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Short-Term Trading in High-Growth Tech Is a Dicey Game Right Now

The disappointing reality for swing traders is that there's no way to know when the selling in tech will subside.

Let's Simplify These 3 Fund Offerings From Simplify ETFs

Simplify Asset Management's "Downside Convexity" funds look to enhance returns in down markets.

Here's Why I'm Fired Up About Energy

The impact of inflation, increased demand as the pandemic fades and the threat of reduced supply all give reason to believe in the sector.

Consult the ORB If You're Looking to Manage Day-Trading Risk

ORB as in an opening range breakout setup, which can be designed to suit your trading style.

The Death of Mutual Funds Has Been Somewhat Exaggerated

As mutual fund issuers continue to explore the ETF marketplace, investors will likely get more options. Here's what to watch.

Monday Reversal, Powell on the Hill, Macro Watch, Trading Lockheed and Northrop

The outright removal of potential liquidity from the economy earlier than expected scares the living heck out of everyone who understands.

Give Your Portfolio a 'BOOSTER' for This High Inflation Environment

Introducing my 'BOOSTER' inflation portfolio of seven stocks whose charts suggest they could climb in 2022 and beyond.

Headwinds Build for Homebuilders After Their Strong Run

Rising mortgage rates, increased material costs, labor shortages and supply chain issues are threatening to crimp building activity.

Don't Get Too Caught Up in the Recent Love Affair with Banks, Energy

Beware of how much upside potential exists in those sectors before a possible pullback, and here's a tip for tech traders, too.

Jobs Report, Fed Psychology, Bullard's Grenade, Notes of Note, Fresh Fresca

Plus, a look at rising mortgage rates and why SoFi Technologies is a stock for which I continue to hold out hope.

Is It Time for a Defined Outcome in Your Portfolio?

As in a defined outcome ETF, which synthetically reproduces an underlying security and lays on a spread to act as a risk buffer.

It's a Frustrating Time for Momentum Traders, but There Are Glimmers of Hope

Checking out a few momentum stocks that recently have lost ground shows selling may be drying up around their most recent lows.

Dramatic Rotation Hits Hard and Is Likely to Continue

This action is big and sloppy and creates many pricing inefficiencies and opportunities, though it isn't over yet.

This ETF Might Float Your Boat If You're Looking to Capitalize on Shipping

Supply chain issues would indicate that investing in the shipping space might produce a payoff; here are a few ways to do it, though I favor one in particular.

Caution Signs Are Flashing in My Mind as the New Year Begins

The biotech sector looks ripe for staging a comeback, but a significant geopolitical event could throw the entire market for a loop.

I'm Treading Carefully Entering 2022 as Many Momentum Stocks Remain Bearish

Cannabis is about the only space where I'm long, and that isn't for technical reasons.

Bulls Run On, Energy and REITs Rule, Chips Go Wild, Options Trump Stocks

Plus, we bid a not-so-sad adieu to the mania in 2021 in meme stocks, SPACs and NFTs.

This HOAX Is No Joke as I Bet on 10 Hydrocarbon Names to Shine in 2022

I'm putting this portfolio of 10 stocks that are abhorrent to the clean-energy crowd up against the ARK Innovation ETF.

ETFs Trade Like Stocks, Right? Not Exactly

Where the comparison stops working is when investors make assumptions about comparing stock and ETF price discovery mechanisms and liquidity.

Precious Metals and Cannabis Could Surprise to the Upside in 2022

And there are a few ETFs and a silver miner that could provide the vehicles to play this hunch.

With BAD and VICE ETFs, the Devil Is in the Details

Will these exchange-traded funds pay off or send your portfolio up in a 'PUF'?

No Easy Fix: My Outlook for Fixed Income in 2022

The search for yield is difficult, but as we found it in 2021 and took advantage of market opportunities to take profits and buy cheap, so should we in the new year.

Grabbing a Sliver of Silver Could Pay Off in a Potentially Uncertain 2022

And an interesting way to get exposure to silver is via the Sprott Physical Silver Trust.

My ETF Bet for 2022? It Really Glitters

Here's why gold funds could shine in the new year.

ARKK Should Still Make Waves in 2022

Let's look at three charts -- and see why I'm not ready to dismiss Cathie Wood.

The Fed Has Created the Monster Market: What's in Store for 2022?

The last two years has seen an 'everything bubble.'

Santa Claus Still Might Be Coming to the Growth Side of Town

Tuesday's advance may not represent an end to the selling in all stocks, but there may be a decent shot at a year-end rally in growth names.

Is the Bearish Sentiment About China's Financial Sector Overblown?

Let's review the Global X MSCI China Financials ETF.

The Investor Who Wants to Do Well, and Good, 'OWNS' These ETFs

Let's examine several exchange-traded funds that help you invest to 'make an impact.'

Let's Take a Look at the Healthcare Sector ETF

The movement of the XLV in recent weeks suggests that it may be an outperforming sector in the weeks ahead.