Trade What You See and Not What You Want to See

That admonition includes how to approach trading the major market ETFs such as SPY, which we examine more closely.

Dip Buyers Need to Identify the Market's Direction and Go With That Flow

The iShares 20+Year Treasury Bond ETF and Invesco QQQ Trust serve as examples of why to follow that advice.

Expirations Friday, Weak Macro Signals, Ominous Job Survey, Feckless Fed

The Fed would do well to pump the brakes on big rate hikes until it sees what quantitative tightening does to the economy.

The VIX and SPIKES Have Similarities, But There Are Meaningful Differences

And if you feel that volatility is an asset class that has a place in your strategy there are 2 funds that may be worth a closer look.

Remember, Overbought and Extended Aren't the Same as Bearish and Broken Down

There is not sufficient technical evidence to assert that Wednesday's decline in stocks was the beginning of a severe decline.

Sloppy Wednesday, Parsing Retail Sales, Dissecting Fed Minutes, Shiny Apple

Plus, we check out how the market is handicapping future rate hikes and the latest GDP guesstimate out of the Atlanta Fed (it's lower again).

Mining for Value in Metals & Minerals Stocks

Six investment advisors discuss their favorite ideas in a range of commodities, including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and copper.

If You're Playing the Short-Selling Game, Make Sure You Have an Escape Plan

Getting caught in a short squeeze without an exit strategy is an even worse feeling that getting hit with fear of missing out on the way up.

Japan Rises Above Pre-Covid Levels, Set for 3 Years of Growth

The tortoise of Japan may be far behind the hare in the West, but Tokyo is pacing itself for steady multiyear growth.

2 Big-Name, Single-Stock ETFs With a Foreign Twist Could Be on the Horizon

The potential offerings from Roundhill aren't geared solely to the retail investor but also could interest smaller institutions and other ETF issuers.