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3 Ways to Trade the Brexit Vote Ahead of the Weekend

Caution when reacting to Brexit's 'News of the Day'.

Here's Why I'm a Fan of This ETF

I like the Roundhill Bitkraft Esports & Digital Entertainment ETF (NERD) and what its portfolio offers even if I'm not thrilled by a few decisions on its new panel of industry experts.

Riding 2 Big Winners in Small Biotech

Reata Pharmaceuticals and Axsome Therapeutics each have had a terrific 2019, which helps offset the losing bets in this high-beta sector of the market.

Markets Bet on Growth, 3 Month/10 Year Spread, Trading Nvidia: Market Recon

The Fed is doing this right. Let me repeat... the Fed is not screwing this up.

Financials Are Finally Ready for an Upside Breakout

Dig down for some 'diamonds.'

What Are the Factors That Will Drive Fourth Quarter Moves in the Markets?

When things are going well it is always difficult to see an inflection point.

Asia Pacific's Top-Performing Market Is a Kiwi Surprise

New Zealand is the top-performing stock market in the Asia Pacific region and provides a hideaway if equities continue to sink.

Chinese Sweet Talk, Banks Perk Up, and a Swing at Cintas: Market Recon

Plus, a look at the uncertain prospects for a Saudi Aramco initial public offering.

Kass: My Top 10 List of Market Concerns

The unlikely resolution of our trade differences with China is only one of the many challenges facing investors.

Utilities to the Rescue: Add to Longs

All dividend names are not created equal.

I'm Unapologetically Overweight in These 2 Sectors

The two are homebuilding and biotech, and there are stocks within those sectors where I've parked my money.

3 Pre-Earnings Trades in Financials to Consider After Recent Pullbacks

Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase and Financial Select Sector SPDR make for a trio of potential long trades to monitor.

3 Breakout Performances Heading Into the Holiday Season

We're looking at Apple, Tower Semiconductor and the VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF.

Intermediate Trade: TLT

Bonds are an interesting trade right now.

Indices Finally Are Catching Up With What Stock Pickers Have Seen for Weeks

The action under the surface in individual stocks has been covered up by the indices, which have held up; not anymore.

Is Trump Considering Ways to Limit Financial Flows Into Chinese Stocks?

This market is just too chaotic to put capital to work.

You Could Have Made 8.7% on Japan in the Last 4 Weeks

International investors have been heavy sellers in Tokyo for quite some time. They tend to sell at exactly the wrong time. It seems many have made that mistake again.

Markets Become Rocky, Especially for IPOs

Cracks are appearing in some high-beta parts of the market, and a few recent initial public offerings have been pulled or haven't fared well after issuance.

Minding Our QQQs: A Fresh Look at Nasdaq 100 ETF Suggests Caution

None of these observations make it to the mainstream media coverage of the stock market.

Don't Be Fooled by the Indices, This Market Is Undergoing a Major Correction

There are times when the indices fail to tell the story of what is really going on.

Novice Trade: SPY

I would be a buyer of these calls.

ECB Decision Gives TLT a Positive Tilt

Take advantage of the NIRP-induced carry trade with this options trade.

Market Is Dancing to News Headlines

What is obvious is that President Trump is growing concerned about the economic impact on the tariffs.

Bullish and Overbought

The market moves to a short-term overbought condition on Thursday, breadth has been positive, and the intermediate-term indicators are still positive, so I expect a dip or a pullback, and then we rally again.

Risk of Further Market Downside Is Very High Here

These buyers are most likely to be flippers and they will exit fast and kill the bounce tries.

Value vs. Growth, ECB vs. FOMC, Dividend Stocks, Positive on Apple: Market Recon

Should competitors act in a way that puts the U.S. economy at a disadvantage, then by all means the FOMC must act with a level of anger that intimidates.

Realization Day

Value has been outperforming growth and Monday everyone finally noticed it.

There's a 'Weak' Link in Low Volatility Funds

I am increasingly concerned about the amount of money flowing into these funds, largely because these flows represent 'weak hands.'

For Wealth and Safety Invest With a 'Shark'

Four ETFs designed around Kevin O'Leary's growth, income and wealth preservation-oriented strategy.

Make a Good Call With SPY

These SPDR S&P 500 ETF calls are super cheap.