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Novice Trade: SPY

I think the yield curve scare is noise.

How to Use a Buy-Write Options Strategy With Out-Of-Favor ETFs

Financials and energy ETFs aren't faring well in the current environment, but there still is a way to make money on them.

Novice Trade: SPY

I would be less than surprised if we see a rally tomorrow on 'turnaround Tuesday'.

Why the Rally in Gold Likely Has a Long Way to Go

The gold ETF GLD could surprise on the upside this year.

Opportunity in Individual Stocks

The solar group action is a good sign for stock pickers.

3 Watch Items for the Market That Don't Involve the Fed or Brexit

The trio to keep an eye on are U.S.-China trade talks, business investment and political rhetoric.

Going From Gloomy to Giddy

After Tuesday's rally, the total put/call ratio hit 75% -- the lowest reading since April 12, and remember, that month we had nearly three more weeks of rallying.

A Cheap GLD Trade That Could Really Fly

The logical short-term rally endpoint for gold and the miners is the Fed rate announcement.

India's State-Owned Stocks: Low-Hanging Fruit About to Spoil

India's state-owned enterprises saw share prices soar in the run-up to this year's elections, but recent reforms stalled momentum, so play Indian equities instead.

Play Cheap Volatility in USO

Crude oil is hanging around $60 a barrel mid-summer with no real demand uptick coming on.

These 2 Stocks Remain the Favorites of Top Newsletter Advisors

A cannabis-related REIT soared 172% in the first half of the year while a cloud services provider was up 53%, with more gains expected.

Novice Trade: SPY S&P 500 ETF

This is how I'd play things right now.

Novice Trade: VXX Short-Term VIX Futures ETN

Look for the VIX to back off as we enter earnings season.

Samsung Is Getting Squeezed by Multiple Challenges

We're seeing a similar story to Micron play out although Samsung seems a few months behind in the cycle.

The Battle Between 'Sell the News' and 'Fear of Missing Out'

There have been strong reactions across the board to positive trade news, with the indices higher, the dollar stronger, bonds weaker and precious metals down.

G-20 Has Come and Gone -- So What Did It Achieve?

Trump and Xi Jinping met at the G-20 and agreed to meet and continue talks further, but nothing else was said.

It's Better to Be Right on Time Than Pretty Late

As good charts can turn bad and vice-versa, we should look to sets of indicators to chart the market's movements -- and the indicators didn't change drastically from Friday's action.

3 Autopilot Funds for a High-Yield Portfolio

This portfolio is built to hold up in any market, throw off a steady 8% dividend and pay monthly dividends, to boot.

Go for the Gold: 10 Ways to Invest in Precious Metals

Top picks among mining and precious metals stocks and funds.

What's In Store for the Markets in the Second Half of 2019? A Technical Look

The recent upside breakout in gold is likely telling us something important about where we want to be invested right now.

5 Cannabis ETFs to Fire Up Your Portfolio

Two of them are brand new.

June Rotations and Why I Like Apple on Jony Ive's Departure: Market Recon

The risk is that the chief design officer's departure will cause technical issues in Apple's chart.

Why Investors Should Load Up on Energy Stocks

There are four things that are favoring energy stocks right now.

Best Asset Class to Own Into the Second Half of 2019

Cash is king from a risk vs. reward perspective.

Prepare for the Next Bear Market With These Top All-Weather Stocks and ETFs

The only effective way to deal with a bear market is to prepare for it ahead of time.

10 Stocks and 10 ETFs for Socially Conscious Investors

Investors have shown an increasing interest in ESG Investing. These top investment vehicles emphasize strong business operations and social responsibilities.

Biotech, Small Cap Speculation Liven Dull Day in Markets

Takeover action in biotech and speculative interest in small caps kept things interesting during an otherwise sleepy Monday, as everyone awaits Wednesday's Fed decision.

Novice Trade: TLT Treasury Bond ETF

The more I look at this market worldwide, the more I think bonds are going to rally.

Stalking Entry Points in the XBI Biotech ETF

Plus an update on my SPX and Nike plays.