The Market Only Cares About a Fed Pivot and Nothing More

All eyes will be on the Fed next week as to how they handle angry tantrum-throwing toddler investors demanding even more candy.

ECB Tones It Down, GDP Intrique, Old-School Stocks Rule, Amazon in Depth

Amazon's latest results weren't bad, but its outlook is far from encouraging.

Can You Afford to Be Out of the Market?

Holding excessive cash is becoming a liability and I've got a new name that looks excessively beaten up and ready to rebound.

Big-Cap Tech and Broader Market Square Off in a Tug of War Yet to Be Resolved

This is a very unusual divergence and is likely to be a very messy and volatile process.

Facebook Flops, Credit Suisse, Markets, US Dollar, 3 Takeaways, I Bonds

Meta will be tradeable. On that, there is no doubt. Is the stock investable? We'll see.

Big-Cap Tech Is Batting 0 for 3, but Indexes Still Are Holding Up

Amazon and Apple report results tonight, which will be a big test for the market as worries shift from inflation to economic growth.

Big Tech Sees Big Declines, With Big Names Apple and Amazon Still to Come

The concern is that these big-cap tech stocks are a warning of much broader economic weakness.

Inflation Worries Are Declining as Concerns About Economic Slowing Are Building

Technical conditions favor more upside while the economic debate intensifies.

Glorious Tuesday, US Dollar Index, High-Tech Beatdown, Awful Macro

If this market can survive last night's earnings without completely breaking anything, I think we still have a ballgame.

What Lies Beneath: How Tuesday's Rally Was Different Than Monday's

As 'heavyweights' report earnings there is proof that the Fed's hawkishness is having an impact.