Gloom and Doom Could Lead to Several Positive Surprises

it seems that consensus is to interpret anything that can be viewed as bad, as actually bad, and anything that could be good, as an aberration that will soon become bad.

As Usual, Equities Are the Last Ones to Get What Is Really Happening

Like central bankers, the equity markets seem oblivious to weakening global economic conditions that indicate a recession already is here.

Powell and the Fed: Send in the Clowns

The Fed Chair's statement is such a mass of self-contradiction and obfuscation that it is no wonder his colleagues are deserting him.

Novice Trade: Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF

The economy is not nearly as bad as the news makes it out to be.

It's Time to Grow More Wary of Growth Expectations

GDP and corporate earnings trends are not favorable and increasingly indicate slowing economies here and abroad.

Oil Supply, Saudi Attacks, Fed Rate Cuts and Netflix: Market Recon

The U.S. economy may see a real lift-off in consumer prices due to higher energy prices, even if certain sectors stand to benefit greatly -- as might the trade deficit.

Bulls Win the Week and the Bears Are Cranky

The bears remain convinced a recession is on the horizon and the central bankers aren't going to be able to stop it.

OK Job Growth Isn't OK

If employment is weakening, it would be a very ominous sign that a recession is getting closer.

Jobs Report and Jerome Powell Dominate Markets

The bulls are counting on a friendly Fed to support the market while the bears are convinced that it is already too late for interest rate cuts to save the economy from a slowdown.

Jim Cramer: Stop Moaning and Start Buying

Everyone keeps asking me if there's a recession around the corner. My answer: I don't see it.