The Fed Is Running Scared

The equity market is massively overpriced, and there are some serious recession risks looming with a Fed that is backed into a corner.

There's an Historic Shift Going On at the Fed

All this dot plot tells us is that there is a large majority within the Fed that favors staying on hold.

A Market Friendly Fed

We'll see how well the indices hold up when the Powell's press conference starts.

Revisiting Housing and 2 Homebuilder Stocks to Watch

Builder confidence has ticked up of late heading into the crucial spring selling season.

Was This a Prelude to a Reversal in Trend for the Market?

The downside action Tuesday afternoon wasn't necessarily a bad thing for stock-pickers.

Ulta Beauty Could Be Vulnerable to a Pullback or Decline

A look at the stock charts on upscale beauty store sensation Ulta should give investors reason for pause.

The Fed's New Dovish View Has Huge Consequences for the Markets

Look no further than Europe for why the Fed has make this shift.

Markets, Trade Deal, Cyber Attacks, My ZTO Play: Market Recon

National security is job one. Cutting a nice deal with China that benefits both sides must come second.

How to Play This Apple Upgrade, and Semiconductor Strength: Market Recon

Consolidation is driving growth in the semis, but tech-led strength is never a bad thing.

U.S. Remains Best House in an Increasing Beleaguered Neighborhood

Economic reports out of Europe and China have not been encouraging, which appears to leave the U.S. to power the global economic engine.