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Financial Services  

Impacts, Surprising and Not, From the Coronavirus and Civil Strife

There are business sectors that are doing better than anticipated and others that are benefiting as thought from events of the day.

4 Financial Names That Offer Value in a Market Where It's Tough to Find

These companies are trading at reasonable multiples and two are offering nice dividend yields, too.

Let's Look at PayPal Ahead of Earnings

Traders have been going long.

First Horizon National Is a Bit Bearish for My Tastes

The bank holding company's charts indicate now is not the time to take a long position in the stock.

Goldman Sachs Has the Right Stuff to Make Money in This Market

Traders could go long GS at current levels and add on strength.

China Market Propped Up as Insurers Allowed to Buy More Stock

Chinese shares advanced following a regulatory change designed to loosen the grip of retail investors on stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Kass: What Price Goldman Sachs?

I don't see the outstanding reward to the upside vs. the downside risk that Jim Cramer sees.

How to Trade Morgan Stanley Stock Right Now

Morgan Stanley's Down Under CEO has helped to move the shares from down to up.

Take a Dare and Fly With This Dividend Stock

Eagle Financial is small bank name that goes under the radar of most investors, but it offers a 4% yield and boasts 34 years of increases.

Sometimes, Changing Your Mind Can Pay. I'll Show You How

Here's a way of shifting gears with Infosys to your advantage.

Here's Our Strategy for Playing Hartford Financial

HIG is trading higher Thursday on its quarterly earnings beat.

7 Ways to Invest in Investment Management

These financial favorites are involved in private equity, business development and asset management.

Sour or Sweet? A Look at Recent IPO Lemonade

Two candlestick charts provide us with some clues to work with.

Jim Cramer: I Think Goldman Sachs Is an Amazing Buy

The fact that Goldman can make this much money in this environment is extraordinary. It's too cheap.

Mastercard Looks Like It's Getting Ready to Resume its Uptrend

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Owning Paychex Shares May Not Pay in the Short Run

A key chart of the payroll processing and human resources company is lacking in trend strength.

Charles Is Looking Like a Good Option

Charles Schwab is open for business and gaining market share.

Jim Cramer: Here's My Sore Thumb Index

This is how you can tell which camp is winning and which is losing in this time of Covid-contradiction.

Citigroup Could Continue to Be Just a Trading Affair

Here's what what could be in store for the stock after its Q2 earnings report.

Wells Fargo's Stagecoach Could Sink Further in the Days Ahead

The bank giant has been weak for a long time now and the charts do not suggest a turnaround at this point, especially after a bottom-line miss.

JPMorgan Chase Gave Positive Clues Before Its Earnings Beat

However, the longer-term picture for the bank giant's shares is clouded by questions about volume and buyers' commitment to the stock.

Is American Express Ready to Resume a Rally?

The larger pattern of higher highs and lows does give us reason to consider the buy side in AXP.

How to Trade The Trade Desk Right Now

Let's check out a few charts and indicators.

Ark Restaurants Shouldn't Have Floated Dividend Seekers' Boat

Income investors should have seen that the pandemic put the restaurant operator's payout at risk and looked at other options.

Never Heard of BGCP? You Should. It Shows Huge Upside Potential

BGC Partners is not a blue chip name, but it is a tempting choice for those willing to bet on a comeback that could reach well over 100%.

Nothing Is Square About Our Bullish SQ Technical Strategy

What's next with our previous price target in the rearview mirror?

Allstate Needs More Than a Recognizable Pitchman and Commercials

The charts are on the defensive.

Novice Trade: XLF Financials ETF

It's alarming how cheap the bank stocks have become.

Jim Cramer: The Rubber Is About to Meet the Road

The Nasdaq is running wild, but when the banks report we'll find out just how many people and businesses failed to pay rent.

Paychex Resistance Levels Will Likely Be Overcome

The small business payroll processor reports earnings this week.