Jim Cramer: Here's Why All Three Averages Are Having Their Best Days in Months

Comments from China, Mexico and the Fed led the way.

Jim Cramer: Friday's Employment Number Will Decide Fed Action

Fed Chairman Powell is monitoring rates and recognizes that he might have to take action if the trade wars knock down economic activity.

Less Than a Cold War, but More Than a Trade War

This may be a case where the short-term damage to markets may be for the best in the longer run.

Kass: 13 Reasons Why It Is Different This Time

The market is in a different place now than it was late last year, so don't expect the same kind of rebound.

Stock Market Takes Recession Fears to Heart

A bounce on dovish Fed comments was completely reversed, which illustrates how poor market sentiment has become.

What Does It Take for Interest Rates to Get Even Lower?

To get rates even lower, we do probably need the economy to get slower.

Market Players Are More Focused on Selling Strength

It isn't pretty out there but it is what is needed to get us to a low that may hold.

Economic Storm Clouds Over Europe

The main concern for investors remains escalating trade tensions between the U.S. and China.

Beware of Outside Influence

Pay strict attention to sentiment indicators

S&P 500 Support Holds, but a Third Test Would Likely Be a Different Story

While the bears have been unsuccessful so far in breaking support, the bulls have been equally lackluster in generating upside momentum.