Understanding Monday, What to Expect From an Economic Recovery, Reenter Walmart?

Beyond energy markets and the potential for ancillary fall-out, the S&P 500, and this may be more important from a technical viewpoint, failed to hold that 50 day SMA.

Kass: The Financial Sector, and My Experience With George Soros

I have to respectfully disagree with Jim Cramer's conclusions in his recent column, 'No Wonder Bank Stocks Have Been Hit So Hard'.

How I See Market Performance Evolving Over Time, Trading Advanced Micro

Will tech continue to trend toward leadership? Who among us can remember when it has not?

The Week Ahead: Jobless Claims, PMI Data and 35 Key Earnings Reports to Watch

More than 450 quarterly reports are on tap, including 105 S&P 500 constituents.

The Market Is Acting Like It Wants to Go Back in Time

With battle lines drawn between bulls and bears, several hundred earnings reports next week will paint a picture of what is really going on out there.

Jim Cramer: I'm Very Concerned About a Breakdown in Oil Here

I have to believe that a few more weeks of lower oil prices and we will see more bankruptcy filings.

Behavioral Change and the Economic Recovery

And when it comes to gyms and fitness, I would much rather be long Planet Fitness than Peloton. Not even close.

China Posts First Quarterly Economic Decline on Record

The first-quarter figures are the first to come out from around the world, though many nations surely will post similarly bad numbers.

Bears Are Capitulating but This Still Is Just a Very Large Counter-Trend Bounce

There is likely to be some period of consolidation as market players assess the many crosscurrents that are occurring.

Jim Cramer: No Wonder the Banks Have Been Hit So Hard

From the looks of the stocks of the banks, many of which reported excellent quarters, this group is in real trouble.