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Shares of Intuit Are Weak Ahead of Earnings

I don't see a bullish alignment on the charts.

Prudential Financial's Rally Is Running Out of Steam

Here's what could tip the scales downward.

3 Turkey Stocks That Should Have Better Years in 2023

The prospects for this trio are better than in the current year, which has been rough on all three.

3 High-Dividend Bank Stocks With Yields Above 4%

The surge of inflation this year has put numerous companies under pressure -- but banks are a bright spot. Here are three offering attractive yields.

Jefferies Gets a Friend With Deep Pockets. Should You Join In?

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has a stake in Jefferies Financial Group, so what is a good place to but in?

Affirm Looks Weak Ahead of Earnings

Here's what traders should do now.

Brighthouse Financial Is Looking a Bit Brighter in Advance of Earnings

However, the safest play at this juncture would be to wait for a breakout before going long the shares of the annuities and life insurance provider.

We're Checking Upstart Holdings Charts Ahead of Earnings

Here's what I recommend for this fintech firm.

Block Rallies on an Earnings Beat: What Do the Charts Say?

Keep an eye on how the shares close.

Never Heard of This Payment Company? Now's a Good Time to Learn

I've got a strategy for FleetCor Technologies.

JPMorgan Chase Jumps but the Technical Indicators Don't Respond in Kind

Trading volume in the banking giant's shares just hasn't been all that strong.

SoFi Gets Earnings-Beat Boost

SOFI has been trading sideways since May and the current rally improves the picture -- but traders should stay nimble.

AIG Has Rallied Ahead of Earnings

With earnings due out after Tuesday's market close we might have a case of 'buy the rumor and sell the news.'

Bearish Bets: 3 Stocks You Should Consider Shorting This Week

These recently downgraded names are displaying both quantitative and technical deterioration.

Silvergate Capital's Charts Are Trying to Bottom

We're waiting for all the pieces to fall into place.

Upstart Is Still Looking for an Uptrend

Shares of AI-based lender are likely to sink lower in the months ahead.

Expect Visa Shares to Continue Their Choppy Price Action

V will report quarterly earnings after Tuesday's market close.

These 4 Stocks Are Too Cheap to Ignore

I'm slowly starting to accumulate positions in homebuilding and financial names.

Lincoln National Is Headed the Opposite Way of the Eagles

Shares have been in a decline the past 12 months. Let's check out the current charts.

Hong Kong Stocks and Japanese Yen Hit Crisis-Era Levels

Meanwhile, a conference in Hong Kong featuring the city's leader, who is sanctioned by the U.S. but due to appear alongside U.S. investment bankers, offers a bad look.

Allstate's Charts Are Getting Punished

The damage has been done even if the shares begin to move higher.

Good News for Banks, Bad News for Business

Does a profitable banking sector translate to a bullish stock market? Not necessarily.

I'm Focusing on the Semiconductor Float in This Week's Earnings Parade

That's because we need the semis to stabilize for tech stocks to begin hammering out a bottom.

Here's How PNC Financial Is Lining Up Into Earnings

Let's check the bank's charts and indicators ahead of the print.

American Express Gets a Downgrade But What About the Charts?

The shares have been in a downward trend since February.

What Does the Future(s) Hold for CME Group?

Let's check out the charts of the CME to see.

JPMorgan Chase Is a Leader, But Now on the Downside

Jamie Dimon is warning about a recession as the bank gets set to report earnings this week.

BlackRock Looks a Bit Black and Blue Ahead of Earnings

The charts of the investment management giant are largely bearish.

Checking Goldman Sachs Ahead of Earnings

Let's dive in on the charts and see what's in store for the stock.

Revisiting a Previous Pick -- Now at an Even Lower Price

This is the beauty of ugly bear markets. They often make even terrific company shares go inexplicably below fair value.