Market Reacts in Pavlovian Manner to Latest Fed Pronouncements

The news out of the Fed triggered computer programs to sell equities, but there is no follow through so far today.

7 Reasons I Am Staying Away from Bed Bath & Beyond: Market Recon

While the S&P 500 has risen by roughly 9% this year, BBBY had given up 14% as of Wednesday's close.

A Hawkish Fed Still Can't Kill This Market

The market is anticipating higher rates and some inflation and that likely will matter at some point, but not yet.

Interest Rates, Not Trade Issues, Are Main Market Driver Now

Participants will be focusing on the level of hawkishness displayed in the latest Federal Open Market Committee policy statement.

Keep Your Eyes on the 30-Year Yield This Week

The key chart to watch as the Fed meets this week is long-term rates which are threatening to break through long-term resistance dating back to 2015.

Jim Cramer: The 2 Most Hated Words on Wall Street

Investors are looking for instant gratification these days.

Negative Seasonality Plus Potential Land Mines Equal Time for Caution

With seasonality poor and an interest rate hike on deck, it is important to be ready to play some defense.

Brent Oil May Make One Last Move Higher, but a Drop Is Coming

Oil markets are fine on the supply side, but demand will be a problem into the next quarter.

Banking Options Remain Limited for Cannabis Businesses

A new report indicates only a few dozen institutions have been willing to take the risk of serving marijuana-related businesses in earnest.

Synchrony, Exelixis Look Like Good Values

The credit card provider and the biotech concern appear cheap relative to their potential.