Brazil's Consumers Are a Natural Target for China Inc

Buying a country ETF like Brazil's EWZ is a good way to play that.

An Update on Rare Earths

It's an interesting corner of the investing world, so check the VanEck Vectors Rare Earth/Strategic Metals ETF.

My Election Day Wish, Tech Sector Performance, Trading Amazon and 6 Other Stocks

Here's to the removal of uncertainty -- and thousands of campaign signs on thousands of lawns in my neighborhood.

Building a Position in This Homebuilder

Because this is a long-term play, I like the entire sector -- but not all of the charts are equally attractive. Here's the one I like right now.

These New Loan Funds Could Yield Results

Let's look at exchange-traded funds that invest in AAA-rated collateralized loan obligations and see how they stack up.

There Was a Winner in Thursday's Night's Debate

Market winners and losers, Intel loses its touch and a high-risk/ high-reward scenario for two major ETFs.

Stocks Find Support in Stimulus Hopes

The market keeps rallying on the possibility of a deal, despite the hurdles.

Have Small-Cap Stocks Topped Out?

Let's check out the charts of the small-cap heavy IWM ETF .

Volatility Popping? Play It With VXX

We may get a short-term volatility pop into VIX expiration on Wednesday.

It's 'Active' Vs. 'Passive' and the Winner Is ...

Both, actually. But the one who came out way ahead might surprise you.