Strange Moves, Jobless Masses, Vaccine Hope, Adobe Advances: Market Recon

The headline numbers don't present the full story of what is going on with the equity markets.

Jim Cramer: In the Vast Patch of Market Green There Are Plenty of Weeds

It may just be a matter of time before the green chokes on the pestilence and the stock market stars don't even matter.

I Don't Have Confidence in the Fed to Take the Actions Needed

When the banking system is not healthy at its core, neither is the stock market regardless of its current price level.

I'm Staying Very Watchful of Overall Market Conditions

I'm concerned about breadth, and if we start seeing 3 to 1 negative breadth then I'll be very concerned.

There's Not a Single Dollar Bull Left!

Make no mistake, we're at the beginning of the demise of the dollar, but we're still years away from a total collapse.

What the Fed Said and What It Means for Investors

There were three simple investment conclusions from the Fed minutes.

Kind of Lousy Markets, Washington Stimulus? FOMC Minutes, Watching Amazon

Has the Fed created bubbles, or pockets better set up for success in this post modern world?

A Walk on the Wild Side, the Fed, Emerging Risk, Buffett's Gold: Market Recon

Markets are possibly fine until either growth or inflation force the Fed to change guidance on interest rates.

Kass: 10 Factors That Could Send Us Into a Sudden Bear Market

My view is that the period leading up to the November election holds a list of unique and potentially worrisome risks.

The Pockets of Speculative Action Continue to Be Pretty Narrow

I continue to be concerned about the price action of the indices but I can't complain about the stock picking.