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'Mortal Kombat' on the Market

Let's pick apart the wild action in individual stocks -- especially GameStop -- and see what to expect going forward.

Shark Bites: Stalking a Space SPAC

New Providence Acquisition's chart looks poor right now, but this name is on my radar, and I'm starting to build a position.

New to the Dollar Menu: This UUP Trade

In the near term, look for the greenback to move higher.

You Can Own the Entire Infrastructure Sector With This ETF

We'll chart the sector represented by the Global X U.S. Infrastructure Development ETF.

Deceptive Thursday, Biden's Grand Plan, Powell's Perspective, Earnings Begin

Plus, a look at the unusual chart pattern of Chegg Inc. and what it may mean.

The Trend Continues to Be Your Friend

Nearly 900 stocks are hitting new 12-month highs.

Let's Invest in a New Kind of 'ESG'

We're casting a wide net to find investment opportunities that are both underappreciated and undervalued.

Here's How to Position Yourself as the Week Kicks Off Poorly

Cyber hacking, Covid mutations and other pressures are weighing on the market -- so this is what to do now.

8 'Green' Stocks, Bonds and ETFs for Alternative Energy Investors

The renewable energy sector looks especially attractive in light of the incoming Biden administration.

Digging Rare Earth Metals? Pay Attention to This VanEck ETF

The investing world has taken notice of the supply/demand situation with rare earth metals.

Jim Cramer: Focus on Single Semiconductor Names, Stay Away from ETF Baskets

Buy the best and leave the rest to those who don't know better.

Sell High Yield -- And Buy Leveraged Loans

Here's why I see leveraged-loans as the way to go, and the exchange-traded funds I've got my eyes on.

Dialing Up a 'Deal' on the Dow

I want to own these calls on DIA this week.

DoorDash and Other Offerings Trigger Some Corrective Action

Despite negative volatility, at this point it looks like a pause in the uptrend and not a major top.

3 Reasons Not to Be Aggressive, IPO Jenga, Facebook Sued, Disney's Big Night

Long-term investors need to understand that an over-reliance upon tracking funds will ultimately exacerbate volatility, and once everyone is standing on the same side of the ship, destabilize financial systems.

Double, Double, Toil And Trouble, Tech Breakout?, Trading McDonald's, Stitch Fix

The bottom half of the sector performance tables Monday was littered with the debris of everything that works well if our economic recovery proceeds smoothly, which it no longer is.

It May Be Time for Some Exposure in Energy Stocks, and I'm Looking at Exxon

This is a dividend name, so building equity will be important, and writing puts increases equity risk at a discount.

Has the Homebuilders ETF Rolled Over?

When too many people point out something I wonder whether the trend is overdone.

Boeing Prepares for Takeoff

The chart of the aircraft giant has formed a bullish pattern as a falling dollar should help give the company a competitive edge.

Dec. 21 Looks Like a Massive 'Trade in' Day for Tesla

Here's why Elon Musk's electric vehicle company has become a macro story in its own right.

Industrials Metals vs. Precious Metals Rotation Is Getting to Silly FOMO Levels

Everyone wants to chase everything that has not moved yet, but not knowing why.

November to Remember, Energy Roars, Janet Yellen, Transition, 8 Breakout Stocks

Equity markets have run wild since Oct. 30, and it is the more economically sensitive indices that have really taken flight.

Want to Sleep Better? Then Gain Bond Market Exposure Through the UBT ETF

Given the leverage inherent in its structure, UBT can be used offensively as well as defensively.

Jim Cramer: We've Broken the Tyranny of the Indexers

For the longest time the 'market' traded pretty much in unison. No more. That doesn't happen.

Head Outdoors for These 6 Fitness and Sportswear Stock Picks

Leading investment experts discuss their favorite ideas in fitness, camping and sporting goods.

Look for These Diamonds to Sparkle

Look for the DIA to make a move higher.

It's Finally Time for Energy Stocks

One of the most-hated sectors of the market is taking off, and it's not too late to get on board.

Masks on a Wall, Moderna, What Rotation?, Tesla and the S&P 500, Trading Walmart

They called it rotation. I'm still not completely convinced. Don't you normally have to sell something to rotate?

Are You Brave Enough to Invest in Energy-Related Stocks?

You had better ensure that your cash flow is improving owing to those holdings.

More Than Just Fun and Games: Play These 6 Stocks for Profits

Experts pick their favorite equity and ETF ideas in the game space, from dolls to video games.