Exxon Mobil Can Be Bought Here for an Upside Move

Now that it looks like crude oil has bottomed, let's check out the charts and indicators for XOM.

So Far, So Good for My 2019 Double-Net Value Portfolio

The 22 names in the portfolio as a group are outpacing the value components of the Russell 2000 and Russell Microcap indices.

Focus on the Fundamentals When It Comes to Oil

The fundamentals of the energy market are getting "tighter" but are still not tight, for now.

Pushing the 'Envelope': Why Now's the Time to Look at Energy Stocks Again

Here is my technical case for why crude oil futures have bottomed.

It Isn't Time to Sound the All Clear in the Equity Space Just Yet: Market Recon

Market participants are smart enough to know by now that when one must venture across thin ice, one does not linger.

Is This a Bull Trough or a Bear Peak? It Depends

We investors have the task of sifting through the 'Umwelt' -- the worldview perceived and forecasted by the various organisms that live in our trading world ecosystem.

Chart of the Day: GE Stock Surges on $40 Billion Business Buyout Rumors

GE jumped on Monday, but how long can buyout rumors buoy the beleaguered stock?

Chart of the Day: Dividends Make Oil Stocks a Strong Defense Against Volatility

As oil recovers and begins to stabilize both the stock price and cash flow of companies in the space, dividend payments could drive strong portfolios.

Enbridge Needs to Prove Itself on the Charts With Some Strength

The daily bar chart of Enbridge shows that prices have weakened since the beginning of 2018.

Saudi Arabia Is Wishing for Rising Oil Prices to Balance Their Budget

But there is a lot of oil in the market, so if the market does undergo a recession or a slowdown, oil prices can, and will, trade lower.