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Novice Trade: TLT Treasury Bond ETF

The more I look at this market worldwide, the more I think bonds are going to rally.

Stalking Entry Points in the XBI Biotech ETF

Plus an update on my SPX and Nike plays.

Hitting Singles With Energy Stocks

My primary way to add some additional 'dry powder' to energy on declines is via buy-write option orders.

Schizophrenic Markets Require Miyagi-Like Investment Strategy

Here's how I'm trading the oil and energy markets amid the collateral damage from risk-off sentiment.

Stick With the Shorter Side of the Yield Curve in This Market

This is why rates rose the day the Fed made such strongly dovish comments, and how you should manage your fixed income portfolio in response.

This Old Gambler's Incremental Approach to a Dicey Market

This strategy, which involves buy-write options, may not be the bravest but is a comfortable one in the current market environment.

Fashion Trends Are Setting the Stock Trajectory for Apparel Retailers

An ear to the ground on the runway rather than the trading floor could be the key to catching the retail stocks that are on their way up rather than down.

Your Single Most Important Financial Decision

Your retirement account would be much further ahead if you ignored asset allocation guidelines and simply owned 100% stocks over your lifetime.

Is Gold Ready for an Upside Move? No, It's Not a Mirage

The charts suggest we could see a good trading move for the precious metal.

Winners Get Sold Last

Despite trade war fears, semiconductors and emerging markets saw the selling dry up and FXI -- an exchange-traded fund to be long on China -- was green all day, while Caterpillar and Deere and Co. saw no selling, either.

Here's What to Buy If You Don't 'Sell in May'

A look at summer trading patterns, the 'Sell in May' adage and the best-performing sector ETFs between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

A Dip Buyer's Market

It's not a bad day to sit it out or pick sparingly.

One Easy Way to Play Rare-Earth Metals

The charts of this rare-earth ETF show a big rise in volume, but also big swings in pricing. Use caution.

Novice Trade: SPY S&P 500 ETF

I like this one as a play on the market rallying into the end of the week.

The Markets Should Be More Worried Than They Appear

Despite charts and data remaining neutral, we are increasingly cautious, as we believe outside events may have a notable impact not yet priced in.

How to Play Indian Equity ETFs Ahead of Modi's Likely Win

Market-friendly Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi looks set to win a handy victory in India's election, with results due Thursday. Here's how to play Asia's most dynamic market into that announcement.

Novice Trade: SPY

Heading into the long Memorial Day weekend, here's how I would play the S&P 500.

I'm Not Making Any New Buys at This Time

If you are looking for upside momentum, you aren't going to find anything.

Low VIX Once Again Signals Caution, So Mitigate Your Risk Via Puts

It's time to talk about having protection in order to hedge against potential losses should another pullback hit.

Income Strategies for Volatile Times: Munis, Treasuries and Bond Ladders

There are an array of low-risk, fixed-income opportunities to consider for investors seeking shelter from a stormy market.

How I'd Play the VIX Right Now Amid Trade Talks and Tweets

I think the high in the VIX is in unless the worst happens between now and Friday.

11 Favorite Funds and ETFs for Global Diversification

Mutual funds and ETFs are particularly well suited for those seeking to add global exposure to their portfolios.

I'm a Net Seller in the Market Today

Overall, I don't like the action I'm seeing on my screens. I've been a heavy net seller as I cut positions that are showing some relative weakness.

Novice Trade: Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF

These types of index divergences usually do not last too long.

This Market Presents Investors With a Difficult Dilemma

If you aren't a little concerned about chasing at this point, then you haven't checked the rear-view mirror.

Target These Underperformers in Asian 'Goldilocks' Phase

Key drivers of this 'just right' phase, and how to play it.

Prepping for Next Week's Fed Meeting and a Deluge of Economic Data

Here's what we could hear and how it would impact the debt and equity markets.

2 Big Earnings Reports to Watch Tonight: Microsoft and Facebook

These reports will be a big test of market sentiment.

Jim Cramer: We Need to Bring Back Individual Investors

Cull ETFs and split shares to make stocks more attractive.

5 Reasons I Am Now in the Risk-Off Camp

Why I believe it's time to take profits and reduce risk.