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This Market Is Just a Puppet on a String

Stick with energy stocks, and realize that in the current no-yield world stocks are bonds.

Uranium ETFs Are Glowing, but Can They 'Green' Your Wallet?

Don't feel out of your element if you've yet to access this hot part of the energy market. Let's look at several exchange-traded funds for the sector.

Look for Solar's Ability to Power Portfolios to Grow in Years Ahead

The solar industry is gaining its footing and trends indicate investing in solar equity plays should pay down the road.

2 Oil Stocks With Attractive Entry Points Thanks in Part to the Omicron Scare

Talos Energy and Occidental Petroleum are the energy producers that are worth a look.

This Pandemic Is an Endemic

Because things are changing in the world, make sure your portfolio is protected with real returns.

Slow Drip: Why Oil Is Really Falling

Is it the Strategic Petroleum Reserve release, or something else?

Does Plug Power Still Look 'Golden'?

A subscriber asks about Plug Power's golden cross signal.

Here's a Slick Idea for Playing an Overdone Oil Selloff

There are oil names with great balance sheets that are making a lot of money right now, and will continue to do so.

A Failure to Recognize the Obvious Truths

Prices for everything are rising and it's a vicious, vicious circle. Here's where to invest now.

7 Stocks to Energize Your Portfolio

Many strong, cheap energy names are also still well below pre-pandemic levels.

Chevron Got an Upgrade, but What Do the Charts Look Like?

We're taking another look at the oil giant after the stock receives a fundamental boost.

Let Suburban Propane Light a Fire Under Your Portfolio

I did my home work on this energy name and here's what I found out (hint: It's pretty hot).

The Timing of Elon Musk's Sale of Tesla Shares Raises Questions, at Least for Me

Did the Tesla CEO sell a big chunk of stock for tax purposes, or was there something more behind the move?

Let's Phone Up ET as Prices Fall Down to Earth

Here's a play in Energy Transfer.

GE Plans to Split Into 3: Here's MY Plan

Since GE CEO Larry Culp took the reins three years ago his plan has been nothing if not aggressive.

Here's Where to Add to NiSource Longs

Let's review the charts and indicators.

The Great Unknowable, FOMC, Avis, Bed Bath & Beyond, Trading Devon Energy

Leading into this high profile Fed event, it would have been nice to have a firmer grip on just where fiscal policy was headed, but that was not to be.

Plug Power Has Yet to Reach Our Price Objective

Here's what traders should do.

Oil Giant BP Goes With the Flow

BP makes an upside breakout from a large base pattern. Here's how to approach it as fuels make their big moves.

Diamondback Energy Is Poised to Go Higher From Here

Is now the time to sink your teeth into FANG?

I've Got a Slick Trade for Exxon

As XOM reports soon and with oil hitting the $80 area, here's how to play this energy name.

The 25 Best Buys in Clean Energy

These renewable energy favorites include nuclear, hydrogen, wind, and solar stocks, among others.

Let's Draw the Line Right Here: Oil Demand Is Never Linear

Global oil consumption has bounced quite a bit and yet is still below pre-COVID levels. But here's what no one is talking about.

Let's Explore the Charts of Pioneer Natural Resources

PXD should extend its gains, so here's how to approach it.

China Faces Cold Winter With Coal Shortages, Power Cuts

The electricity crunch is likely to continue into next year in China, a largely self-induced crisis.

Here Are 8 Natural Gas Stocks to Consider as Prices Skyrocket

There simply is not enough natural gas in the world to meet demand.

This Energy Dividend Name Continues to Come Out of Its Shell

Despite its rally, Royal Dutch Shell remains attractive thanks to its generous dividend and its expected 5-year total return.

Don't Rake These Energy Names Over the Coals

As China looks to crack down on energy costs, look for buying opportunities.

With Schlumberger Poised for an Upside Breakout, Here's How I'd Play It

SLB is back up near its June zenith.

Peabody Energy Is Starting to Light Up

As coal is in demand, let's check a trade in BTU.