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Is the This Start of the Topping Process?

These calls should be an interesting play over the next few days.

An Outsized Move in the VIX

Here's how I see what's next for VXX.

Jim Cramer: Why Is This Selloff So Relentless?

It's a too true to be good moment. We need a shakeout. That should get the market where it has to go.

Know What You Own With Black-Friday Bargain ETFs

One ETF to avoid, and one to buy, if you are looking for Black Friday/Cyber Monday exposure.

Can Energy Names Ever Make an Upside Breakout?

Let's check the charts and see if prices will make an upside breakout in the near future.

A Thanksgiving Stock Portfolio With All the Trimmings

From poultry and snacks to cereal, ice cream and an 'organic' ETF, these top food stocks are a tasty dish for investors.

Energy Sector's Lack of Energy Requires Selective Investing

There are a few plays to consider in the energy arena, but it still looks like a place to be underweight going into 2020.

4 Reasons We Are Lowering Our Outlook for Stocks

Forward earnings estimates for the S&P 500 continue to fade.

Will Small-Caps Be This Year's Comeback Kid?

Small-cap stocks are finally making an upside breakout.

Here's the Rub on VXX

I believe there is only one suitable way to use this ETN.

Novice Trade: VIX Futures

I think VIX is going to stay sub-14 for the rest of the month, maybe the rest of the year.

The Biggest Change in the Market in the Last Decade and How to Profit From It

The most productive change that a trader can make is to simply understand whether the market favors directional trading or stock picking.

It's a Machine-Driven Market

A lack of 'hot pockets' of momentum despite the strength on Thursday tells us it's the ETFs and computers that are the prime players.

Caterpillar Stock Is Skipping the Chrysalis and Going Right to a New Uptrend

Look for CAT to show further gains ahead.

Jim Cramer: The Machines Are (Yet Again) Sucking Liquidity Out of the Market

What is really driving this rally is the inability of algorithmic traders to moderate their buying.

Oil Services and Refinery Stocks Deserve a Niche in Your Portfolio

Here are six favorite ideas in the sector.

Market's 'Shock Absorbers' Weaken

Three factors are restraining our positivity.

Novice Trade: FXI China Large-Cap ETF

There is no way we don't have some sort of trade deal signed out of Chile.

Indonesian President's Cabinet Appointments Point to Progressive Agenda

Joko Widodo has named the country's most-famous entrepreneur as its minister of education and culture and retained the minister who brought finances under control.

Value vs. Growth, That Is the Question

Growth stocks have been getting clobbered of late and it's seemingly on everyone's mind.

It's a Wrap: My Final 40 Triple-Net Stocks

One thing is certain: Triple-nets are not a common investment hunting ground, but some may be the recipe for the next ETF.

Yields Are Going Higher: What to Sell and What to Buy

Why I'm very bearish on the long end of the yield curve and how to play it.

Energy Stocks Are Getting Hammered

There are myriad concerns across the energy complex, the most prevalent one centered around declining global growth reducing the demand for energy.

3 Ways to Trade the Brexit Vote Ahead of the Weekend

Caution when reacting to Brexit's 'News of the Day'.

Here's Why I'm a Fan of This ETF

I like the Roundhill Bitkraft Esports & Digital Entertainment ETF (NERD) and what its portfolio offers even if I'm not thrilled by a few decisions on its new panel of industry experts.

Riding 2 Big Winners in Small Biotech

Reata Pharmaceuticals and Axsome Therapeutics each have had a terrific 2019, which helps offset the losing bets in this high-beta sector of the market.

Markets Bet on Growth, 3 Month/10 Year Spread, Trading Nvidia: Market Recon

The Fed is doing this right. Let me repeat... the Fed is not screwing this up.

Financials Are Finally Ready for an Upside Breakout

Dig down for some 'diamonds.'

What Are the Factors That Will Drive Fourth Quarter Moves in the Markets?

When things are going well it is always difficult to see an inflection point.