The ETF-ization of U.S. Markets, and My Macro View of Oil

The vast majority of the universe of ETFs are vulnerable to market dislocations.

We're Trading in a Narrow Range on This ETF -- Here's What That Could Mean

We saw the narrowest trading range for the S&P 500 fund SPY since mid-February, and narrow ranges can be bullish.

Valuations of Cash-Burning Companies Are Just Unsustainable, Especially Now

You can put your capital out there and hope that other investors are willing to pay more for it later, or you can buy streams of cash flow and reinvest them. Guess which one I would do.

The Struggles in the Small-Caps and Financials Continue to Worry Me

I prefer to stick with wrapping positions in collars or using covered calls or stock replacement.

The QQQ and IWM Relationship Is One to Watch

Remember, a group can outperform by dropping less than the comparison group.

Brace for Hitting a Dividend 'Pothole'

While there will be bumps, thuds and even some damage, 2020 will by no means bring about an end to dividend investing.

Surreal Markets Demand Surreal Investing Tactics

It's time to put on your thinking cap and reject the group think investment strategies that have dominated the market for the past three years.

The Death of Capitalism

The seeds of this government takeover of markets were planted more than a decade ago.

Jim Cramer: This Was a 'By Any Means Necessary' Moment

The Fed's move is going to work on the financial side. The virus side? That's the big issue.

Some Covid-19 Positives Emerge, and a Trade Idea for Better Times

With indications that new coronavirus cases may be plateauing and that stimulus measure are getting in gear, there are reasons for hope.