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Rocket Companies Is Not Ready to Blast Off

The company went public seven months ago.

Wells Fargo's Quant Downgrade Signals the Stagecoach May Be Slowing Down

This is a good time to check out the charts of WFC.

Upwork Needs Some Consolidation Before Renewed Gains

The shares have made a good run since early April.

Brink's Safely Delivers an Upside Breakout

Here's how to play BCO stock.

Tyme for Asia as HSBC and South African Online Bank Expand

Europe's biggest bank, HSBC, is in an impossible political situation, caught between London and Hong Kong. South Africa's TymeBank will have it easier expanding into the Philippines.

Square Reports Tuesday, Be Ready to Take Profits

Now that prices are within striking distance of our target, let's review the charts.

The Trade Desk Charts Are Still Looking Weak

I continue to see the risk of further declines in the price of TTD.

Does Zillow Stock Still Have Curb Appeal?

Let's check the charts.

PayPal Hits Our First Price Target: Our Updated Technical Strategy

Here's how we'd play the stock now.

A Dividend Yield, Dividend Safety and Valuation Trifecta

It's rare to find all three major attributes at once, but this insurer has them.

Bill.com Needs a Pullback or Correction

Let's wait and see how things develop.

An Updated Technical Strategy on Soaring PayPal

Continue to hold longs in PYPL.

Futu Holdings Share Price Is Extended - Proceed With Caution

A sharp correction may be worth buying.

I'd Give OpenDoor Technologies Some Room Before Moving In

OPEN needs more consolidation before investors can feel comfortable settling in.

Are Financial Stocks Sending a Signal?

After a strong start to the year, bank shares have been retreating over the last two weeks; here's what the declines could signify.

8 Banking, Brokerage and Specialty Finance Favorites

These top picks for 2021 include consumer banking, finance REITs, brokerage, mortgage, insurance and wealth management names.

Citigroup Shares Are Poised for Further Declines

Let's check out the charts and indicators.

Weathering the Storm With a Safe 4.5% Dividend Yield

This regional financial name is appealing choice for income investors.

3M and Mastercard Continue to Trade Sideways

Both stocks may eventually do better when investors sense that the economy is indeed going to do better.

Here's Why You Should Keep an Eye on Upstart Holdings

Keep this newly public company on your shopping list for the first quarter of 2021.

One to Watch: A Strategy for PagSeguro Digital

Here's where I'd look to be a buyer of the stock. On the options side, the market is a little on the thin side, but it is playable.

Why I'm Souring on Lemonade

LMND shares have tripled in less than two months

Let's Look to TLT to Chart the Future of Interest Rates

This is the direction the yield on the 10-year treasury looks to be headed.

I See Mastercard Paying Off ... but Not Sure When

I don't mean to shuffle on this one, but the next near-term move in MA has me stumped.

PayPal Could Reach Higher Highs

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Goldman Sachs Breaks Out on the Upside

Here's what traders should look for.

Check Point Software: What the Charts Indicate About New Highs

Here's our price target and trading strategy.

Paychex Could Correct Lower in the Weeks Ahead

The longer-term trend is positive so this anticipated decline could become a buying opportunity.

Ant and AliPay Targeted in Broadening Alibaba Crackdown

Chinese regulators, rumored to be directed by President Xi Jinping, are ratcheting up pressure on the empire of China's richest man.

Lemonade Is Soaring - Now What?

Here's the next potential price target zone.