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Here's How Investors Can Get in on Soaring Uranium Prices

The charts of this fund are giving off a positive glow.

It's a Long Shot, but Here's My Ideal Scenario to Keep the Fed in Check

It involves people pocketing their savings from lower gasoline prices so that the economy cools and the Fed doesn't need to raise rates again.

3 High-Yield International Oil & Gas Majors

The top global energy names are returning more cash to shareholders through dividends and share repurchases.

CorEnergy Takes Important Step in Deleveraging

However, the preferreds are no longer 'money good.' So a completely new 'distressed company' calculus has taken over.

Chevron: Drilling Down on the Charts

Here's where aggressive traders could probe.

OPEC: To Cut or Not to Cut Production?

Oil market dynamics in 2023 are a far cry from what was seen in 2022.

Plug Power Stock Is Poised for Double Digits

The stage is set for further gains.

Range Resources Has Made an Upside Breakout

Let's see what traders could do now.

3 High-Yield MLPs for Investors to Buy Now

These master limited partnerships, which own energy assets, have 8% yields and reliable payouts.

EQT Could Rally on Latest Natural Gas Prices

Let's check the charts and indicators.

The Tide Is in Tidewater's Favor

Here's how high the shares could go.

This Trade Is Fit for a Marathon

Here's an options trade for Marathon Petroleum Corporation.

Key US Allies Meet as Seoul-Tokyo 'Shuttle Diplomacy' Resumes

Washington would love to see South Korea and Japan set aside political differences, as the two countries address the economy, security and energy supply.

Mirroring Warren Buffett's Top Holdings Isn't a Bad Way to Assemble a Portfolio

The stocks owned by Berkshire Hathaway provide a decent amount of diversity, but keep in mind they are for the investment-minded.

I Know the Curse That Is Dragging Down Oil

It's been weeks since OPEC cut production and look how oil prices have spilled. Here's who to blame -- and why the devil is in the ETFs.

Hey OPEC, Who Is Saying 'Ouch' Now?

OPEC members must be scratching their heads wondering why oil is collapsing after they took about 1 million barrels per day out of the market.

Establishing New Positions Ahead of This Fed Decision Feels Like a Coin Toss

And anyone who claims to know which direction the central bank is going to go is lying.

Enphase Energy Gaps Sharply Lower on Q2 Guidance: Here's What to Avoid

Let's review the charts and indicators.

The Major Indexes Have Lost Support and Even Strong Earnings May Not Help Them

And the ETFs that track those indexes are losing their bullish luster

Playing It Safe by Hiding Out In Yield Plays

Here's my strategy right now, including a 'no-brainer' move, and three individual plays.

TotalEnergies Makes an Upside Breakout

Here's what traders could do now.

Energy Suddenly Merits Short-Term Trading Attention Along With Tech

And there are pair of ETFs that can provide a way to trade the two sectors while minimizing risk.

A Sustainable Bull Market Is Lifting Off

The status of the market has changed as seven of 11 sectors turn positive -- but not all sectors have pointed upward, so let's look at the charts for each.

With the Oil Patch Facing Consolidation, One Stock Stands Out

Energy giants are investing on finding ways to contribute to the still developing global transition to a green energy future, and they'd like to remain permanently relevant.

Does the Popular XLE ETF Still Have Energy?

Let's review the charts.

This Stock Is a Bright Spot in the Energy Sector

There are several things that make oil producers attractive on a longer-term basis.

Market's Closed, and Boom: This News Lands ... Oh, and That Jobs Report

Move over employment numbers, I'm glued to the news about this energy name and its preferred shares.

Can Valero Pump Up the Charts?

Let's see if this petroleum refiner can slip by an upside breakout -- and if so, how it should be played.

Big Tech Has Ruled the Roost in 2023, but I'm Putting Some Cash to Work in Oil

And there is one particular stock that has gained my attention in what could become a strong sector.

OPEC Gives an Oil ETF a Boost, but It Still Doesn't Look Bullish to Me

Even after Monday's advance the oil bulls may need some time and consolidation before trying to make their next move.