There Are No Historic Precedents for This Market Action

The pockets of extremely strong momentum as 20 million people lose their jobs creates great confusion for those that are trying to apply logic to the market.

The 'Don't Fight the Fed' Bulls Regain Their Confidence

It's very broad, correlated buying as underinvested bulls try to put more cash to work.

Warren Buffett and European Style vs. American Style Equity Puts

One question I found particularly interesting revolved around the structure of the equity puts Berkshire Hathaway sold years ago during the financial crisis.

This Is Essentially 'Sell Everything' Action Right Now

Traders should be celebrating this action as it will give us a fresh crop of opportunities.

Is Asia Emerging from the Covid-19 Crisis?

Hong Kong and South Korea are notable success stories. But India's travails appear to be only beginning, a path other underdeveloped nations may follow.

I'm Treating This Action as the Start of a Potentially Deeper Pullback

The earnings tonight from Amazon and Apple are the most important of the quarter.

Has the Fed Eliminated the Risk of a Meaningful Pullback?

While the power of the Fed is unquestionable, there will be issues that liquidity simply can't fix.

Jim Cramer: Consider the Fed and Treasury Ad Hoc Insurers Demanding No Premium

Maybe it ends up being a small price to pay to avoid a depression.

A Confused Market Deals With Another Gap-Up Open

Our job is to try to embrace the price action as best we can even if we don't see the logic behind it.

Nothing Seems to Bother This Market Right Now, Certainly Not Earnings

It is hard to fully understand how the worst economic crisis we have ever seen is not creating more pressure on stocks.