Would You Settle for Close to 25% Annualized?

Investors should consider a buy/write combination in order to take full advantage of the growth of CBOE Global Markets' stock price, while also building in some insurance against a move to the downside.

Charts of the Day: Anticipating Congressional Questions for Wall Street

A cheat sheet of expected questions for investors and political theater enthusiasts.

Goldman Sachs Shares Are Cheap for a Number of Reasons

It is likely time to build a long position in GS, but only on my terms.

Goldman's Marcus Platform, Apple Partnership, Set the Stock Apart

Goldman's consumer-focused fin-tech effort is a key theme to watch in 2019.

Kass: A New Sector Investment Short Looms Ahead

A toxic cocktail may be brewing.

I Would Not Invest in Wells Fargo at This Time

If you simply must own a bank, my thought is to buy Citigroup.

Sea Limited Really Checks a Lot of the Hot Buttons in the Market

This is one I'm interested in owning, but the current chart is a bit precarious.

Jim Cramer: Leaving Wells Fargo Is Tim Sloan's Best Move

Whether it is fair that he step down is another story.

Jim Cramer: The Apple Card Could Be Transformative for AAPL and Goldman Sachs

In a Dickensian twist, both AAPL and GS could get a big boost from analysts' Low Expectations on the Apple Card.

Apple's Grand Ambitions Face Healthy Skepticism

Apple hasn't answered all of its critics after Monday's presentation.