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How to Use a Buy-Write Options Strategy With Out-Of-Favor ETFs

Financials and energy ETFs aren't faring well in the current environment, but there still is a way to make money on them.

The Charts of BlackRock Suggest a Buying Opportunity

Let's check the charts for an area to probe the long side.

Jim Cramer: Apple Among Many Big Winners in Tariff Delay

Here are the other companies that will get a boost from pushing the tax on imports to mid-December.

You Can Still Bank on Charles Schwab

At lower prices, SCHW looks more attractive than ever, so consider buying some LEAP call options.

Despite Some Past Bumps, This Wagon Offers a Pretty Good Ride

With its tarnished reputation and general market malaise, Wells Fargo offers a low-risk entry price.

Here's Dividend-Yielding Bank People Can 'Unite' Around

People's United has a dividend yield of 4.29% and is buying holding bank United Financial.

These Kinds of Stocks Look Like Nightmares, but Can Bring Happy Endings

Follow these rules and you won't have to put up with Rumpelstiltskin-like waiting to turn big profits from companies that look ready to go belly up.

After Locking Up Scandal, Wells Fargo Vaults Ahead

Bank shows strong earnings, 13% dividend Increase and 4.2% yield.

Is GS Polishing Up To Be a Treasured Opportunity or Just Fool's Gold?

New management seems to be doing a better job than Lloyd Blankfein did, but I remain skeptical.

Historic Day for Central Banking Looms With Cut Announcement

Will we see no cut, or a 25- or 50-basis-point chop? Here's what is likely to happen.

After Fall, E*Trade Financial Ready to Rumble

After nearly going belly up a decade ago, ETFC's combination of higher profits and a much lower stock price makes it look very attractive.

Square Could Soon Breakout to the Upside - Go Long Around $80

Let's check out the latest charts and indicators so we can participate.

JPMorgan Chase Sees Average Joe as 'Star of Show,' Amid Unfriendly Trends

With volatile swings following its quarterly earnings release, JPM still appears to have investor confidence.

How to Play Morgan Stanley in 3 Days

With Morgan Stanley set to release earnings soon, here's a virtually all-or-nothing trade to run through three days.

Here's How I Look at Trading JPMorgan

JPM joined other banking heavyweights in exceeding expectations at least at the headline level.

JPMorgan's Solid Earnings Report

Long is where you want to be post JPM earnings.

JPMorgan Chase Eases Despite Earnings Beat

The money center bank's reduced forecast for net interest income amid geopolitical pressures is curbing investor enthusiasm.

Visa Could Rally Still Further as the Uptrend Remains in Force

It always pays to check on even the most dependable stocks.

MarketAxess Is Still Bullish

Our potential price targets for MKTX are $400 and $443

Global Payments Is Still Pointed Up but It's Time for Caution

GPN has rallied 352% over the past five years.

Shares of Wex Look Poised for Further Gains in the Weeks Ahead

The corporate payments processor's shares are up over 50% for the year.

It's Not the End of the Line for Deutsche Bank

This transformation will likely get DB back to a position of market or above-market profitability.

Jim Cramer: Can We Take It Higher?

On a historic day when we set new records, let's look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average's Top 10 winners to see how lofty -- or nosebleed -- we really are.

LendingTree Should Continue to Grow; Here's Where to Enter and Exit

The charts of the online loan marketplace indicate its shares should head higher with a $500 price target.

A Deeply Undervalued Dividend Stock From the North

With its high dividend yield, Manulife investors are paid well to be patient.

A Six-Stock 'What, Me Worry?' Portfolio

These stocks share a number of attributes, from little or no exposure to China to moderate expected volatility.

Blackstone Group Could Rally Further in the Months Ahead

Let's review the latest charts and indicators.

You Too Can Beat Those Ivy League Fund Managers

You don't need complexity to make good returns. You do need the ability to suffer through volatile times without panicking out of stocks.

The 'Merc' Could Continue Its Rally to New Highs

Let's pay a visit to the charts of the exchange.