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Wham Bam Thursday, Fed Hammer, Currency Warriors, Tradeable Bottom Near?

Plus, Meta Platforms plans to cut back on staffing levels, and PepsiCo reportedly may do the same.

I'm Still Waiting to See if Sellers Are Losing Interest, Even for a Brief Period

The hope is for an oversold bounce that lasts more than a day or two.

A Vote of Little Confidence for the Brazilian Stock Market

The charts of the iShares MSCI Brazil exchange-traded fund looks shaky.

A 'Noble' Endeavor: You Might Say Yes to the NOPE ETF by George Noble

The veteran global macro hedge fund manager is making his strategies available to the investing public for less than 2% in fees.

Alibaba and This China ETF Risk a Move to New Lows

Here's the 'situation' for FXI and one of its largest constituents.

Not to Throw Cold Water on the Rally, but I'm Looking for a More Meaningful Low

I'm waiting to see what is known as downside excess in the technical world.

Whether You're Talking Stocks or Bonds, It's Hard to Fight the Bear

The bear clearly has the upper hand, though that doesn't mean it isn't worth stalking bullish reversals in both asset classes.

'Woke' Up and Smell the Coffee, YALL: Investing Shouldn't Be Political

Here we'll look at the newest anti-ESG fund, the upcoming God Bless America ETF, and why agnostic investing is the best kind.

The Dollar Doesn't Matter to Most Traders Until It Does… and It Matters Now

That's why I have my eyes on a bullish dollar ETF in hopes of spotting a bearish reversal.

A Tepid Bounce Isn't Doing Much to Lure Traders

Confidence among market participants is lacking, and consequently, so is energy.

If You're Going to Play the Bounce Game, Just Remember You're Fighting the Fed

Buying into the decline is OK, but make sure you know where your stop is before you punch the key.

What This Financial Sector ETF Tells Us About Bank Stocks

Some market observers seem to be waiting for a shoe to drop.

I'm Tracking a Dollar Fund and a Gold Fund for Trading Clues and Cues

I'm also studying the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite for how to proceed.

Point of No Return, Punishing Mistakes, Gnarly Bond Spread, 2 Possible Catalysts

Plus, we take looks at Eli Lilly and Raytheon Technologies after positive news developments for both companies.

Let's 'Simplify' Inflation-Beating ETFs -- One Is 'Wicked Smaht'!

Here I'll look at 'old school' and 'new school' approaches to betting against higher prices via exchange-traded funds.

Fed's Fearful DM, GDP Be Damned, Sorry Spreads, Charting S&P 500's Slide

Plus, Thursday's trading saw every select sector SPDR ETF lose ground after Jerome Powell's utterances after the latest FOMC meeting.

Here's How to Play Defense with Military Stocks and ETFs

Between the war in Ukraine and U.S. and China tensions, this may be a great time to invest in defense stocks and ETFs.

Let's Investigate a Way to Invest in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

This ETF has both in its name.

Syntax Makes Sure Investors Speak the Right Language With ETFs, Indexes

This innovative index provider and fund issuer can accurately identify, categorize and allocate across companies both in its indexes and exchange-traded funds.

Here Are a Few Trading Dice to Consider Rolling Ahead of the Fed's Rate News

There are still pockets of strength if you're willing to dig deep, though it's crucial to have crystal-clear stop levels to avert serious losses.

This Communication Services ETF Is Sending Weak Signals

Its charts are bearish and are pointing to lower prices still.

I'm Not Ready to Wave the White Flag Just Yet

Most charts are ugly, but until the major indexes crash through key support levels we can't rule out a bounce.

Cruisin' for a Bruisin', More Data Ugliness, Inversion Update, FedEx Red Flags

As for Thursday's trading, the longer it lasted, the worse it became.

New ESG Funds 'Emerge' From Canadian Firm With Links to ARK Invest

Let's take a closer look at Emerge EMPWR's new funds, including the Unified Sustainable Equity fund, Sustainable Dividend Equity fund, Sustainable Select Growth Equity fund, and Sustainable Emerging Markets Equity fund.

JPMorgan Gets Real With ESG-Style Fund Offerings

Let's look at several JPM funds after the SEC changed rules around so-called environmentally and socially responsible exchange-traded funds.

Let's See Which of These 3 Water ETFs We Might Dive Into

There's one clear winner.

Curbed Enthusiasm, Forthright Fed, Strategist Yada Yada, Zscaler Sizzles

Plus, we check the charts of the S&P 500 for clues as to the direction that equities may be headed.

3 High-Yield Dividend Stocks With Cannabis Exposure

These names provide exposure to the cannabis industry, but also pay hefty dividends to shareholders.

These Leveraged ETFs Are All About Price -- and Elon's Erratic Tweets

Let's compare these Tesla-based single-name leveraged funds by Direxion and AXS.

Regeneron Soars But This Biotech ETF Is the Better Way to Get Exposure

Let's check the charts and indicators of the IBB.