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This Energy Dividend Name Continues to Come Out of Its Shell

Despite its rally, Royal Dutch Shell remains attractive thanks to its generous dividend and its expected 5-year total return.

Don't Rake These Energy Names Over the Coals

As China looks to crack down on energy costs, look for buying opportunities.

With Schlumberger Poised for an Upside Breakout, Here's How I'd Play It

SLB is back up near its June zenith.

Peabody Energy Is Starting to Light Up

As coal is in demand, let's check a trade in BTU.

Why Baker Hughes Stock Should Be Bought Here

Let's check out the charts and indicators ahead of the company's quarterly results.

Digging Into 3 Coal Stocks That I Kinda Dig

The long-term prospects for coal are uncertain, but in the near term the shares of this trio of companies are hot due to strong demand for their product.

Devon Energy Is Going Higher: Here's My Price Target

Not that long ago investors did not want to have energy names in their portfolio -- but things have changed.

XOP Looks Like a Buy as Crude Climbs Higher

Here's how increases in oil prices could lead to bigger gains in this exchange-traded fund.

9 Energy Stock Picks to Pump Up Your Portfolio

The energy sector has been a top performer.

How Much Power Is Left in the Energy Stocks Rally?

Energy stocks are hot this year. Is the winter set to only get warmer?

Publicly Traded Shale Producers Are Gun-Shy, but Small Operators Aren't

The market doesn't always behave according to its historical norm but the timing of this oil rally and the extent to which it has become overbought going into the seasonal peak is something to be aware of.

Cheniere Energy Is Getting Pumped

We have new price targets for LNG.

Is Stagflation Really That Hard to Trade?

What OPEC and markets are not set up for is pure demand destruction.

Plug Power Is Making a Slow and Quiet Turn Higher

Traders have been buying dips to the $25 area the past few months.

Let's Drill Down on These 2 Energy Dividend Names

Here we'll compare oil stocks: Exxon Mobil vs. Chevron.

It Still Feels Like the Early Innings for the Dry Bulk Boom

Rather than futures contracts, I usually stick with the companies.

Whirlwind of Torment, Energy Prices, Trading Apple, Palantir, American Eagle

Safe haven? Where is safe haven when U.S. Treasuries aren't really an option? Investors are swarming into the U.S. dollar and not much else.

Pipeline Operator Enbridge Is Delivering Bullish Signals

Here's how traders could approach the long side of ENB.

Interest Rates and Energy Prices Drive Further Corrective Action

There are two primary things to watch for during this selloff.

Let's RIG Up an Energy Trade

As energy strengthens, he's a play in Transocean LTD.

Gas Is Naturally the Best Choice for Energy Investors

Natural gas is the ideal transition fuel for a lower carbon future -- your portfolio should reflect that reality.

Let's Keep the Candle Lit With Exxon

Amid the darkness in the market, I see energy as a bright spot for a trade.

Energy Woes Could Give Us a Stocking Full of Coal This Holiday

Energy is now making its way into the list of worries for economic growth -- but a surge in crude can also be an opportunity for investors.

Modern 'Magic' Monetary Theory Is Running Out of Gas

Is this the real inflation scare? Let's see what's ahead for energy.

Now Is a Good Time to Buy Natural Gas Stocks

Spiking natural gas prices are an inevitable and inexorable result of government policies that demonize fossil fuels.

Chevron Is Finding Support and Getting Ready to Rally

Let's check the charts and indicators.

Gas Is Moving Like ... Ether

Let's look at these wild, crypto-like moves in gas prices, what they mean, and why gas is not oil.

Prospective Pickings Are Slim for This Annual Portfolio of Unloved Losers

The current candidates for the 2022 Tax-Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio are few and far between, with only a couple households names in the bunch.

Tellurian Still Doesn't Tell a Convincing Story Based on Its Charts

The shares of the developer of liquefied natural gas projects could rally again but do involve risk.

Occidental Petroleum Looks Ready to Strengthen

Some investors may be shying away from stocks like OXY but if there is a successful trade to be made we should consider it.