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Novice Trade: PayPal

I think it almost certainly trades about $100 in the next few weeks.

S&P Global Could Slowly Challenge the July/September Highs

Let's look beyond the fundamentals.

The Trade Desk Shows Some Divergences to Make Me Cautious

Let's check out the charts.

The Charts of PayPal Have Not Weakened Significantly

Let's review the charts once again.

Wells Fargo's Charts and Its Improving Fundamentals Aren't in Alignment

It is hard to become excited about the long side of the banking giant due to overhead resistance and a lack of aggressive buying of its shares.

Paying Up for PayPal: Stock Breaks Out to New Highs

PYPL looks to be on its way to the $120 area.

9 Intriguing Financial Stock Favorites for 2019

From smaller regional banks and business development companies to financial services firms and global asset managers, nine experts choose their top picks for the year.

Why Eaton Vance Looks Ready for a Reversal

Has demand finally overcome supply?

American Express Could Surprise on the Upside -- Traders Can Buy Strength

American Express has rebounded smartly from its December lows and looks set to move higher.

BlackRock's Earnings Slump Shouldn't Come as a Big Surprise

The steep declines over the past seven months make me much less critical of BLK's Q4 results.

Goldman Sachs' Technical Prospects Have Brightened

Prices could test the declining 50-day simple moving average line very soon.

Kass: Bank Stocks Are a Must Own for Years, Not Just Weeks or Months

They may represent the single most attractive industry group in the S&P Index.

Chart of the Day: Citi's Stabilization Comments Buoy Banking Sector Sentiment

If one is betting on a sustained surge from Citi, bigger banks could be bullish bets.

Citi's Steep Discount Spurs Strong Buying Action

Management has steered the story to its steep discount and the market is buying the narrative.

Novice Trade: XLF

Is all banking GS or is this a buying opportunity for XLF?

Stay Cautious on Paychex Stock

PAYX could swing up or down in the short-run.

JP Morgan Is Weighed Down With a Number of Weak-Looking Charts

Let's see if a strengthening phase is coming.

Jim Cramer: This May Be an Inflection Point for Banks and Oils

But there is no catalyst right now, and there are so many other sectors with better prospects.

Is Deutsche Bank Stock Worth a Trade Right Now?

What's amazing to consider about Deutsche Bank is this was a triple-digit stock in 2008.

Stay Disciplined When Trading Nvidia: Market Recon

This stock moves fast, so acting on target prices and panic points is essential.

If the Yuan Breaks This Key Level, We Could See a Wave of Redemptions

A flush of FX outflows threatens a breach of the 7 level vs. the dollar, and commodities will likely follow suit.

2 Plays on UnitedHealth Amid the Market Wreckage: Market Recon

This name has significantly outperformed both the S&P 500 and the health care sector over the course of this awful month

Jim Cramer: It Is All on the Fed If We Get a Crash

If this train wreck happens, it could combine the worst elements of the last four stock market crashes.

Small-Caps No Longer Own Bragging Rights Over Their Big Cousins

Smaller stocks had outperformed large-caps for much of 2018, but now find themselves down for the year to date after a tough couple months.

Snap Up This Options Play on SNAP: Market Recon

But don't bet the bank, this is a risky one.

Jim Cramer: Don't Blame These Companies for the Cataclysmic Selling

We saw strength (mostly) across the board in Wednesday night's earnings reports.

1980s Flashback: Trump Is Using Reagan's Playbook

We are at the late end of the economic cycle, so trade disputes and fiscal easing now could easily cause the next recession.

Trump's Fed Bluster Likely Will Be Much Ado About Nothing

The president's attempts to intimidate Jerome Powell probably won't impact Fed policy, with one possible exception.

Jim Cramer: 'Happy Talk' Crowd Better Start Listening to Disquieting Calls

Fed policy makers, research directors and the media seem clueless that the economy is slowing, not growing.

We May Not Be in a Bear Market...Yet: Market Recon

But here are the signs to watch, and how to protect yourself.