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Successfully Timing Markets Is a Key Right Now

Sometimes doing nothing is what's best.

Schlumberger's Sweet Spot Is Right Here

SLB looks like it can pull back with weakness and this area is what I would consider a buying opportunity.

We Are a Foolish People, Colonial Pipeline, Cryptocurrencies, Job Numbers

Beyond refined fuels, what else is susceptible to sophisticated criminal or terrorist activity? The entire grid? Clean water?

Taking a Flier on Energy Transfer LP

ET appears to be in a breakout and could see more upside.

Halfway Home and This Portfolio of Lovable Losers Keeps Delivering

The 2021 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio didn't do much in April but is soundly beating the market six months after inception.

Generac Holdings Has Discounted Lots of Good News

Traders should let this correction play out.

Let's Stalk an Oil Behemoth and a Semiconductor Giant for Buy Entries

Exxon Mobil and Advanced Micro Devices are the two names with possible buy setups.

High Dividend Doesn't Have to Mean High Risk

With its exceptional 10% distribution yield, MPLX is an ideal stock for income-oriented investors who want to get into energy.

Enphase Energy's Charts Have Entered a New Phase

The gap to the downside could be the start of a decline or we could see support materialize at this level.

FuelCell Energy's Charts Tell Us a Bearish Story

The speculative runup in FCEL seems to be over. Approach with caution.

These Stocks Are Losing Energy

Several signs point to underperformance for energy names in the near term.

Avoid Tanking Up on Schlumberger

Instead, the charts advise taking profits. Here's why.

Plug Power Is Still Unplugged

The charts of PLUG are bearish and losing power.

Retirees: Get Plugged Into This Dividend Stock

Evergy is a high yield utility stock offering dependable dividends.

With Gasoline Back to $3 at the Pump Let's Check Out the XLE

Let's review the charts and indicators.

First Solar Is High on My List for Breakout Candidates Over the Next Week

Also, new issue DigitalOcean is one of the few flyers I'm willing to take here today.

Oil - It's All About Seasonality

There is no shortage of oil, there never was.

Oil and Exxon Mobil Are in My Technical Crosshairs

Following both for potential buy setups.

Plug Power Is a Mess and I Won't Buy It

Buying PLUG because it's a green energy name is not a good enough reason. Until we know more, this name is purely speculative.

Expect Oil to Grease the Wheels for Union Pacific

Here's how to play UNP as oil rises to around $65 a barrel.

Here's Where I'd Give the Green Light for General Electric

Let's check the charts of GE for when to add to long positions.

Saudi Arabia Has Only One Objective: Higher Oil Prices at Any Cost!

For now, they have achieved their objective, showing President Biden firmly who is in charge.

Listen to Mr. Market, Not Mr. Powell

Let's look at bonds, rates and, especially, inflation for a true picture of what's going on, and where to put your money.

Jim Cramer: There's No Stopping the Electric Gold Rush

You can't lip service electric vehicles anymore. Exxon's board moves indicate it knows its gasoline days are numbered.

Is Chevron Finally Ready to Make an Upside Breakout?

Let's check out some charts on the energy giant.

No Longer an 'Aristocrat,' This Dividend Stock Still Looks Pumped

Suncor Energy has a bruised but energizing 3.0% yield.

As Plug Power Plummets, There Appears to Be More Risk Ahead

Let's check out the PLUG charts as traders react to the latest EPS numbers.

This Refinery's 5.8% Dividend Yield Is Betting on a Recovery

Valero Energy's dividend has not been cut, despite hard times. There is the possibility for outsized returns from a quicker than anticipated bounce back in demand, but clear risk remains.

Looking for an Energy Boost? Try Royal Dutch Shell's 3.5% Dividend Yield

Shell suffered along with the rest of the oil and gas sector last year. But it could be a good dividend play once again.

First Solar's Charts Are Showing Some Cracks

It looks like FSLR has started a move lower.