Jim Cramer: Why Is the Market Down? It's Simple

The market may be down but, once again, the decline's about the White House getting re-tough on China.

Hey Investors, Listen to Bill Murray, Not the 'Confederacy of Dunces'

This bizarre, up, up, up movement makes absolutely no sense.

When Will the Stock Market Care About the Economy?

The great challenge of the market isn't identifying the things that matter but timing when they do matter.

The High Level of Skepticism Is Driving This Market

Anyone attempting to navigate this market based on macro-economic analysis is going to have a tough time.

Poor Positioning, Not News, Is Driving the Market Action

If there wasn't so much skepticism, there wouldn't be so much strength.

Jim Cramer: The Narrative Has Changed

Let's take a moment to acknowledge how stupid something like sell in May really is, especially this year because it's turning out to be a pivotal month in the U.S. economy.

Bullish to Bearish and Back Again

If the opportunity is there, no need to be inactive. Bears make money, but long time bulls do far better.

FOMO, the Fed, and Climbing the Wall of Worry

Several factors are driving a positive open and good stock picking, but it's still a trading range.

Amid Economic and Trade Drama, There's a Bid Under This Market

It is rather remarkable that stocks have been essentially flat for a month.

The Charts of S&P Global Sit at a Technical Crossroad

Stand aside until we see if volume increases on the rally or increases on a selloff.