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Financial Services  

PayPal Still Looks Bullish if Support Continues to Hold

The shares of the payments technology company wavered a bit on news of its interest in Pinterest but its technical signs still are good.

With Blackstone's Earnings Beat, the Stock Is Set to Make New Highs

Here's how traders can play BX.

The Charts Say, Give Mastercard Some Credit

MA appears ready to resume its uptrend.

The Name Deluxe Corp. Sounds Better Than It Looks on Its Charts

The technical signals for the check printing company aren't much to write home about.

Goldman Sachs Joins the Financials on the Upside

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Goldman Sachs Had a Blowout Quarter but My Mission Is Accomplished

This trader bet on their traders. I'm not saying you're wrong for staying long.

Here's Why I'm Long Wells Fargo and Bank of America

Still, my favorite financial name at the moment is SoFi Technology as I believe that they have all of these banks in their sights.

Paychex Continues Its Long-Term Bullish Trend

We have new price targets.

Here's How to Work Workday

WDAY's charts are bullish as the name is up in trading on Wednesday.

Upstart Holdings Continues to Impress Me

Here's our price target for now.

Morgan Stanley's Charts Present This Technical Strategy Ahead of Earnings

The financial giant shows no pattern of long-term weakness, so stay long its shares going into its results.

BlackRock Looks Solid Ahead of Earnings

The charts appear positive so far for BLK.

Let's Look at Wells Fargo's Charts Ahead of Earnings

A review of the charts and indicators is in order.

Citigroup Is Ready to Join the Move Higher in Financials

The financial names will begin to report earnings this week,

Western Alliance Is Making an Upside Breakout

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Shares of SoFi Technologies Are Making a Strong Comeback

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Time to Make Bank on the Higher Highs of JP Morgan

Here are our target prices.

LendingClub Could Potentially Move in a Large Direction Up or Down

You're probably wanting to play an upside breakout.

Bank of America's Charts Suggest Upside Lies Ahead

Here's what price I see as a buying opportunity.

Lightspeed's Charts Show Further Risk Ahead

Rapid selloffs on heavy volume are not a good sign.

These 2 Boring Financial Names Have Nice Dividend Yields

OneMain Holdings and ACNB Corp. are worth a look.

Square Stock Is Weaker But Not Beyond Repair

Here's our latest technical strategy on SQ.

Paychex Still 'Pays' the Patient Investor

Let's check out the charts of PAYX, the nation's second largest payroll processor.

We're Due for Another Look at Bill.com

The shares have doubled since May so let's see how the charts look now.

Upstart Holdings' Charts Are Pointed to the Cloud(s)

Here's a strategy for when to buy UPST.

Pitney Bowes Is Still Looking Bearish

Here's what the charts and indicators tell me about PBI stock.

There's a New Opportunity With Workday as it Pulls Back

And there are two reasons to take your time as a buyer.

Affirm Holdings' Strong Upside Gap Prompts a New Strategy

Aggressive traders could add to longs on available weakness.

I'm Going to PayPal it Forward

If you want to take an aggressive swing at PYPL, then here's how.

Coinbase Is Showing a Decent Base Pattern

A look at COIN's charts as bitcoin becomes legal tender in El Salvador.