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Sky's the Limit? Virgin Galactic, ARK and the Case for Space

Space used to be a black hole where investment dollars went to die. Today investors see only opportunity.

A Subscriber Asks About 2 Biotech ETFs and Here's What We Found

Traders and investors could go long IBB or XBI at current levels and look to add on strength.

These Stocks Are Losing Energy

Several signs point to underperformance for energy names in the near term.

Remember Palladium? A Close Look at the Other Precious Metal

Sometimes the most rewarding trading strategies are found away from all the shouting.

With Gasoline Back to $3 at the Pump Let's Check Out the XLE

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Novice Trade: SLV Silver ETF

Silver has taken a hit of late, but we should see buyers start to step in.

Here's Why I'm Looking at the AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF

There is plenty of upside for a trade, but I think MSOS is a long-term buy and hold as well.

Here's My Reply to a Subscriber Who Asked About the ARK Innovation ETF

ARKK has produced impressive gains but it looks like it is still in a correction phase. Here's what aggressive traders could do.

Small-Caps Are Oversold: Here's How to Play It

Recent action in the IWM is way overdone.

The XBI SPDR S&P Biotech ETF Reaches a Critical Juncture

XBI has shown a steep decline from the middle of February.

Rebalancing Slams Small-Caps

It was an ugly day but don't mistake this for a bear market.

The Small-Cap ETF Is Poised for a Technical Breakdown

It may be time to lock in some profits on IWM.

Rotation Reverses as 'Reopen' Plays Are Hit

The big cap technology names are doing much better.

Questions for Monday Morning, How the Fed Reacts, the Railway Deal

The Fed has probably refined what message that it wants to put forth and has sent the minions out to speak its current version of "truth".

The FOMC Is Oblivious to Actual Facts

The removal of the SLR exemption is seen as contractionary.

Shark Bites: This Oncology Biotech Has 3 Positives Going for It

Interest from ARK Genomic Revolution ETF is just one of the reasons I am accumulating these shares.

Bonds Aren't Buying What the Fed Is Selling

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell struck a dovish note on Wednesday, but skepticism is running high.

Spring Ahead or Fall Back? No Fear, Nasdaq Uptrend, Trading AbbVie and AMD

COVID numbers stopped improving a while ago, even with ever-improving rates of vaccination. Just what is going on here?

Silver Isn't Glistening but Does Have Potential

The charts of the iShares Silver Trust ETF offer a mixed picture, though it's possible the metal could rally big given the right conditions.

My Bet Is Against the Fed

I've got a list of short-Treasury exchange-traded funds that you should consider.

Rising Rates? Buy These Inflation-Protected Securities

Inflation can get out of control fast. In that case, investors will benefit from an inflation hedge.

Does This Utility Player Belong in Your Starting Lineup?

Let's dig into the charts of the XLU Utilities Select Sector SPDR ETF.

It Is Almost Buying Time Again: Here's My Shopping List

I still really like AAA-rated CLO ETFs.

A $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Bill Triggers More Sector Rotation

Inflationary concerns were boosted by more stimulus, but better individual stock-picking is developing again.

Is Bitcoin Ready to Take a Tumble? Let's Check the Charts

Based on the technical patterns, the risks of being long bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies appear high right now.

Powell Supplies the Bears With Ammunition

Picking good stocks is not going to help you much in this market right now.

Corrective Action Continues as Support Levels Fall

Dip buyers have lost confidence as selling momentum builds.

Biden Bits, Vaccine Vanguard, Unmasking Folly, Minerd Musings, Ives Inklings

Among other things, the president works to align Democratic senators to support his massive Covid relief bill.

A 'Simple' Way to Play for the Rally to Resume

I believe we are heading to new all-time highs, potentially this week.