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It Doesn't Taste Good, but the Market Finally Swallows Its Medicine

While it may not feel very good, what happened Monday is exactly what this market needed.

Selling of This Sort Is Index Driven and Is Highly Correlated

My game plan is to not get in the way of the index selling as I watch for entries in some of the individual stocks that I like.

Adding to My Biotech Positions When Profit-Taking Hits

Here's my strategy which has worked particularly well.

Market Direction and Trading Volume, Resilient Boeing, Trading Costco

Boeing's new estimate for the FAA's signing off on returning the 737 MAX to commercial skies has been pushed out until summer, June or July? Is that really that bad? Perhaps... this is a positive.

Waiting Out Entry Points in a Gold Mining ETF and an Entertainment Giant

We're divining the technical signs to find places to jump into VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF and Walt Disney Co.

Balance Sheet Concern, Davos Forum, Trading Netflix: Market Recon

I think we know, just based on the behavior of this Federal Reserve, that all things being equal a more normalized balance sheet is preferable.

Kass: 5 Big Surprises That Could Impact Markets in 2020

Surprises in the political arena and in corporate profitability are my most important deviations from the consensus.

The Smart Move? Don't Argue With the Market Beast

The positive news flow keeps tripping up market participants that are looking for some pullback to relieve overbought conditions.

Closely Watching Gold Mining

The group is in position to set up for another run.

3 Major Banks Report Earnings Tuesday

JP Morgan, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo will be first up.

Hot Markets, Jobs, Fed Talk, Trading Essent Group: Market Recon

Several Fed officials spoke on Thursday. The most important comments for folks to focus upon were made by Fed Vice Chair Richard Clarida. By far.

Rarely Is Money Made Easily on Wall Street

If you miss the opportunity of a lifetime, simply have a seat and be patient. Another one will be along shortly.

Gold Could Glitter More Brightly After U.S. Airstrike

The market for gold already was in a bullish position before the U.S. airstrike that killed a key Iranian general and could head even higher from here.

Crude Prices Jump on Airstrike News and Escalation of Tensions With Iran

It is impossible to know what could come next, but history suggests that oil prices could surge sharply in the weeks ahead.

A Top Down Look at the Broader Averages - Has Human Nature Changed?

'Calling the market is easy. Getting it to answer is hard.'

Jim Cramer: It's 2020 and I'm Happily Back at It

There are several themes today. A suspension of critical factors? I would like to think a skepticism is taking over from ignorance.

Expect Bumps After New Year Kicks Off

In this second part of a series on preparing for 2020, I look at what to expect ahead, especially as January starts off strong, but could end with trouble.

Market Sentiment and Valuation Are on Thin Ice

The S&P 500 is at its peak level of overvaluation for the year.

3 Factors That Factor Into My Portfolio Positioning for 2020

They are raising cash, mitigating risk and staying patient.

Let's Prep Your Portfolio for 2020

From bonds to energy to emerging markets, an examination of what might be hot and what might not.

I'm Digging This Trade Over the Holiday Slowdown

The junior gold miners provide traders with the biggest bang for their buck in terms of movement and volatility.

Why Something Seems A-SKEW With the VIX in This Kind of Market

Look for a week or two of more upside, with the VIX firm.

Market's Going Nowhere Fast

We're seeing a loss of upside momentum play out, and now we should pay attention to these charts -- and bond funds.

5 Reasons That Support a Melt-Up: Market Recon

Aren't We Overbought? Quite frankly, we are, in the short-term.

Jim Cramer: 3 Reasons Why This China Trade Deal Has Teeth

This is a market that thrives on certainty. We got it Friday.

I SPY Pain in Shorting This S&P ETF

I found no less than six bullish breakouts in the last two months on the SPDR S&P 500 exchange-traded fund trust.

FANG Stocks -- Still Sharp -- Are Ready to Bite Into 2020

Despite pundits saying stocks like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix or Alphabet are heading for trouble, the reality is they're nowhere close to turning into the next IBM or Cisco.

An Out-of-Favor Sector and Airline That Could Turn the Corner in 2020

Energy companies and American Airlines haven't fared well in 2019 but could perform much better next year.

Most Investors Can't Kick About the Markets in 2019

Energy and manufacturing were soft spots, but the rising tide of the indices to all-time highs lifted many boats.

Market Moves, Nudging Key Indicators

The McClellan Summation Index rises higher, but keep an eye on these these ratio charts.