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There Was a Winner in Thursday's Night's Debate

Market winners and losers, Intel loses its touch and a high-risk/ high-reward scenario for two major ETFs.

Stocks Find Support in Stimulus Hopes

The market keeps rallying on the possibility of a deal, despite the hurdles.

Have Small-Cap Stocks Topped Out?

Let's check out the charts of the small-cap heavy IWM ETF .

Volatility Popping? Play It With VXX

We may get a short-term volatility pop into VIX expiration on Wednesday.

It's 'Active' Vs. 'Passive' and the Winner Is ...

Both, actually. But the one who came out way ahead might surprise you.

Preparing Your Fixed-Income Portfolio for Rising Yields

Be very careful using bonds as a hedge here against your equity position.

Diamonds in the Rough: This DIA Trade Is a Steal

Amid Wednesday's broader market decline, look for a nice rally in the Diamonds as we close out the week.

Kass: I'm Lovin' These Laggards

I'm lookin' for love in all the right places with these lagging stocks.

We're Only at the Beginning of a Supercycle of Economic Pain for Insurers

That's why ETFs make sense here.

Here's How I'm Building a New Position in Materials

The pandemic has contributed to this group's outperformance. Here's the play.

We Need Stimulus -- and We'll Get It

Here's why I see help on the way -- even if not right away -- and how to be positioned right now.

Stock Market Takes Trump Covid Drama in Stride: Here's Why

There are a couple of things that are helping to contain the selling.

Diamonds Could Be Your Best Friend This Week

I believe this is just a pause before go back in the green.

Biden Bets? Look to These Infrastructure and Renewables Stocks

Leading investing experts weigh in on what stocks stand to benefit the most should Joe Biden win the presidency in November.

Nasdaq Retakes the Line, My Tech-Centric Focus, Debate Watching, Mid-Cap Beauty

Speaker Pelosi and Secretary Mnuchin appear to be playing nice for the moment. Can we keep the consumer in the game?

4 Stocks and an ETF That Could Be Buys as They Test Key Support

Activision Blizzard, Roku, Twitter, Uber Technologies and VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF set up as potential longs.

Let's Mine the Technical Charts for a Trade in GDX

Here's a play I've dug up on the VanEck Vectors Gold Miners fund.

This Rotational Correction Isn't Finished

The big-cap technology names are still more extended than much of the rest of the market.

The XLF Financial ETF Breaks Out to the Downside

The shares are now below the rising 50-day moving average line.

This Is Not Bearish Market Action, It's Transitional Action

The week saw some of the best rotational action out of leadership names that I can ever recall seeing.

Novice Trade: TLT Treasury Bond ETF

Next week looks like it could be a rough one for bonds.

Is It Safe Now? Wall Street Bets on Science, Joy in Metville, Citi's Selloff

Electoral risk remains the monster under the bed, and it only grows as our legislators intentionally choose the blame game over honest cooperation.

The Best Way to Navigate This Market

As is so often the case, the bears are unable to close the deal when it looks like they have an edge.

Silver Is a Good Weak Dollar, Economy Recovery Trade

Here's how I would play the SLV ETF.

We Had a Selloff. But Does the Fed Care?

Here's why your stocks matter little to the Fed, and how the selloff seeped into the credit markets.

Moderna and AstraZeneca Could Use a Shot in the Arm

An effective Covid-19 will be a game-changer, but charts say the bottom-line impact may not be as significant as previously believed.

Kicking Yourself for Selling Into Friday's Dip? Don't

Hindsight is 20/20, but tracking moving averages can help you gain insights into future moves -- let's now look to Tuesday.

VIX Futures Are on a Streak - With No End in Sight

Here's a trade on the VXX to capitalize on what's happening.

Rapid Test, Rapid Dow Rally?

Here's what I expect to happen to the market near term off this potentially game-changing development.

Someone Stepped on the Market's Seesaw

But I'm more interested in what's happening beneath the surface.