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Time to Be Bullish, but not Complacent

Don't be fooled by the fact that markets are near all-time highs, as they can turn vicious quickly; also, Blackstone Group is worth a look.

Alphabet Has Its Hands Full of Investigations but Traders Don't Care

At this juncture, the charts and indicators are still bullish.

Access to Further Gains Possible for MarketAxess

Traders could approach MKTX to the long side, as our price target is $450.

Jim Cramer: Google's Latest Blunder Shows Why the Long Knives Are Out

Google's Project Nightingale exemplifies the headline risk facing big-cap tech names.

Jim Cramer: Buybacks in the Cyclical Stocks Are Helping Push This Strength

Caterpillar is a prime example.

Don't Just Fly Over This Dividend Boosting Financial Stock

Few investors have likely heard of this Montana-based bank holding company and its attractive yield.

First Horizon National Can Move Higher in the Months Ahead

FHN announced earlier this week it is merging with Iberia Bank.

Does LendingTree Have a Solid Root System?

This stock could use a correction.

Charge Ahead With This Dividend-Yielding Stock

Visa is playing a big role in the shift to digital shopping -- of all sorts -- and dividend-seeking investors should take heed.

CME Group Charts Point to Bullish Future Despite Recent Correction

Buyers of the exchange operator's shares have been aggressive over the last few months.

Visa's Charts Indicate It's Where You Want to Be

The weekly uptrend in shares of the payments processor is long and strong and points to higher prices.

Mastercard Refuses to Break to the Downside So Get Ready for Higher Prices

Let's review the charts to see if the 'chip' will be up or down.

Banks Make a Higher High

There's no guarantee the banks will keep running, but their move relative to the S&P 500 represents a change in the pattern over the last two years.

JPMorgan Chase Continues to Rally: Here's How to Play It Now

In an updated daily bar chart, we can see that prices have been strong all month.

TD Ameritrade Could Rebound, Commission-Free Trading Notwithstanding

The brokerage already may have seen its shares discount the recent news about zero-commission trading.

The Big Consolidation Pattern on WEX Can Support a Rally - Go Long Here

Let's check out the charts and indicators of WEX this morning.

Keeping the Banks in Line

The banks may tease, but they just keep tagging the downtrend line and heading back down; also, Tuesday's rally keeps the indicators mixed.

Bank Earnings Plus Low Expectations Prove Right Combination for Market

Market players celebrated news from JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Citibank -- and it spilled over to the broader market.

Financials Are Finally Ready for an Upside Breakout

Dig down for some 'diamonds.'

3 Pre-Earnings Trades in Financials to Consider After Recent Pullbacks

Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase and Financial Select Sector SPDR make for a trio of potential long trades to monitor.

Now's the Time to Consider Charles Schwab

The stock's fall following online broker wars that sent stock commissions to zero was way overdone.

Here's a Bank That Will Actually Pay You

New York Community Bancorp is a regional bank with a 5.4% dividend yield -- far higher than the average bank stock.

Go For Broke(r) With This Financial Services Firm

TD Ameritrade is poised to offer big returns at a low entry point.

American Express: At What Level Will the Buyers Return?

AXP could-grind lower giving us a better buying opportunity.

Visa Could Extend Its Advance After a Correction to the 200-Day Line

It looks like V may continue to correct its gains.

Jim Cramer: Looking for an Edge? Here Are 3 Stock Ideas

Let's consider the case of what would be the best odds on favorites to start a new position in the Dow Jones average.

Follow This Insider Into Affiliated Managers Group

A director's purchase of almost $600,000 in AMG shares on the open market seems to affirm data that indicate the stock should run much higher from here.

3 Big Names That Show Relative Weakness

Amazon.com, Facebook and American Express could begin to break down in the near future based on their charts.

StoneCo Looks Like a Solid Opportunity

Backed by serious investor prowess, shares appear ready to bust out of a huge wedge pattern on the weekly chart -- here's how to play STNE.

Charting Out Two Potential Winners

Here's two buy-setups: Costco and Mastercard.