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Something's Gotta Give, and That Something Is the Consumer

As I parse through the CPI, PPI and retail sales report, as well as other oil price and savings data, I can only reach two conclusions about the economy and market. Neither are good.

Will Occidental Petroleum Finally Make an Upside Breakout?

Let's see how convincing the charts look.

Uranium Is Starting to Radiate but It Still Has a Long Way to Go

Let's check back in on Cameco and Uranium Energy.

Here's Why I Continue to Be Very Cautious on Stocks

It's hard to get too excited about stocks when risk free short-term Treasuries are paying 5.5%.

The Smart Money Might Finally Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Are on Oil

The spread between the market sentiment of industry insiders and the net long futures position held in crude oil is unsustainably wide.

What Are the Saudis Up to With Their Oil Production Cuts?

It's not just about supply as demand is the more important driver in today's market.

Fighting Inflation Will Be a Tough and Slow Grind

I see two scenarios playing out over the next few quarters.

As Crude Prices Surge, Let's 'Check the Oil' on This Energy ETF

The stock has recently produced a bullish golden cross buy signal.

3 Energy Stocks That Company Insiders Are Purchasing

Let's highlight several interesting names with recent insider buying.

Okta and My Favorite Energy ETF Are Set Up for Interesting Trades

One looks primed for a possible squeeze while the other is on the brink of a breakout.

Nvidia and AI Won't Cure What's Ailing Much of the Market

Sectors such as retail, banking and energy are under pressure due to a slowing economy and higher rates, and artificial intelligence won't be the elixir for them.

Bearish Bets: 3 Stocks You Absolutely Should Think About Shorting This Week

These recently downgraded names are displaying both quantitative and technical deterioration.

Saudi Arabia Can Play Its Oil-Supply Game, but Demand Will Make the Rules

The Saudis may sugar coat a production cut as providing stability for the market, but here's what they fail to realize.

Here's How the North American Hydrocarbon Pipeline Game Is Changing

The CorEnergy Infrastructure Trust shows that it still has a chance to become a winner.

Can Buffett's Elephant in the Room Continue Its Stampede?

Let's review the charts and indicators of Occidental Petroleum.

Get Your Kicks at Phillips 66 as Stock Hits 52-Week High

PSX shares look to be headed higher. Here's how traders can play the energy name.

Inflation Dilemma, Fed Dove's Hawkish Talk, Stealth Stock Selloff, Oil Boils

Plus, the United Auto Workers apply pressure on the legacy automakers with the union's big wage demands in their contract talks.

Plug Power Plugs Along Downward as It Posts a Wider-Than-Expected Loss

The shares of the fuel cell developer continue to disappoint investors.

This Is Not a Drill: Get Ready for Another Big Down Leg in the Stock Market

Traders and investors should take appropriation action.

Here's Why Exxon and Chevron Shares Keep Rising

And why we keep reaping the benefits in our portfolios.

This Small-Cap Energy Stock Could Double From Current Levels

After a quant upgrade, the under-the-radar name 'checks all the boxes.' Here's our trading strategy.

The Future Is Here but I'm Not Rushing to Buy This Low-Cost Stock Just Yet

A look at a producer and distributor of renewable energy whose shares are trading below $10.

Archrock Looks Ready to Rock

The technical signals of the energy infrastructure company are bullish.

Here's My Plan to Invest in Exxon With an Assist From Chevron

XOM continues to execute at a high level, even if on the way down from temporarily inflated asset prices.

Here's Why I Continue to Like Energy Stocks

I've done quite well with several names in what I view as an uncertain market and economy.

Looking for Energy Exposure? This Undiscovered Stock May Be What You Need

The four charts here look promising.

With Green Energy Exposure, New Goldman Fund GPOW Could Pack a Punch

Let's take a look at the newly launched exchange-traded fund, the Goldman Sachs North American Pipeline & Power Equity ETF.

UGI Corp. Appears Full of Energy

You can get more and pay less now for UGI than its quote from a decade ago.

An Oil Discovery on Wall Street

It felt like investors suddenly found oil on Monday -- but is energy too hot?

Chevron Pre-Announces Earnings and Shakes Up Management: Here's the Trade

CVX is looking at performance in line to slightly better than the industry is looking at broadly.