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Bank of America Could Decline Further Before New Buyers Appear

Here's what to look for.

A Technical Look at Citigroup: Stay or Go?

Let's review the charts and indicators.

This Is My Third Time Recommending This Name; It's Still Not too Late

I wrote about LPL Financial Holdings in March 2020, then October and now I am again. Why? It's got premier growth, yet is a reasonable value.

You Can Keep Circling H&R Block, but Don't Park Your Money There Yet

The charts of HRB are weakening ahead of Wednesday's earnings.

PayPal Is Pushing the Upside for a Fresh Breakout

Let's review the charts and indicators.

American Express Continues Its Charge, So Let's Set New Price Targets

The credit card giant looks like a stock that longs should keep holding.

UWM Holdings Charts Don't Point to a Compelling Buy

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Global Payments Could Correct Further Before Renewed Gains

Here's where traders could go long GPN.

Mastercard's Moves Against COVID Help the Charts Too

Traders could go long MA at current levels, and here are our price objectives.

Jim Cramer: Mastercard Proves There Are Some Things Money Can Buy

Business is the greatest force for social change -- so it's time to pony up like Mastercard -- and help make the world a better place.

Tradeweb Markets Could Pullback Before Longer-Term Gains

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Move Fast to Hop on American Financial's Whopper of a Special Dividend

The insurer's recent sale of a chunk of its business has led the company to share in the proceeds with its shareholders.

Be Part of the 1% (Who Know About This Company)

NewMarket has been around since the late 1880s, and too few investors know about what a great opportunity it is right now.

Is Square Investable? It's Certainly Tradable and Here's How to Do It

Here's why the stock experienced a bit of a pop on Monday.

Paysafe's Charts Are Telling Me to Go Slow

Here's what I'd like to see with this stock.

Shares of Bank of America Are Poised for Longer-Term Gains

Let's review the charts and indicators.

CoStar Group Could Get Grounded in the Weeks Ahead

The shares have displayed a choppy sideways trading pattern since August.

2 Payers of Special Dividends That Merit Special Looks

FutureFuel Corp. and Guild Holdings each offer reasons for consideration after their recent dividend actions.

Coinbase Global's Charts Need More Development

Wait for more signs of accumulation (buying) before probing the long side.

Ally Financial's Trend Is Your Ally

Welcome aboard to new longs.

What We Need to See Before Buying Affirm Holdings Stock

The company just posted strong earnings.

Taking Another Look at Lemonade and its Decline

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Home Bancshares May Have a Period of Correction or Consolidation

Let's see how things develop.

Jim Cramer: Here's What Can Go Higher

Let's look at the companies that can go up, and the ones that can't.

Avoid the Long Side of Genworth Financial

This is a risky stock now.

Mogo's Chart Is Shaping Up as a Bounce Candidate

Here's where I would put my stop if I were holding shares of this FinTech.

Give American Express Some Credit: Go Long

The charts of AXP are ready for a breakout.

Deal or No Deal, Hartford Financial's Charts Are Pointed Higher

HIG rejected multiple offers from rival Chubb.

There Are Very Few Trade Offs With SEI Investments

SEIC is likely out of mind for most investors, yet the company is totally 'out of sight.'

These 6 Financial Favorites Have a Wealth of Positives

Top experts discuss their best bets in the financial services and Wall Street banking group.