Tesla in India? Not a Chance

And listen to what Cathie Wood of ARK Investments had to say about TSLA and ride sharing.

A Second Depressed Lunar New Year Spells Disaster

Retailers and restaurants normally rely on bumper sales over the Lunar New Year holiday. But the cashier tills are silent.

SPAC Mania, My Short-Sale Rule, Inflation, Bumble IPO, Rivian, Trading Nvidia

Who knew high finance was so easy? And why the heck was I working so hard? Fundamental analysis is so 1980s.

Everyone Is Chasing the Reflation Trade Blindly

It's important to follow the macro trends like growth over value rotation, or reflation vs. deflation trade.

Super Bowl Lesson, Earnings, DC Reality, Bonds, Labor Demand, Southwest Air

Bond markets are pricing in medium-term economic growth amid monetary and fiscal conditions that they believe to be conducive to igniting inflation.

One Thing Missing in Asia: Shoppers

Households are reining in spending in Asia, which presents a problem for Europe and the U.S.

We Are Back to Brent Levels Where Russia/Saudi Tensions Started Last Year

As prices nudge towards $60/bbl Brent today, where do things stand?

There's No Use Crying About Stagflation, Profit From It!

With what's going on, Adam Smith just rolled over in his grave.

A Market No-Doubter, Vaccine Milestone, GDP Green Shoots, Inovio, Amazon, Google

The fact is that even if there is some compromise, the next fiscal stimulus package will be closer to $1.9 trillion than $600 billion.

3 Important Questions the Fed Answered Wednesday

Powell was asked a number of questions about asset bubbles and financial stability risks during his press conference.