Beware the Ides of March - There Is a Reason for That Saying!

The fate of the broader equity market lies in the hands of the bond market.

Jim Cramer: A Different Breed of Investor

The rebellion against concept investing I think is not done but it will be if we get twice the GDP growth than we have had.

Sensationalism Sells, Treasury Auctions, Nasdaq Follow-Through?, Inflation

Should the Nasdaq create a new low for the week at any point from here... we will have to admit to being in correction.

Economic Stimulus, Financial Markets React, Treasury Auctions, Covid Update

How does this all end? I don't know that it does end.

Chinese Tech Stocks Sell Off Hard as Beijing Pulls Away Punch

The index of major Chinese technology companies listed in Hong Kong has given up 20.5% of its value in less than a month.

A $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Bill Triggers More Sector Rotation

Inflationary concerns were boosted by more stimulus, but better individual stock-picking is developing again.

China's Rubber-Stamp Congress Set to Kick Off

Cracking down on Hong Kong and outlining plans for future growth are two key items on the agenda in Beijing.

What's Up at the Fed? Supply & Demand, 12 Trading Notes, Microsoft Conference

Should we care about Australia's central bank taking overtly aggressive action to reign in the long end of their yield curve? Yes, we should.

It's the Fed vs. the U.S. Bond Markets Now!

All eyes will be on the Fed during their March FOMC meeting. It remains to be seen what they do next.

Yellen Drops $1.1 Trillion Treasury Cash Pile in a Big Jolt for Money Markets

With new liquidity about to pour in, it remains to be seen how will it affect equities, risk assets, and more importantly, money markets.