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In the Wild World of Crypto, a Wild Bitcoin Play Is the Best Call

The situation for bitcoin investors right now is tough, but as we look at the crypto exchange-traded funds and the digital currency, I see one good 'option.'

Overcoming Microsoft, S&P Levels Off, Bank of Canada Wisdom, Mucho Data on Tap

Plus, a look at Wednesday's wishy-washy market action, the Treasury yield curve, Chevron's coming earnings and Lael Brainard's possible exit from the Fed.

10 'Precious' Gold and Silver Stocks, ETFs for Your Portfolio

Experts are optimistic that better days lie ahead for precious metals.

At 30, This ETF Is Still the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Have your cake and eat it too, as we celebrate the birthday of this fund.

At Least Investors Can Have Trust in the Media

The Communication Services Select Sector SPDR exchange-traded fund shows promise, according to the charts.

Has the New Bull Market Started?

There are a few factors that will determine whether the bull is charging again, and most aren't arguing in its favor just yet.

With Fintech ETFs, Where Should You Put Your Cash?

Let's see how the ETFMG Prime Mobile Payments exchange-traded fund and Amplify Emerging Markets FinTech ETF stack up against the Ark Fintech Innovation ETF and Global X FinTech ETF.

6 Consumer Staples and Retail Stocks Picks for 2023

Investment experts look to these out-of-favor sectors for their top investment ideas for the year.

As China Opens, ETFs Open Up Your Investing Options

The flexibility of the ETF structure gives you several ways to either sidestep Chinese opportunities amid the emerging markets or play them as you see fit. Here are some options.

FXI and Alibaba Show the Chinese Recovery Has Reached an Inflection Point

I tend to doubt that a U.S. investor is going to exert much influence over a Chinese firm.

Consumer Discretionary Stocks Are on a Roll as Consumer Staples Suddenly Stumble

The recent downturn in consumer staples stocks even as the broad market rises could be a positive sign for the economy going forward.

It's OK to Feel Bullish but It's Vital to Be Selective, as These ETFs Show

Whether we're in a bull or bear market depends on what you're looking at in the way of time frames and investment types.

This New Woman-Focused ETF Could Be a Leader

The new Hypatia Women CEO exchange-traded fund has a strong strategy that's easy to understand and implement.

I've Slid Back Into My Bull Suit With This Index ETF, Though I'm Still Wary

The caveat to this bullish posture is that it is for the short term at best.

3 Thoughts Crossed My Mind at Monday's Close, and None of Them Were Pleasant

There is nothing easy about trading this or any market, as these ruminations illustrate.

Enough With What Isn't Working, Here Are Stocks That Are Doing Just Fine

There are impressive levels of strength and decent buy setups in small and mid-cap semiconductor names, plus a rebound in Chinese stocks.

Here's My Shiny New Top Stock Pick for 2023

I believe the gold's technical setup is very attractive, and here's how I've chosen to play it.

Reign of 'King Dollar' to End in 2023

Check out these five currency plays, four of them in Asia, as ways to make the most of the weakening U.S. dollar and greater interest in emerging-market stocks.

Here's How I'll Play the Jobs Report as I Track 2 Cloud Stocks on My Radar

Keep these two software stocks on your watch list for when the selling runs its course and tech buyers return to the market.

Three ETFs That Outsmarted the SPY

Let's look at several S&P 500-based Invesco exchange-traded funds that appeared to have a winning strategy during the wild fourth quarter a bad year.

These 2 Equal-Weighted Index ETFs Offer a Smidgen of Reason for Optimism

They are performing better than their traditional, weighted counterparts, though they aren't killing it, either.

Brace Yourself and Adapt for What Could Be Weak Economic Data

The process of managing our wealth and risk in 2023 has begun.

The Yellow Metal Finally Is Producing a Little Green

Gold outperformed stocks late in 2022 and is worth watching here in the New Year.

Should You Pick Up or Pass Up These Electric Vehicle ETFs?

Let's take two EV-related exchange-traded funds for a test drive.

Utility Sector Could Come Under Selling Pressure in 2023

Markets are discounting mechanisms but I am not sure what the charts of XLU are discounting.

Balance Out Your ETFs by Lifting an Equal-Weighted Fund

Let's look at the diversifying effects of an equal-weighted strategy using the Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight exchange-traded fund in comparison to the SPY.

3 Ways to Play China's Reopening

Let's see how one exchange-traded fund, copper and this currency could be great bets as the World's No. 2 economy opens up again.

Cathie Wood's ARKK and Tesla: Buying Stocks in a Downtrend Is Not Good Strategy

Anyone who has bought the Ark ETF in the past five years has a loss.

ETF Issuer Subversive Grabs My Attention With New SANE Fund and 2 Others

The diverse funds focus on decarbonization efforts, food security and mental health.

Santa Hasn't Arrived but Still Could Make a Late Appearance

It instead could become a Saint Nicholas rally going into Jan. 7, though the early part of 2023 is likely to see weakness in stocks.