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Let's Shine a Light on 7 Solar Energy Stocks and ETFs

The Inflation Reduction Act contains about $430 billion in new spending, a big chunk of which goes toward clean energy.

I Don't Mean to Be Crude, but Those Bullish Oil Forecasts Are Bull

Oil demand appears to be slipping as supply picks up, which indicates lower prices are ahead.

Solar Firm Sunrun Continues to Run on the Upside

Here's what the longer-term picture looks like.

July Jobs Data, Tesla's Ambitions, Boring Big Board, Nasdaq Shines, Oil Slips

We'll be focused in particular on the underemployment numbers.

Oil Is Out, Tech Is In, but You Knew That Already, Right?

As energy is drained, someone told me this week how tech is now the long trade. Where have I heard that before? Also, let's look at the risks of the tech comeback.

No, I'm Not Selling Exxon and Chevron Here

Be careful about drawing a comparison with dry bulk shippers and hydrocarbon names. They're two completely different undertakings.

National Fuel Gas Sends Bullish Signals Ahead of Earnings

The charts of the diversified energy company tell a positive tale in advance of its fiscal third-quarter results.

Will Earnings Energize the Charts of Atmos Energy?

Let's see how the charts are shaping up and whether ATO is a buy here.

There Are Market Bright Spots, but I View the July Rally as a Head Fake

It's hard to see stock valuations rising when inflation remains high and the economy appears headed for a recession if it isn't in one already.

APA Charts Don't Show Much Energy Ahead of Earnings

The technical signals of the oil and gas producer are mixed.

Williams Cos Is Trying to Regain Its Upside Momentum

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Here's How to Approach Devon Energy as They Report Earnings

Let's check the charts and indicators.

Amazon Vs. Exxon: Here's the Winner (for Investors)

Let's put the two side-by-side and see which will work in these recessionary times.

Considering a Solar Investment? Here's When It's Safe to Get a TAN

Let's answer a question from a subscriber about the Invesco Solar ETF.

Chevron's Record-Breaking Earnings Tell Investors 'Fill 'Er Up'

Let's check the charts and indicators again.

Ballard Power Systems Shows a Bit of Spark on Its Charts

The technical signs of the provider of fuel cell products were improving even ahead of climate legislation that now appears to be moving forward.

Investors Can't Afford to View the World Through Rose-Tinted VR Goggles

We're in a recession and this is not a time to get into what are essentially big-tech ad companies like Meta. Here's what to do instead.

The Oil Bulls Aren't as Bullish as They Were as Demand Withers

Small surprise, then, that oil prices are declining and so are oil-related equities as market fundamentals win out.

Enphase Surges on Big Breakout: Where the Next Phase May Take the Stock

Let's check out the charts and devise a trading strategy.

Range Resources Is Still Within Range for Investors

Here's how to approach this energy name as it's slated to report quarterly earnings.

Is Schlumberger's Selloff Over?

Here's how the oil services stock is shaping up before earnings.

2 'Off the Radar' Market Concerns That Deserve More Attention From Investors

As we begin the third full week of trading in the back half of 2022, these issues should be receiving greater play.

Bummer Bank Earnings, Core PPI Cools, Fed's Waller Talks Rates, Big Data Day

Plus, watch Russia's moves in the oil market and keep an eye on the impact of Alphabet's big stock split.

As Oil Continues to Fall, What Does That Mean for the XLE?

Watch these key price levels.

6 Clean Energy Stocks Investors Should Know About

Fossil fuels are currently in the headlines, but the quest for clean energy remains in place.

Range Resources Stock Is Testing a Key Line: Take Notice

Here's what traders need to know.

Southwestern Energy Returns to the Breakout Area

We have a new longer-term price target.

Plug Power Is Showing Some Spark

Let's check the charts of PLUG to see why investors can expect some upside.

You Could Say I'm 'Fed' Up With These June Minutes

From one logic-defying FOMC statement to the next, I'm not sure what I'm even reading at this point. But I do know how I'm investing.