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Diamondback's FANGs Could Dull in the Short-Term

Let's check out the charts of this oil producer.

Trading for a Bounce -- Not a Bottom

Here's my thinking on the Nasdaq, bonds, energy, commodities and crypto right now.

If You Insist on Trading This Brutal Market, Don't Get Lazy With Your Stops

That word of warning applies to ETFs and individual stocks such as Intercept Pharmaceuticals, which we outline a trading strategy for here.

American Electric Power Could Correct Lower

Let's see what the charts and indicators look like.

Pump the Real Energy From the Market With This Trade

I would be a buyer of these calls looking for a strong move higher.

Fill Your Tank and Head to Southwestern Energy

Let's check the charts of SWN -- and of surging natural gas future prices.

'Shale' We Get Pumped on Devon Energy?

Let's update our January strategy, as DVN appears poised to rally further.

Williams Cos. Could Climb More if Earnings Don't Derail the Uptrend

The charts of the energy transmission company are mixed, so investors might want to stand aside until its results are known.

Exxon Mobil Is Gassed Up and Poised to Trade higher

Here are our updated price targets for the energy giant.

Commodity Stocks Weaken as Supply Chain and Growth Fears Grow

Supply chain snarls could exacerbate inflation and lead to slower economic growth, which would reduce demand for commodities such as oil and copper.

Energy and Gold Are Worth Tracking, but Not Putting Money on Just Yet

I'm monitoring an energy ETF and a gold ETF, too, though I'm waiting for both to display more basing action.

Twitter and Musk, Monday Reversal, Treasuries, Energy's Hammer, Kohl's Cash-Out?

I found two very interesting takeaways from Monday's sharp market reversal.

With Energy Stocks Running Out of Gas, Here's My Strategy for Trading Them

And if you want a stock that has bucked the broad market decline, consider Jackson Financial.

Schlumberger Is Hardly Slumbering: Here's How to Trade It

I am profoundly impressed with CEO Le Peuch's commentary and outlook.

Plug Power Is a Strictly Speculative Name: Here's My Trade Idea

PLUG has a number of high volume clients and that could be huge going forward.

It's Hard to Take a Vacation With a Market That's This Volatile

A lot has changed in a week, with the bears gaining the upper hand again.

It's a Gas, Gas, Gas: 3 Ways Investors Can Play Natural Gas

Two names look like they have more upside potential than a futures contract. Here's what I'd wait for.

When Europe Runs Tight on Energy, Several U.S. Companies Gasp

How would Russia's invasion of Ukraine impact the bottom-lines of companies like Starbucks or Marriott? Let's see how Europe's energy woes can have major implications for U.S. businesses.

For Those Looking to Buy, Keep Your Eye on the QQQ

Also, Uranium Energy Corp. spurts higher while the Dow Transports continue to sag, though they did bounce a bit on Thursday.

Firmer Footing, China and India Play Nice with Russia, Under O'Reilly's Hood

The indexes manage to register a mixed day on Thursday as St. Louis Fed President James Bullard speaks on the fed funds rate.

Inflation Is No Joke, So I'm Creating HOAX 2.0 for Commodity Names

Prices for real assets -- including crude oil and manure -- are rising; here's how I plan to benefit, and how you can, too.

Updating Our Bullish Strategy for Pioneer Natural Resources

Here's what I expect before renewed gains.

Promising Chart Patterns Fall Apart After Fed's Brainard Spooks Market

There wasn't much to like about Tuesday's trading session, which saw many issues give back some or all of Monday's gains.

To Trade in This Market, Forget the Noise and Focus on the Moving Averages

You'll save yourself a ton of stress if you do; we also check out Black Rifle Coffee's parent and Civitas Resources.

Plug Power Pops: Is There Still Time to Plug In?

Let's check in on the charts again.

Charting Oil Services Stocks as Reserves to Get Tapped

As the president promises to tap into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, let's review three energy names.

What's Certain for the Next Quarter? Probably More Uncertainty

As we close out this messy quarter, we can most likely expect more volatility to trade.

Here's Where I'd Pump a Trade in Exxon

I believe we're still in the third inning of the energy rally and I see an opportunity in XOM.

I'm Taking the Other Side of the Energy Trade

We should be investing in companies that make things and provide vital infrastructure to power the planet.