To Taper or Not to Taper? All Eyes Are on the FOMC

When growth starts to slow and inflation moves higher - that's the most unfavorable set of conditions. And that's exactly the market's nervousness right now.

COVID Hasn't Disappeared as a Threat to the Economy

Despite vaccinations the number of Americans contracting the virus is far greater than a year ago, which stands to impact businesses of all sorts.

Ugly Tuesday, Risky Marketplace, Fed Tapering, Trading Wells Fargo and Entegris

Does the cooler core CPI print give the fiscal doves a leg up in negotiating the size and scope of whatever they'll end up passing, probably later this month?

Ugliness Ahead?, Debt Ceiling, Price Discovery, Fiscal Policy Trajectory

My trades? What am I doing? Maintaining not gargantuan, but elevated cash levels. Not going crazy.

Slowing Economic Growth, Trading Ford and Apple, Playing GameStop Earnings

The spread of COVID's latest and scariest variants continue to warp economies across the planet, preventing commerce from functioning more normally.

Kass: There's No Simple Road Ahead

The market's overall upside reward is materially dwarfed by the downside risk.

The Fed's Goal Posts Keep Getting Moved Further and Further Back

The Fed is convinced that endless money printing has no negative consequences.

What the 'Messy' August Jobs Report Means for Investors and the Fed

This payroll result should be a reminder that just because there aren't a lot of new legal restrictions doesn't mean consumers won't change behavior.

With 'Stagflation Lite' on the Horizon, I'm Waltzing Into 2 Cheap Stocks

Despite my pessimism on the market, when the music is playing you have to dance.

Jobs Day Jolt, So-So Thursday, Manchin Is the Man, DocuSign Language

Plus, Morgan Stanley sharply lowers its third-quarter GDP expectations and Dr. Fauci provides little COVID comfort.