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Jim Cramer: Can We Take It Higher?

On a historic day when we set new records, let's look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average's Top 10 winners to see how lofty -- or nosebleed -- we really are.

LendingTree Should Continue to Grow; Here's Where to Enter and Exit

The charts of the online loan marketplace indicate its shares should head higher with a $500 price target.

A Deeply Undervalued Dividend Stock From the North

With its high dividend yield, Manulife investors are paid well to be patient.

A Six-Stock 'What, Me Worry?' Portfolio

These stocks share a number of attributes, from little or no exposure to China to moderate expected volatility.

Blackstone Group Could Rally Further in the Months Ahead

Let's review the latest charts and indicators.

You Too Can Beat Those Ivy League Fund Managers

You don't need complexity to make good returns. You do need the ability to suffer through volatile times without panicking out of stocks.

The 'Merc' Could Continue Its Rally to New Highs

Let's pay a visit to the charts of the exchange.

Brink's Could Bounce a Bit, but Don't Bet on a New Leg Higher

BCO has been unable to push above the $85-$90 area for the past two years.

Game of 'Would You Rather': Capital Gains Edition

Logic tells you FactSet is poised for poor share price movement. Do you sell now to avoid stagnation while paying taxes on your gains, or patiently wait for the resumption of long-term growth?

PayPal Could Trade Still Higher in the Weeks Ahead

PayPal's stock price is still in a strong uptrend, with the $120-$125 area the next price target.

Goldman Sachs Slips Lower and Lower - Stand Aside

Let's check the charts of GS today.

Jim Cramer: Global Payments-TSYS, Apple Card-Goldman: It's All About PayPal

Every time you see competitors trying to team up to catch PayPal it just reminds you how PayPal is the undisputed worldwide leader.

4 Stocks I'm Watching on Earnings This Week

Investors should keep an eye on these four names in the week ahead.

S&P 500 Support Holds, but a Third Test Would Likely Be a Different Story

While the bears have been unsuccessful so far in breaking support, the bulls have been equally lackluster in generating upside momentum.

JPMorgan Chase: Major Long-Term Top Formation Brewing

Let's see what the charts say about this key financial firm.

Bank of America Chart Reaches 'Make or Break' Decision Point

If the bank's price holds above a key support level it will be time to be bullish; if not, the trade setup will be a bust.

Income Strategies for Volatile Times: Munis, Treasuries and Bond Ladders

There are an array of low-risk, fixed-income opportunities to consider for investors seeking shelter from a stormy market.

A Safe Haven Stock in a Turbulent Market

This stock offers a nice combination of low risk and well-defined, substantial upside potential.

Time to Play Catch-Up with AMG

This investment company is good value to own here.

Be a 'Goal Achieving' Investor, Not a 'Stress Relieving' One

And Cognizant Technology Solutions currently provides the former type of investor with a rare opportunity.

Buckingham's Bets: Value Expert's Bank Stock Bargains

Here are six financial services stocks that could make good buys for bargain-hunting investors.

7 Monthly Dividend Stocks for Income Investors

Income-seeking investors on the hunt for stocks that pay out monthly dividends will not be disappointed, with some solid firms to choose from.

Despite an Attractive Yield, There's Reason to Be Wary of This Dividend Stock

The company is facing increasing competition from a host of mobile apps for its core business.

Novice Trade: JPMorgan Chase

JPM's IV is sitting at a 52-week low, while the stock looks pretty strong.

Is It Ridiculous to Believe the Market Could Melt-Up?

BlackRock CEO Fink's warning of a market 'melt-up' may be ridiculed by the bears, but he may have a point.

Citi Is Monitoring Mexico, Shareholders Should Be Too

Citigroup's investments in Mexico could meet some macro troubles in the near to medium term.

There's Much More to Citigroup's Q1 Results Than EPS and Revenue

I'd lean towards playing a banking ETF here since the patterns are similar between C and one like XLF.

Analysts, Shareholders Encouraged but Not Inspired by Citi Earnings

Citigroup's stock move could be described as unenthusiastic, reflecting how many feel about its first quarter earnings results.

Discovery Financial Is a Solid, Low-Beta Value Play

A look at the financials as earnings season kicks into high gear.