Market Is Blindsided by an Unanticipated Gut Punch to the Financial Sector

The revelation of liquidity pressures at SVB Financial Group sends the market reeling as it raises fears of potential problems at other financial institutions.

Hello S&P 500 Trendline, My Old Friend

This is the key to determining if the current bull trend will continue, or is about to end.

What Powell Said, Fuel for the Fire, Biden's Budget, Bond Yields, Trading AMD

Why get excited about the ADP print when by Friday morning, regardless of outcome, your brain will immediately discard it as meaningless?

The Market Is Pinned Down as Investors Await Further Economic News

In this difficult environment, there is an important sector to watch.

Where the Fed Is Headed, Damaged Markets, Heavy Profit Taking, Bank Selloff

Powell launched an uppercut to the markets after having stunned the algorithms that control price discovery with a right cross to the jaw.

The Market Struggles to Hold Key Technical Support as It Prices in Higher Rates

The argument that the market has fully discounted the economic chaos that lies ahead is extremely hard to justify.

The Bullish China Reopening Narrative Looks to Be in Serious Doubt

Speculation only works if the physical market follows.

Waiting on the Fed, Jobs, Powell on the Hill, Dimon, Moynihan, Trading Defense

The Fed Chair will have to, once gain, thread the needle this week.

Can The Market Handle Hot Inflationary News?

Technical conditions are favorable, but there are four big news events coming up before the next Fed meeting on March 22.

Sizing Up Stocks and Bonds as a Cornucopia of Jobs Data Awaits

Credit is looking strong and stocks seem to be responding well to spending cuts, but zero days to expiration options are a wild card.