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Tuttle Capital Management's Anti-ARK Fund Is Hardly Impressive

As to performance, I'm guessing Tuttle will be even more volatile than the core ARK Innovation ETF.

The ARK Innovation ETF Has Sprung a Leak

The charts of ARKK look weak and vulnerable to declines.

Indexes Are Up, but Divergences and Disparities Linger Underneath

While names like Facebook and Roku run higher, the action isn't so great for aggressive traders.

What Will Stop the Bleeding in Small-Cap Stocks?

The decline has been death by a thousand papercuts.

9 Utility Plays to Power Up Your Portfolio

Utilities appeal to investors as a source of diversification and a steady stream of dividend payments. Here are nine favorites.

XLE Has Been a One-Way Drive, and I Like It

Here's how I'm playing it as oil stays above $70.

This Fifty Has Not Been So Nifty

If you have found trading more difficult in the last few months, this is why.

Earnings Await, Fed Heads Ahead, the Materials World, Microsoft's Cyber Pickup

Plus, the chart of Tesla indicates it's time to be wary if you're in the stock at present.

Buckle Up for a Ride on the VIX

As this move up feels like a spike and not a swell, this is why I'd buy VIX puts.

The Market's Blistering First-Half Pace Was a Mirage

It makes sense to buy things that are undervalued and sell things that are overvalued, but take the temperature of all markets at all times.

How Do the 11 S&P Sectors Look Technically?

The sector ETFs present a different picture than the broader averages.

Oily Mess, Techs Go Wild, a Jobs Data Plea, the Power of Positive Yield

Plus, quick looks at Tesla's car deliveries, Amazon's CEO change and Didi Global's post-IPO downdraft.

Second-Half 2021: Market Forecasts, Thoughts and Observations

The stock market has given us some incredible returns in the past year or two but there are some warning signs developing -- and one key date to keep an eye on.

Looking for an Oasis or Two in a Yield Desert

Dividend stocks are swell, but for those willing to take on risk there are other options.

Making Sense of Monday, Banks Get Green Light, Dear FOMC, Trading Zscaler

After five days, the nastiness that is allocation through high-speed algorithmic selection (profit-taking) returned to the fold.

I'm Really Moved by the iShares Transportation ETF

As the IYT has made its descent, I see an opportunity to play it.

Stock Picking Remains the Name of the Game

The tricky part is that sector strength is shifting fast.

It's Time to Run With the Financials

The beaten-down XLF seems to have found a bottom.

Which Direction Is TLT Headed Next?

Let's check out the Treasury bond ETF for the latest clues.

Awaiting Buy Triggers for an Aircraft Maker and a Bitcoin Play

Boeing Co. and Grayscale Bitcoin Trust are the issues in the crosshairs.

Here's My Version of Diamond Hands

These calls cost about $5.00 were $10 in the money about 10 days ago.

Light Up Your Portfolio With These 15 Cannabis Stocks and ETFs

Leading advisors offer their favorite ideas for investors looking for exposure to the growing marijuana market.

Where to Find Value in a Seemingly Valueless World? Energy and Brazil

If you're looking for exposure outside the U.S., and to protect yourself from raging inflation on a global basis, here it is.

Meet the Flation Bros. (In, Re and Stag), Dealmaking Dreamers, Chewin' on Chewy

Plus, a look at the unnatural reaction to higher consumer prices of the yield curve and equity markets.

2 High-Quality REIT ETFs Income Investors Should Consider

These ETFs offer exposure to potentially dozens of REITs at a time, and have very low fees.

Small-Cap Stocks Are Starting a New Trend to the Upside

Traders looking to commit money to the small-cap area could go long the IWM at current levels.

Trading the Russell Indices Rebalancing

In the weeks ahead, there's likely to be unusual increases in volume in a number of the stocks that are being added to the Russell 3000.

There's a Lot of Positive Action Away From the Meme Limelight

A better appetite for stock-picking makes me optimistic about trading in the near term.

Here Are 5 Small-Cap Stocks That I'm Trading Now

We have some healthy action out there, and charts are developing well.

Routine Corrective Action After a Good Run in Growth and Speculative Names

This looks more like a hangover from a long weekend rather than a shift in market character.