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Is This a 'Sell the News' Trade on Morgan Stanley?

Let's check the bank's charts to see what's happening with the stock.

Don't Rush to Buy Affirm Holdings

This stock may be a buy from a fundamental perspective, but the charts suggest it could get a lot cheaper.

Bank of America Stock Is Weakening Further

BAC has rolled over after earnings.

I'm Still OK With the Banks, June's Inflation Surprise Notwithstanding

However, we await with bated breath what Fed Chairman Jerome Powell will say before Congress this week.

A Strategy on First Horizon National Ahead of Earnings

Let's check out the charts of FHN before its earnings report this week.

BlackRock Looks Like a Solid Investment as It Rolls Into Earnings

Shares of BLK have delivered strong gains with more likely ahead.

Highly Shorted Upstart Needs a Kickstart

UPST looks like it can retest its May low in the weeks ahead.

How Do the 11 S&P Sectors Look Technically?

The sector ETFs present a different picture than the broader averages.

Possible Opportunities in These 2 Stocks

What to watch for with Alibaba and Square.

Second-Half 2021: Market Forecasts, Thoughts and Observations

The stock market has given us some incredible returns in the past year or two but there are some warning signs developing -- and one key date to keep an eye on.

The Rally in Square Should Continue

Here's how to play it.

As Paychex Continues Its Uptrend, We've Raised Our Price Targets

Here's where we see the stock headed.

PayPal Is Ready to Make New Highs

Let's check out the charts again and formulate a trading strategy.

Big City Banks Offer Clout, This Rural One Offers Good Returns

Here's why Northwest Bancshares is underappreciated and bargain-priced.

This Could Be a Low-Risk Buying Opportunity on Wells Fargo

The shares are quickly recovering after a decline in the first half of June.

Sometimes You've Just Got to Have a Little 'FAF'

Here's why I'd buy American -- First American Financial, that is.

It's Time to Run With the Financials

The beaten-down XLF seems to have found a bottom.

Piecing Together a Portfolio of Lovable Losers Could Be Tough This December

The early potential candidates for the next Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio are few and far between.

Investors, This Stock Has Your Name on It -- Literally

Investors Bancorp is a left-to-right growth name at a bargain price.

Shares of SoFi Technologies Should Rally From Here

Aggressive traders could go long SOFI at current levels.

Got Your Mastercard? Let's Go to Chipotle Mexican Grill

While sorting out the Fed's words on inflation and rates, let's chew through some intriguing setups in these two names.

Which Direction Is TLT Headed Next?

Let's check out the Treasury bond ETF for the latest clues.

We Have a New Technical Strategy for Paychex

The company reports its latest earnings on Friday.

Bank of America Could Decline Further Before New Buyers Appear

Here's what to look for.

A Technical Look at Citigroup: Stay or Go?

Let's review the charts and indicators.

This Is My Third Time Recommending This Name; It's Still Not too Late

I wrote about LPL Financial Holdings in March 2020, then October and now I am again. Why? It's got premier growth, yet is a reasonable value.

You Can Keep Circling H&R Block, but Don't Park Your Money There Yet

The charts of HRB are weakening ahead of Wednesday's earnings.

PayPal Is Pushing the Upside for a Fresh Breakout

Let's review the charts and indicators.

American Express Continues Its Charge, So Let's Set New Price Targets

The credit card giant looks like a stock that longs should keep holding.

UWM Holdings Charts Don't Point to a Compelling Buy

Let's review the charts and indicators.