Bears Stumped as Stocks Rally on China Growth, Robust Jobs Market

The bears were left grumbling this week as stocks rose with good economic news from China and a solid U.S. jobs report.

3 'Flextensions' Very Evident in This Market: Tesla, Oil and Bonds

Brexit is not the only big issue getting kicked down the road lately.

There Is Generally Good Action on My Screens Today

The price action is quite good.

China Progress? March Jobs Data, Trading Lowe's: Market Recon

With any China deal, there must be a clear and verifiable method of enforcing compliance.

A Slower but Not Slowing Economy

The economy has slowed from its mid-2018 pace, but it is now stable at this slower pace.

GDP Growth Rising, Plus My Take on Amazon: Market Recon

Both U.S. and Chinese economic data is coming in stronger than expected, which will help support this rally.

Jim Cramer: Monday's Rise Was Driven by Chinese PMI

Portfolio managers care more about Chinese expansion than they do Chinese trade talks.

Bonds vs. Equities: Something Has to Give

It seems the bond market has taken a very pessimistic stance on any recovery happening.

Don't Fight the People's Bank of China

With both the Fed and PBC providing cheap capital, the market has a wind at its back.

Chinese PMI Data, Valuation Expansion and Playing Energy: Market Recon

I am taking profits on energy names on WTI's 32% quarterly gain.