Resilience? Stagflation Signs, Nvidia Action, Fed Hawks on Deck, Booster Rockets

A wall of liquidity seems to absorb every dip. But there are also enough reasons to be ever vigilant.

Simplifying the Rates Market

As Jackson Hole approaches, here are my views on tapering, rate hikes and the markets.

Confidence of Consumers Sags as They Feel the Sting of Inflation

From rent to food and gasoline, the prices people are paying are climbing and that is putting a pessimistic hue on their view of the world.

How Consumer Prices and QE Are Affecting Markets

The impact of QE is not what you may think, and inflation and rate hikes will have a more direct effect on yields.

Inflation, Infrastructure Spending, and Stagflation

Regardless of one's politics, this ought to scare you as an investor.

Fiscal Landscape, Spending Packages, CPI, Trading the Semis, Cleveland Cliffs

Also, the NFIB Small Business Optimism Index printed at 99.7 for July, still on the strong side, but well below June's print, and well below expectations.

Market Chop Top, Witches' Brew for the Economy, Federal Reserve, Trading AMC

We hear so much about how there will be an everything rally once the Delta variant peaks. We have not already had 'an everything' rally?

Bond Yields, Infrastructure Bill, Job Creation, Earnings, Vaccine Booster Shots

One thing we know is that the current wave of the pandemic just seems to be getting worse.

Why the July Jobs Report Could Be a Game Changer

What you need to know about the blowout report and where markets are likely headed next.

What Happened to All That Oil Market Tightness?

If the market is really as tight as the analysts claim, then why is the price not moving much higher?