at Where You Put Your Cash

Let's get back to the basics of cash reallocation and see why I'm not freaking out, but I'm also not in a mood for risk.

You Can Bank on ETNs ... Until the Bank Fails

Let's look at exchange-traded notes, what they are, their advantages, and why investors should consider the wise words of ... Willie Wonka.

For NightShares Funds, Don't Expect Big Gains to Happen ... Overnight

These funds are meant to give results over economic cycles.

Let's Talk Tax-Loss Harvesting, Muni Closed-End Funds and MLPs, Shall We?

It's time to figure out what should stay and what should go from your portfolio as we wrap up 2022 and look ahead to 2023.

Market Beatdown, Charting the S&P, Nasdaq, VIX, Deeply Inverted, Defense Stocks

Agility and the ability to act quickly are the keys to tactical movement in uncertain environments.

15 Top Funds for Income Investors

Five leading income specialists select their three favorite funds that are well-positioned in a higher rate environment.

Sometimes We Can Be 'RZA' Sharp When Managing a Portfolio

Let me tell you about my recent eureka moment and how it can help your portfolio.

What's Next for the XLI iShares Industrial ETF?

Is it glass half full or half empty?

Are These Innovator ETFs Funds for You?

The funds utilize what is at its essence a vertical spread trade.

14 Contrarian Stock and ETF Picks for Global Exposure

Risk-oriented investors should consider stepping into emerging and international positions.

This ETF Helps Investors Take Advantage of the Effects of Inflation

If you're looking for a non-derivative-based, high-yielding product then this fund just might be it.

Rising Yields Are Good News for Income Investors: 8 Favorite Ideas

If there is a silver lining to rising interest rates it is that higher yields are now available to investors seeking income rather than growth.

ETF Investors: These 2 Managed Futures Funds Are Worth a Closer Look

Both funds track indexes although DBMF tracks more of a benchmark and KMLM tracks a more traditional index.

Welcome to the Jungle, It's Not Fun and Games

It's a dauting task to manage these markets, which have some similarities to those during Great Financial Crisis, but here's what to do.

Is It Time to Bet on Biotech?

The government is turning on the flow of money to biotech at a time when the Fed is reducing the flow of money to the economy.

This Communication Services ETF Is Sending Weak Signals

Its charts are bearish and are pointing to lower prices still.

Are India's Equities Attractive?

Let's check and see.

5 Favorite Closed-End Funds for Retirees and Income Seekers

These CEFs invested in diversified areas offer reliable streams of income and attractive yields.

Target Date Funds: What Some Investors May Be Shocked to Find Out

There's an issue affecting these popular funds that many may not be aware of.

Guns, Birth and Funds: This ETF Will Play to the Right

As more and more investment products portray themselves as financial soapboxes, we look at 2nd Vote.

Recession Signs, Sacrifice Ratio, When the Worm Usually Turns, 3 Trading Baskets

Because markets start the week technically oversold, I'm suggesting slicing and dicing portfolios into baskets.

This Market Is Living in La La Land

If everyone is telling you the economy is in a recession... isn't it in a recession?

These ETFs Will Meet You in the After-Hours Club

Let's check three funds that are set to buy the close and sell the open.

A Healthy Investing Diet Should Consider All These Four Food Funds

Here we'll set the table with four exchange-traded funds (that include plenty of VEGIs and even some PBJ) and see which fund looks the most nutritious for our portfolio.

Trading Dollar Strength Through 2 Funds

I'm thinking this may be a time when the old K.I.S.S. principle comes into play.

Capital Group Joins the ETF Party

Let's mingle with a big-money manager: American Fund parent company Capital Group is entering the exchange-traded fund market.

My 2022 Pick Will Only Please the Bulls

The Invesco DB Commodity Index Tracking Fund pick is for this year and beyond.

In the Space Race Between UFO and ARKX, One ETF Flies Closer to the Stars

For a fund that purports to provide exposure to the space economy much of the ETF's return profile points to names a lot closer to earth.

How to Switch to Safety With Bonds and Bond Funds

Let's see how to invest in bonds as a way to maintain safety amid threats of rising rates.

Major Indexes Are Down, but Market's Up in the Air

The biggest problem for stock pickers is that there still aren't any good themes.