Fed Dollar Printing, Business Darwinism and Trading Ideas for the Long Weekend

It should now be clear the Fed isn't out of bullets until it is no longer able to print dollars of value.

The Death of Capitalism

The seeds of this government takeover of markets were planted more than a decade ago.

Is This the Start of a Bull Market or a False Breakout?

Buying the market here is about pricing the economic recovery and the end of financial damage being priced into these stocks.

Kass: The Week That Was - Positives and Negatives

The positives and negatives of this week.

Jobs Report Suggests Economy May Be in Even Worse Shape Than We Thought

Hiring completely froze even before the stay-at-home orders started coming down.

Covid-19: The Elusive Pursuit of Clarity

Jobs news will provide some data points, but we still have little idea of the extent of the economic damage that will occur.

Unpopular Opinion: Copper Will Soon Be a Better Buy Than a Sell

Where there is pain there is also opportunity.

The Fed Must Shift Their Focus to Stimulating the Real Economy

Most of the Fed's programs have been aimed at financial markets functioning.

Uncertainty Reigns Supreme

The VIX indicator typically shows higher levels when fear, doubt and uncertainty rise to a level of panic. That often subsides quickly, but not this time around.

Q2 Earnings Expectations, 4 Key Economic Questions, Trading Abbott Labs

I do believe that having no economy is temporary. I also believe that what comes out on the other side will be smaller, far less global.