It's Hard to Have Confidence in Chip Stocks Even With a Bounce in a Few

Nearly all the stocks that make up the VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF are below a key moving average, and that doesn't signal strength.

It's Hard to Take a Vacation With a Market That's This Volatile

A lot has changed in a week, with the bears gaining the upper hand again.

Capital Group Joins the ETF Party

Let's mingle with a big-money manager: American Fund parent company Capital Group is entering the exchange-traded fund market.

Which New Housing Exchange-Traded Fund Takes the 'REIT' Approach?

Let's compare two new residential-based housing market ETFs, the Kelly Residential & Apartment Real Estate fund and the Home Appreciation U.S. REIT fund.

For Those Looking to Buy, Keep Your Eye on the QQQ

Also, Uranium Energy Corp. spurts higher while the Dow Transports continue to sag, though they did bounce a bit on Thursday.

This Exchange-Traded Fund Tracks Your Tax Dollars at Work

Uncle Sam loves to spend, and the Emles Federal Contractors ETF has a novel way to make money off of companies that rely on federal dollars.

Don't Fight the Fed, and Don't Blame It for Your Losses, Either

The Fed isn't out to spoil your trades, speaking of which, there are three stocks to consider based on their bullish patterns.

The Financial Sector Is Rolling Over to the Downside

Here's why I think the XLF ETF looks vulnerable to further declines.

Don't Be 'SHY' Or Take Any 'TIP,' Instead Check Out This Inflation ETF

The Rareview Inflation/Deflation exchange-traded fund was launched in January and so far it appears to perform better than the iShares TIPs Bond ETF and the iShares 1-3 Year Treasury Bond ETF.

Leadership Reestablished? Manic Monday, Check Out the Charts, Death of Globalism

Tech might not truly be leading markets vertically, but it is certainly leading investor behavior in a more horizontal fashion.