Stick to Companies That Reward You From Their Positive Cash Flows

Leave the dreams to Cathie Wood and the misapprehensions to the Fed.

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On Thursday, there was certainly not as broad-based a run for the exits as the market headline numbers suggest.

Concerns About a Recession Are Building

Recession worries have been discounted to some degree by the market, but will still be a headwind as we start the second quarter.

Kass: There's Downside Risk to Economic Growth and Upside Risk to Inflation

I'm of the view that we are in a Bear Market rally.

Several Key Economic Engines in the U.S. Are Sputtering

The situation is unlikely to get any better in the months ahead.

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Besides what one might think... TINA (there is no alternative) remains a factor for now... in equity markets.

What an Inverted Yield Curve Is Telling Us About a Potential Recession

The inversion that we saw this week is only the beginning -- an ever more aggressive Fed results in an ever more inverted curve.

Why I'm Not Buying the Market's 'Head Fake'

With a multitude of headwinds, should the S&P 500 really be trading at 20 times forward earnings?

Market Push and Pull, Powell's Brutal Honesty, Yield Curves and Spreads, Russia

The lesson is to remain flexible. Always. Let price discovery guide decision making as much as logic, not less, not more.

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Plus, the average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage has risen above 4%, so what will that do to the housing market?