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Affirm Holdings' Strong Upside Gap Prompts a New Strategy

Aggressive traders could add to longs on available weakness.

I'm Going to PayPal it Forward

If you want to take an aggressive swing at PYPL, then here's how.

Coinbase Is Showing a Decent Base Pattern

A look at COIN's charts as bitcoin becomes legal tender in El Salvador.

Tracking Where to Jump Into 2 Auto Names and a Credit Card Giant

Carvana, General Motors and Visa are the stocks in our sights as we focus on their charts.

Sea Limited Is Headed Higher Longer-Term, So Let's Chart a Strategy

The stock shows a clearly defined uptrend the past 12 months.

Fiserv Is Looking Positive Going Forward

The shares look like they have bottomed out in June and July and are trying to rally in August.

UWM Holdings Isn't Appealing Based on Its Charts

Would-be buyers of the loan originator's stock should wait for clear signs of a bottom.

How I'd Play an Improved Affirm Holdings

The charts are more positive now.

I'm No Longer Shying Away From PayPal

The price action makes the stock appear as though any recent bad news is now baked into the shares.

DocuSign Could Dip Further Giving Traders a Better Location to Buy

Here's how to play it now.

The Band Plays On, Risky Business, Keep Your Eyes Open, Down Memory Lane

Plus, a look at what's going on inside the trader's brain as he looks at Walt Disney, Airbnb and SoFi Technologies.

Zillow Is Starting to Show Some Bottoming Price Action

Here's how to play it now.

Revisiting the Charts of Goldman Sachs

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Blackstone's Charts Look Solid

Jim Cramer gave a nod to BX and the charts back it up.

Want Solid Dividend Income? Look up North

Here we take a closer look at the Bank of Nova Scotia; Canadian Utilities Limited and Enbridge Inc.

SoFi Technologies Could Fall Further in the Weeks Ahead

SOFI's technicals have not gotten the message from the fundamentals.

Buy Annuities and You'll Never Outlive the Regret

Here's why annuities make no sense to the average investor.

New York Community Bancorp's Charts Lack Bullish Conviction

Let's review the charts and indicators.

You Might Not Like What's in the Cards for Mastercard

MA is turning lower and heading toward our sell stop.

Square Is Touch-and-Go Around Its February/April Highs

Let's check out the charts of SQ following Monday's big move.

Deutsche Bank Gets a Quantitative Downgrade to Sell

We are inclined to stand aside.

Square Is Close to Hitting on All Cylinders: Here's How to Trade It

Yet I'm not all that crazy about such a reliance upon Bitcoin for performance.

Global Payments' Charts Have Yet to Get Their Act Together

Let's review the charts and indicators.

3 Recent IPOs With Rough Starts and Differing Levels of Appeal

The debuts of Robinhood, Krispy Kreme and Dole were less than stellar, but one of the trio might be worth a good look right now.

I'm Concerned About a Candlestick Top Reversal Pattern on PayPal

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Jim Cramer: Take It From a Guy Who Knows, the IPO Process Is Really Flawed

As the Robinhood debacle shows, not much has changed over the decades when it comes to initial public offerings.

With Controversy Aplenty, Robinhood Goes Public

Is HOOD walking into the public spotlight with a bulls-eye on its back before it gets a chance to prove itself?

I'm Raising My Target (Yet Again) on First American Financial

Shares of the provider of title insurance still don't reflect its long-term value.

Mastercard Looks Ready to Resume Its Longer-Term Uptrend

The shares have been in an uptrend the past 12 months.

Is This a 'Sell the News' Trade on Morgan Stanley?

Let's check the bank's charts to see what's happening with the stock.