Bumpy Road, Ukraine War, China, Week in Review, S&P 500, Apple on Thin Ice

Would Beijing risk becoming the global pariah that Russia is now?

Let's Check Out Some Bullish Action Below the Market's Crummy Surface

Gogo Inc. and Regenxbio are among a few stocks that traders might want to follow.

Pumped-Up Inflation, Hard Day on Hardware, Volume Fades, DocuSign Sinks

Plus, JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs follow the herd and take steps back from their business in Russia.

High Volatility Occurs in Bear Markets, Not Bull Markets

One positive is that there has been more focus on stock picking.

Market Players Are Having a Hard Time Resisting Some of These Bargains

It's surprisingly strong action in view of the headline risk out of Ukraine and also the likelihood of a very hot CPI number on Thursday.

Unbridled Aggression, Russian Oil, Eye on Odessa, Jobs Day, Riding the Rails

Was Russia's attack upon a Ukrainian nuclear power plant shockingly reckless or shockingly calculated?

Indian Economy, Hong Kong Stocks Hurting Most in Asia

When India reports GDP later today, the numbers won't factor in the future heavy cost to the country of higher oil prices.

Markets Champion Alternative to More Marcos Rule in Philippines

'Bongbong' Marcos is the frontrunner heading toward presidential elections in the Philippines, but the private sector supports his rival.

We're Finally Paying the Piper for How the COVID Pandemic Was Handled

The vast sums of money the government injected into the economy in response to COVID fueled the inflation that now vexes the markets.

The Wonder of It All, See-Saw Market, Retail Sales, Peak Inflation, Cisco Beats

Right now, there are three boxes that traders and investors are trying to compartmentalize everything into.