How Much Power Is Left in the Energy Stocks Rally?

Energy stocks are hot this year. Is the winter set to only get warmer?

ETFs Crowd Into Chinese Electric-Car Space

An ETF should be the sensible way to access the supercharged growth potential of alternative vehicles, with China by far the most-promising market.

The XLF ETF Offers a Better Play for a Pullback in the Financials

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The Russell 2000 Is Poised for a Big Breakout

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Watch Out: Volatility ETFs Are Back

After over a year of commenting, the SEC appears to have cleared hurdles to allow a new XIV, along with a new TVIX, to list in the near future. Will they be less 'explosive'?

It Still Feels Like the Early Innings for the Dry Bulk Boom

Rather than futures contracts, I usually stick with the companies.

Are Recent Negative Returns Reason Enough to Reassess Cathie Wood and ARK?

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Blue Monday, Gathering 3 'Roses', Ugly Nasdaq, Fossil Fuels, Trading Amazon

In a real bear market, one that persists, volumes will dry up. Corrections are violent and volatile. That's where we are now.

D.C.'s Not Done Deals, Dissonant Volume, Price Pressures, Real Real Estate Pain

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Growth Stocks Slammed on Intense Rotational Correction

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