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Inflation, the Fed and How to Position Your Portfolio Around the Latest Numbers

The evidence that inflation Is slowing Is mostly circumstantial.

The New Perception of Normal: Market Recon

For many traders this new reality has clashed with their entrenched understanding of risk.

Jim Cramer: The Operative Term for This Tape Is Treacherous

Use it to your advantage or don't use it at all.

Timing Is the Name of the Game

If you are looking at individual stocks you have to be wondering when the 'value' buyers will go to work.

Jim Cramer: The Common Stock Buyer Seems to Have Disappeared

We have, for lack of a better term, what acts to be a 'broken' market - both ways - because the volume is so thin.

Taking a Leap of Faith Is the Only Way to Invest Right Now

This week is do-or-die for the market, as the bear and bulls continue their tug of war.

This 'Modern' Stock Market Needs to Change

For several years, nobody listened to those of us who actually did know that there was a fairer way to treat the public.

A Way to Exploit Algorithm-Induced Market Swings When Trading Biotech Issues

It can be disturbing to see various names lose value quickly on no news, but here is a method to take advantage of such moves.

Resistance, Poor Stock Picking and Lack of Momentum Keep Bulls on the Sidelines

The market needs strong follow-through to prove that it is returning to health -- and we are not seeing that yet.

Intermediate Trade: SPY

We are probably tuning up for a run right back to 2800 in the S&P 500 over the rest of the week.

The Primary Index I'm Watching Right Now Is the Russell 2000 ETF

I'm still optimistic about a decent rally before the end of the year.

Market Panic: Bad for Big Funds, Great for Aggressive Traders

There is no question this is dramatic and ugly action. The big question is what do we do at this point?

Real Money Retail Playbook: Value in Volatiltiy

The retail sector is battered right now and that might be good news for stock pickers.

Here's a Handful of Ways to Navigate Biotech's Choppy Seas

Biotech ETFs could mitigate risk amid the sector's volatility, and names such as Exelixis, ANI Pharmaceuticals and Progenics hold promise.

Opportunity Calls in the Dow Industrials ETF

A debit call spread is one way to play the ETF; we also check in on Tesla and Weight Watchers.

Jim Cramer: It Is All on the Fed If We Get a Crash

If this train wreck happens, it could combine the worst elements of the last four stock market crashes.

Small-Caps No Longer Own Bragging Rights Over Their Big Cousins

Smaller stocks had outperformed large-caps for much of 2018, but now find themselves down for the year to date after a tough couple months.

Thursday's Gains in SPY and QQQ Are Erased, But That May Not Be a Bad Thing

It is the sort of negativity that produces capitulation.

Building Bond Ladders with BulletShares ETFs

One way to generate stable income and protect against rising interest rates is through a bond ladder.

Texas Instruments Exemplifies Drag of Lackluster Earnings on Market

There have been some solid earnings reports, but they haven't provided a boost to the broader market.

What Do Equities Know That FX and Commodities Do Not?

The biggest risk right now is the yuan level versus the dollar.

The Fed Pulls a Miley Cyrus and Comes In Like a Wrecking Ball

The Federal Reserve should, but likely won't, stop hiking rates before it inflicts more economic damage.

2 Dip-Buying Tips (Psst…One Involves Ford)

The other involves taking advantage of late-day rebalancing by ETFs.

Stock Pickers Soon Should Find Values Amid Fear-Stoked Wreckage

Big-picture concerns are intensifying selling pressure, which favors bargain hunters in search of individual stocks.

Where Bond Yields Are Headed Next -- and How to Play It

After recent liquidation, it seems the risk-reward is on the downside for the dollar and U.S. bonds.

Let's Take Time to Talk About the Process of Market Timing

The analysis of time clusters is a key ingredient in anticipating when to make a trade.

3 Rail Stocks That Look Good on USMCA: Recon

I have geared my Transports allocation toward the rails this year.

It Was a Strong Quarter for the Indices, but a Mixed One for Stocks

The Dow Industrials in particular produced a solid spurt higher, but the average stock has underperformed the indices.

A Hawkish Fed Still Can't Kill This Market

The market is anticipating higher rates and some inflation and that likely will matter at some point, but not yet.

Why 2018 Looks a Lot Like 2005

Apply the lessons of that boring trading year to today's market.