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Now Is a Good Time to Buy Natural Gas Stocks

Spiking natural gas prices are an inevitable and inexorable result of government policies that demonize fossil fuels.

Chevron Is Finding Support and Getting Ready to Rally

Let's check the charts and indicators.

Gas Is Moving Like ... Ether

Let's look at these wild, crypto-like moves in gas prices, what they mean, and why gas is not oil.

Prospective Pickings Are Slim for This Annual Portfolio of Unloved Losers

The current candidates for the 2022 Tax-Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio are few and far between, with only a couple households names in the bunch.

Tellurian Still Doesn't Tell a Convincing Story Based on Its Charts

The shares of the developer of liquefied natural gas projects could rally again but do involve risk.

Occidental Petroleum Looks Ready to Strengthen

Some investors may be shying away from stocks like OXY but if there is a successful trade to be made we should consider it.

Sunrun's Outlook Brightens

Here's where traders could go long RUN.

Reading These PPI Numbers Is Like Watching a Snake Swallow a Pig

Let's dig into in the producer price index report -- if you can stomach it -- and see how to position amid rising costs.

I'm Here to Pump ... You Up! (On Natural Gas)

This market is missing a huge opportunity right under its nose. Here it is.

Yellow Cake Is Turning Red Hot

Let's check out some charts and indicators of uranium miner Cameco.

Get Your Dividend Kicks With Phillips 66

Investors should take advantage of the recent correction of PSX and lock in its yield before the market appreciates the virtues of the stock.

Embrace Stagflation in Your Portfolio

Get some hydrocarbon exposure, and watch out for companies that cannot pass their price increases onto the end consumer.

3 High-Yield Dividend Stocks With an International Flavor

BP, Novartis and British American Tobacco offer healthy payouts that look secure for years to come.

Energy Sector, Powell Speak, Labor Market, Booster Shots, Trading Kratos Defense

While all cyclical equity sectors did well, last week's push into more economically sensitive equities was indeed led by the energy sector.

An Attractive 7.1% Dividend Yield From a Resilient Energy Company

While many high-yield stocks are risky, there are exceptions to this rule.

Denbury Isn't a Stock to Go Long Just Yet Based on Its Charts

The evidence is inconclusive as to whether shares of the oil and gas producer are undergoing a normal correction or could be headed lower.

Jim Cramer: What Do You Do If You Want to Own an Oil?

Right now you don't have to worry about the doomsday scenario.

It's Make or Break for the Buck, and Here's Why That Matters

Let's look at crude and natural gas amid the dollar's move toward this key level.

3 Charts That Keep Me Up at Night

The movements of oil, copper and the Australian dollar indicate the global economy may be in worse shape than anticipated.

This Portfolio of 2020 Losers Continues to Shine as It Nears the End of the Line

The 2021 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio gave up a bit of ground over the last month but still is solidly outperforming two major indices.

Pioneer Natural Resources Needs to Show More Strength

The oil producer is sending some positive technical signals but needs to prove itself with more gains.

Stem Looks Poised for Gains But Go Slow Here

Traders could 'nibble' at the long side of STEM.

Here Are Several Ways to Play the LNG Boom

By the way, don't hold your breath waiting for the bust.

What Happened to All That Oil Market Tightness?

If the market is really as tight as the analysts claim, then why is the price not moving much higher?

Energy Companies Are Reaping the Benefits From Investing During the COVID Crunch

Prices for oil and natural gas are at levels that are incredibly profitable for any company that is pumping them.

The Lights Are Flashing Green for Exxon

Those of us in the numerate community will continue to own XOM because it's just too darn cheap.

The Rally in Plug Power Has Fizzled Again

Here's what traders should consider doing.

Pump Up Your Profits With These 6 Energy Stocks

These favorites of experts are best-of-breed in the energy space.

Equities Under Pressure, Energy Stocks, Retail Sales Gut Punch, COVID Variants

There's no way to disguise investor sentiment when, for the week, the four defensive sectors easily take the top four slots.

Jim Cramer: I Don't Like to Traffic in Peak

Peak says sell now or forever hold your peace because you can only go down from here.