We May Be Entering a New Paradigm Shift in Asset Allocation

We will enter a hyper inflationary world at some point. In that environment bonds and equities will move together in the same direction, and the 60-40 model will not work anymore.

The Fed's Big Bazooka, Covid-19 Treatments, Market Breather

Amid dramatically rising jobless claims, the Fed continues to fire big bullets, the Senate is pushing its economic support package and Gilead and Regeneron have made progress on coronavirus treatments.

The Fed Goes All In: What It All Means and How It Will Shape the Markets

Here's how the central bank's actions might help.

China Posts Worst Economic Performance on Record

Monday's numbers for production, retail sales and the jobless rate are all the worst on record for China. Asian shares continued heavy selling despite central-bank support.

The Virus Is in Control, Aggressive Fed Moves, How Low Equities?: Market Recon

Let's be clear. The virus is the problem, and the economy will contract, perhaps significantly so, regardless of policy efforts made to counteract this reality.

Coronavirus Impact Spreads, Market Selloff, Fed Action, Risk Tolerance

What came first? The chicken or the egg? The bear market or the pandemic? I don't care much for labels.

Virus Numbers in China as Suspect as Trading in Restaurant Chains

Shares in Chinese restaurant operators are not reflecting reality on the ground.

The Week Ahead: Coronavirus Impact, Super Tuesday, Jobs and 30 Earnings Reports

Buckle up for what is likely to be another eventful five days.

What the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Has to Say About Covid-19

Let's see, what does the guide to the entire universe have to say that could possibly help us in the face of a virulent virus? Two words.

Kass: Danger but Opportunity as Well

Let's examine the non consensus view - some reasons why I have started to do some buying.