The Time for Inflation to Be Resolved Benignly Has Passed

The possibility of a recession in the quarters ahead cannot be dismissed.

Markets, Russia, China and the Fed

I am more concerned, for markets, about quantitative tightening than rate hikes.

I'm Not Totally Convinced That Buyers Can Keep Pushing the Action

The hope is that we are hitting peak inflation, but the overall technical picture remains difficult.

Technical Conditions Deteriorate Amid a Hot CPI Report

Nearly everyone agrees that the CPI reading will stay strong for quite a while.

It's Stagflation All Over Again

If this period plays out similarly to some four decades ago, investors can expect PE multiples to contract significantly for the overall market.

Firmer Footing, China and India Play Nice with Russia, Under O'Reilly's Hood

The indexes manage to register a mixed day on Thursday as St. Louis Fed President James Bullard speaks on the fed funds rate.

3 Recession-Proof Dividend Stocks

The prospect of a potential recession this year means investors must be more vigilant than ever in selecting stocks for their portfolio.

Kass: It's Now Time for the Fed Hammer, as Opposed to the Fed Put

The important bottom line is we have the fess up, in print, from a guy in the know that the Fed really does target stock prices.

Fed Sledgehammers, FOMC Minutes, CPI, Bonds, Markets, 5 Steps to Victory

One must accept that the FOMC is probably very close to being quite aggressive and being so aggressive quite unanimously.

Leadership Reestablished? Manic Monday, Check Out the Charts, Death of Globalism

Tech might not truly be leading markets vertically, but it is certainly leading investor behavior in a more horizontal fashion.