I Think Our Optimism May Be Riding a Little Too High

Depending on how long you've been riding the trend, we're getting to the point where the short-term downside may not exceed the short-term upside.

You Can Buy This Name Now for Less Than You Could in 2008

Invesco, owner of the widely held the QQQ exchange-traded fund, was offered last week at below its absolute nadir on its worst day of the 2008-panic.

What's All the Fuss About Oil Storage?

Those predicting a doomsday scenario similar to what we saw in April will be disappointed.

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If you are a fundamentalist, here's a way to think of trendlines (hint: they're not involved in voodoo).

For the QQQs, It's a Matter of 'If' and 'Then'

During this seemingly terrible Tuesday, we're left watching the $203.38 level on QQQ, and here's what happens if this Invesco trust can manage to hold this level.

Understanding Monday, What to Expect From an Economic Recovery, Reenter Walmart?

Beyond energy markets and the potential for ancillary fall-out, the S&P 500, and this may be more important from a technical viewpoint, failed to hold that 50 day SMA.

The Diamonds Could Be an Investor's Best Friend in This Market

The S&P 500 is no longer a diversified index.