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How I'd Be Playing This Market Right Now

When the VIX becomes 'expensive' that is a sign that things are calming down.

The Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund Is Showing Signs of a Coming Rebound

Let's review the charts and indicators of XLE.

Where Are U.S. Interest Rates Headed? A Quick Check of the TLT

I'll want to pay close attention to Monday's price action in the TLT.

Rugged Individualism Is What You Need Here

There's no need to own stocks as a group and no need to crowd into widely-owned individual names.

Now's Not the Time to Buy

Here's what you should consider instead during this fear of missing out time -- and know that stock picking should be back in vogue soon.

We Need Some Social Distance From This Market Noise

With the Fed announcing bazooka liquidity measures as selling took a breather, it allowed the market to rally back to the next level of resistance of around 2600. But now what?

You Won't Catch Every Big Move, but Turn Off the Noise and Follow These Pointers

The only competition here is making money versus losing money in your own portfolio. Remember that.

Bear Markets Do End, But What Should Investors Be Doing Now?

At the end of the day, investors really have only three choices to make when managing an investment portfolio -- buy, hold, or sell.

Hammer Time

History has demonstrated time and time again that a hammer pattern like the one in the chart shown has been a short-term psychological positive.

How Would Warren Buffett Play This Market? I Have an Idea

I would be a seller of these puts, a la Warren.

Credit and the Fed Lead the Way

Watch these three ETFs for the signs that Fed support is working.

I'm Examining the Daily Charts on 3 Main Indexes Via ETF: SPY, QQQ, IWM

Use today's close rather than the current look, but it will be easy to plug in the close to these charts.

Who Gets the Credit? Certainly Not the Credit ETFs

They didn't even pretend to rally -- now let's talk about some positives from Thursday's action.

What Is Going on the With the VIX and VIX Products?

This is literally something I have not seen before.

Finding 'Green Shoots' and a Facebook Opportunity

I wonder if we are seeing the first sign of the market catching its breath.

Thank the Fed, Cessation of Economic Activity, Rescuing Airlines, 3 Key Stocks

When the central bank is on top of their game as they have been of late, credit must go where credit is due.

The Market's FANGs Get Taken Out

Monday saw a different sort of market decline -- we saw the Fan Fave stocks get taken to the woodshed.

Stay With Names That Haven't Violated Their Low in the Last Week

I still don't think it's a terrible time to begin accumulating shares in quality companies for the long-term.

I Think It's Time to Start Considering Dipping Your Toes Long

I'm still not sure a bottom is in play in the market yet, but I do feel like we have the setup for a bounce.

The Collapse of 2020, Fed Moves, Trading Disney and Microsoft: Market Recon

The spread of the Covid-19 virus must be slowed dramatically before the entire nation is in a state of isolation.

Panicked Selling Even Strikes the Gold Market

GLD longs should protect their positions right now.

The Ship Is Listing Badly and Trump Did Not Help Right It

The markets clearly do not like the message the president delivered in his talk Wednesday night on how Washington will deal with the coronavirus.

An Options Tool for Use in Volatile Times

It is the covered call, and it can be used in trading ETFs and individual stocks.

I SPY Signs of Trouble

But right now I am seeing a great environment for intraday trading.

Small-Time Investors, This Is Your Chance

Individual investors can act far more quickly than the big boys in reallocating assets.

Oil Prices Plunge: So Where Is the XLE ETF Headed Now?

It looks like oil prices and energy companies are getting hit by a 'perfect storm.'

Gold Is Poised to Soar Further as Virus Fears Run Rampant and Rates Dive

A look at GLD and the Fidelity Select Gold Portfolio fund.

The Impacts of 'Volatility Decay' on Leveraged ETFs

These real-life examples don't mean leveraged ETFs are without their use. They can make terrific short-term and intraday trading vehicles.

4 ETFs on the Cutting Edge: Data, Genomics, Robotics and Fintech

These ARK Funds family funds are focused on new opportunities and investment themes.

Jim Cramer: Why I Don't Buy the Myth of Single-Stock Risk

The massive movement toward sector ETFs is just simply not prudent. Here is why.