Jim Cramer: No Wonder the Banks Have Been Hit So Hard

From the looks of the stocks of the banks, many of which reported excellent quarters, this group is in real trouble.

The Struggles in the Small-Caps and Financials Continue to Worry Me

I prefer to stick with wrapping positions in collars or using covered calls or stock replacement.

Most of the Strong Stocks Out There Are Beneficiaries of the Coronavirus Crisis

Although there is great fear of the economic issues that lie ahead, there is still a hunger for speculative action in the market.

Assessing the Economic Damage Continues as Hope of Reopening the Economy Builds

There will be some long-lasting changes in behavior that will impact the economy in many ways as it recovers.

Institutions Hold Fire, Abbott Labs Strategy, Zscaler Breakout

Despite the dramatic and highly negative decline in economic activity that forced algos to hit the markets from above, enough portfolio managers faded that move to lessen its impact.

Has This Counter-Trend Bounce Run Out of Steam?

I see no reason to build any longer-term positions but there are trades to be had.

Fed Dollar Printing, Business Darwinism and Trading Ideas for the Long Weekend

It should now be clear the Fed isn't out of bullets until it is no longer able to print dollars of value.

The Death of Capitalism

The seeds of this government takeover of markets were planted more than a decade ago.

Is This the Start of a Bull Market or a False Breakout?

Buying the market here is about pricing the economic recovery and the end of financial damage being priced into these stocks.

Kass: The Week That Was - Positives and Negatives

The positives and negatives of this week.