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Is AT&T's Dividend Worth the Risk?

The recent slide in high-yielding dividend stocks has us wondering.

I've Got a Hot Trade in Energy

As stocks get ... raked over the coals ... I see a play in BTU.

Exxon Mobil Is Still Not a Buying Opportunity

It may be better to do some selling and ask questions later.

Oil Shipper Euronav Has Broken Out of a Large Base Pattern

As traders check the fundamental story, here are my price targets.

HF Sinclair Is No Dinosaur: What to Expect From the Stock

Shares of the energy name are back on the upswing.

Fed Day, Energy Commodity Prices, Dangerous Russia, Charting the S&P, Apple

How the Fed's Powell reacts to questions in the press conference becomes just as important if not more so than the policy decision itself.

Oil Will Bubble Up and Spill: Make Sure You Time a Trade Right

Trends are relative to time frame, and energy traders must decide which bet to make -- and when to make it -- as I see a big swing ahead.

The Day After, Energized By APA, 3-Day Rule, On the Rails, 'Checking' on Walmart

How alarming is it that six months after inflation had apparently peaked, we now see prices heating up in parts of the economy that had not been as hot as others?

Occidental Petroleum Continues Its Upward Movement

Here's how to trade it.

Keep One Eye on the Fed, the Other on Europe

As we worry about rate hikes from the Fed, the lights are flickering in Europe. Here are the tough questions investors need to consider now.

The Only Stocks to Buy Now Are Energy Stocks

What's not to like about US Tech stocks? Everything. Deal with it.

Can Williams Companies Pass the Test Again?

Traders are indeed watching this key stock indicator.

Be Careful: Crude Can Change Course Quickly

Energy traders should stay nimble -- and be on guard for a bottom reversal in the week ahead.

As Russia Plays Game of Chicken, Oil Could Spill in Any Direction

Be careful when listening to those who make assumptions about what will happen with energy amid the war on Ukraine.

Cenovus Energy: Here's What Would Get the Rally Restarted

We have updated our technical strategy for CVE.

7 Stocks Ready for the 'Green Revolution'

These names primed for renewable gains include those that should benefit from carbon capture, California EV legislation, copper demand and more.

How to Trade EQT: Our Updated Strategy on the Natural Gas Play

Let's check the longer-term trends of the stock.

Array Technologies Displays a Base on Its Charts

Buyers of the shares of the maker of solar tracking systems have been more aggressive of late.

Spotting the Right Natural Gas Fund Doesn't Come ... Naturally

Let's compare several exchange-traded funds that are piped into this energy sector and see which is the right one for investors.

The Market Machine Is Making Noises, and Investors Should Listen

As we head into the fall, here are the problems I see in the greater global economy and the markets -- and my take on how to be positioned.

These 3 Events Could Impact Your Portfolio

OPEC+, European gas prices and the UK's new PM could have repercussions for investors worldwide.

Europe's Winter of Discontent Is Fast Approaching

An energy crisis is sweeping across the continent with notable ramifications for our economy and market.

The 'Refiner' Things in Life: 3 Oil Dividend Stocks With High Yields

These energy companies are benefitting from high demand and tight supply.

Let's Shine a Light on the Best Way to Invest in Solar

As the need for energy burns higher, we'll examine an exchange-traded fund that can wire investors directly into this vital source of earnings, without the risks faced by individual stocks.

Crescent Point Energy Is Heading Higher on the Charts

Traders could probe the long side of CPG.

This Uranium Miner's Charts Are Glowing

The technical signals sent by Cameco Corp. are bullish and suggest higher prices ahead for its shares.

When Should We Push the Button on This 'Nuclear' Option?

Here's a play in Denison Mines as uranium is bursting higher.

This Is a Tough Juncture for the Market as It Struggles to Find Support

There won't be any significant economic data for a couple of weeks.

These Tellurian Senior Notes Are a Screaming Buy!

TELZ is chaired by Charif Souki who saw this LNG boom coming a full decade before most did.

Fuel Up on These Three Natural Gas Dividend Stocks

Natural gas is at a 14-year high, and that's good news for these high-dividend investments.