Jim Cramer: Stop Moaning and Start Buying

Everyone keeps asking me if there's a recession around the corner. My answer: I don't see it.

Bears in a Tough Spot as Buying Momentum Increases

The best way to improve performance with the indices in an uptrend is to buy high-beta individual stocks.

Summer Lovin' Was a Blast, Is the FUN Over?

Dividend investors should be rather comfortable with Cedar Fair's dividend prospects over the coming year.

Choppy Market Action on Hong Kong News

There is no reason to rush in right now and put precious capital to work.

Bears Strengthen Their Argument With Manufacturing Data

The question now is whether this is going to drive the Fed to cut rates more quickly.

Economic Forecasting Is Even More Difficult Than Forecasting Hurricanes

Our goal as investors and traders isn't to predict what is going to happen but to navigate events as they unfold.

U.S.-China Trade War: Things Will Get Worse Before They Get Better

I start this week in risk-off mode and want to sell every rally in risk.

Doctor Copper Confirms the Global Economic Slowdown

Freeport-McMoRan is always going to be my first call on the health of copper.

Fed's Powell Provides Little Clarity

What we are hearing is that the Fed is data-dependent and is aware of the potential problems caused by the trade dispute and other issues.

Jobs Stunner, Mountainous Debt and Sitting Out Salesforce: Market Recon

Recent U.S. jobs creation wasn't as great as first thought, which isn't welcome news in an economy powered by consumer spending.