Better Homebuilder Buy: KB Home or Lennar?

Time to break down the best bet.

Use Caution on Small-Caps, Plus Apple, Tesla and McDonald's: Market Recon

Equity markets marked time on Monday, mostly on light volume.

I'm Not Seeing Much Excitement in the Apple Event

This market needed something to distract it from the inverted yield issue and deteriorating technical conditions, and AAPL is not going to provide it.

The Stock Market Is NOT the Economy

The economy, simply put, is the wealth of a country in terms of production and consumption of goods and services.

Listen to the Wise Traders of the Bond Markets

They are more seasoned than traders of any other asset class.

This Yield Curve Inversion Is Scary, but Not the End of the World

If the entire inversion was because everyone was horrified by domestic economic data, I'd be extremely concerned, but much of it can be explained by other factors.

Jim Cramer: Stay the Course Because the Recession Is Not Coming

You can't stop the rain coming down on this market until you get a host of people to realize there are bargains even if we have a big slowdown.

Don't Overreact to a Pullback in an Extended Market

The market may be due for some consolidation at this point, but don't read too much into it.

The Fed Is Running Scared

The equity market is massively overpriced, and there are some serious recession risks looming with a Fed that is backed into a corner.

There's an Historic Shift Going On at the Fed

All this dot plot tells us is that there is a large majority within the Fed that favors staying on hold.