Inverted Curve, Recession Risk and Defense Plays: Market Recon

Stocks to buy on this volatile global macro environment, and what needs to change to avoid a recession.

Sovereign Debt, Consumer Spending and a Play on CyberArk: Market Recon

Collateral damage from the trade war is clearly causing ripple effects across global markets.

South Korea Vows Japan Will Not 'Defeat' It Again After Trade War Blow

Japan has followed through on its threat to remove South Korea from its 'white list' of most-favored trade nations. The fight looks set to worsen.

Price Action Is Now Confirming the Negative Thesis

The only logical move at this point is to play stronger defensive.

Here's My Concern Over the Headline Jobs Numbers

Ultimately stocks are only going higher if the expansion does in fact keep going.

Tariffs, Jobs Report and How to Position Your Portfolio: Market Recon

Market indices are close enough to their apex where profits can be taken and cash be raised intelligently.

Reacting to the Fed

With the current Fed it appears as if the economy might be a second factor in making decisions.

The Market's Love/Hate Relationship with the Fed

Most traders are impatiently waiting for the Federal Open Market Committee's decision at 2 pm ET.

Fed Front and Center, Apple Earnings, Trading AMD: Market Recon

Understand that the expected Fed rate cut today is not about recent economic performance in the least.

Busy Earnings Week, China Trade, Fed Moves, Trading Beyond Meat: Market Recon

The real threat here would be if the Fed were fooled by domestic economic data that remains better than bad, from properly preparing for a very uncertain future.