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Don't Go Into the Fed's Latest Decision Without a Game Plan

We know there are quick and often violent reactions to the Fed's pronouncements, so be prepared, even that means sitting on your hands.

Cannabis Stocks Are Too High

The U.S. Department of Health has announced that it favors reclassifying marijuana, but traders would do well not to be sucked in by the recent surge in cannabis names.

Small-Caps Could Be the Canary in the Equity Coal Mine, Which Spells Trouble

Traders would do well to take a wait-and-see approach to the market ahead of the Fed's next meeting.

Small-Caps Feel Interest Rate Shivers. Avoid Them So You Don't Catch Their Cold

It appears business financing concerns are getting priced into small-cap stocks, as seen in the struggles of the iShares Russell 2000 ETF.

Uncomfortable CPI, Inflation Bogeymen, Arm IPO, Trading Apple and Berkshire

As Apple tries to find a bottom, Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, a major shareholder, traded at record highs both on Tuesday and Wednesday.

When Bad Is Good: Here's My Top Buy Idea for the End of 2023

This pick reflects my bearish top-down view of the marketplace.

Don't Spit Into the Wind When Trading Small-Caps and Keep a Close Eye on Banks

The SPDR Select Sector Financial ETF has managed to avoid the same cascade as the iShares Russell 2000 ETF, but it isn't a picture of health, either.

These Bank and Small-Cap ETFs Aren't for the Faint of Heart

One fund is in worse technical shape than the other, though both are dealing with support issues.

As Crude Prices Surge, Let's 'Check the Oil' on This Energy ETF

The stock has recently produced a bullish golden cross buy signal.

Has the Recovery in Regional Banks Run Its Course?

Let's check out the charts of the KRE, a barometer/thermometer of the regional banking industry.

Jobs Day, Goods Prices Are Good, Services Prices Aren't, Savings Rate Shrinks

Plus, buckle up for what is likely to be a volatile September, and Taylor Swift soon could appear in a movie theater near you.

Okta and My Favorite Energy ETF Are Set Up for Interesting Trades

One looks primed for a possible squeeze while the other is on the brink of a breakout.

No Place to Hide? I'm Asking Questions About Two Defensive Sectors

Why are the healthcare and utilities ETFs not going up now? Let's take a deep dive.

Excited About the Recent Uptrend of Coinbase? Don't Be

Much of the cryptocurrency moves - up and down - have been driven by emotion.

The Indexes Follow Through, But Is It a Bull Trap?

There is no reason to rush to put significant capital to work, but good opportunities should continue to develop if the job market is cooling off

This Energy ETF Just May Have the Gas for a Breakout

The fund's technical setup is flashing bullish.

Nvidia Effect Wanes, Hiking Hike Odds, Indexes Hit Resistance, AI Washout

Plus, Boeing stubs its quality-control toe again and a lament about why the Treasury borrows so much money short term.

Euphoria Gives Way to Thrashings for Traders of Nvidia and QQQ

What started as a celebration after Nvidia's earnings release Wednesday evening ended in burst party balloons by the close of trading Thursday.

A Consumer Increasingly Under Pressure Spells Trouble Ahead for Retailers

And this trader is betting against the retail sector -- including against Walmart specifically -- via options plays.

Upon Further Review, Small-Caps Just Don't Look Set Up to Make a Bull Run

From a technical viewpoint, the iShares Russell 2000 ETF isn't in the same league as its two bigger index ETF brethren.

Tune Into Trading Small-Caps, Which Reside in an Intriguing Channel

This small-cap ETF has declined enough where a breakout could be worthy of consideration.

Inflation Dilemma, Fed Dove's Hawkish Talk, Stealth Stock Selloff, Oil Boils

Plus, the United Auto Workers apply pressure on the legacy automakers with the union's big wage demands in their contract talks.

These 2 Major Index ETFs Shouldn't Crash No Matter What the Inflation Data Say

Let's get the consumer and producer price numbers in our hands, watch how traders react, then decide on our next move.

This Is Not a Drill: Get Ready for Another Big Down Leg in the Stock Market

Traders and investors should take appropriation action.

I Just Don't See the Party in Equities Lasting, so Here's My Portfolio Setup

You'd be correct to say it is very conservatively positioned based on the belief that stocks could be in for a big tumble.

We've Seen QQQ Recover After Pullbacks Before, but Will This Time Be Different?

Traders must be vigilant as the Invesco QQQ Trust has dipped below a key moving average.

Will the Conclusion of Major Earnings Reports Accelerate a Market Selloff?

The market is at an important juncture as pressure on interest rates builds and the positive impact of earnings comes to an end.

Bulls Get Fitch Slapped

The combination of the conclusion of major earnings reports and the start of negative seasonality was a great setup for a market reversal.

2 Events About to Occur Will Likely Challenge the Market Uptrend

Here's my overall strategy right now and how I'm playing Uber.

2 Key Index ETFs Bump Their Heads Into Resistance, but Don't Bet Against Them

It might be wise for index bulls to take some profits after the runs in these funds, but nothing here screams to fight the trend and short them.