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Economic Data  

Jim Cramer: Here's What We'll Find Out When the Banks Report Next Week

The banks have the ability to determine much of what's real and what's phony, more than any other group.

It's Time to Diversify Away From Financial Assets to Hard Assets

Powell and Mnuchin have created a bubble in their response to the Covid-19 crisis. It's difficult to see one when inside one.

How This Recession Could Play Out From Here

While every recession is different, here's what could be in store for jobs, interest rates, the Fed and stocks.

Q2 Earnings Expectations, Phase 3 Vaccine Clinical Trials, Unemployment Numbers

What if the market is simply pricing in a quarter that had already been priced out?

Jim Cramer: Happy Days Aren't Quite Here Again

Nothing seems to matter anymore except which stock to buy, a staggering conclusion with 11% unemployment and a raging epidemic.

Asia Faces $2.7 Trillion Bill From Covid-19

Several asian nations will experience significant economic damage from the coronavirus, according to forecasts by Standard & Poor's.

Leading Economic Indicators Paint a Bearish Picture on the Covid-19 Recovery

Analyzing the 10 components of the Conference Board's LEI should give us an idea of when things will get back to normal.

Blow the Whistle: Union Pacific Is Set to Break Out to New Highs

The rally in the shares is not over.

The Battle Continues: News Flow vs. Liquidity

Liquidity trumps bad news and helps to accelerate good news. It isn't very sophisticated or complicated but it is what's working.

There's Plenty of Poor Positioning Again Today

I expect those that have been missing out to be lurking not too far under the surface.

Can Bears Claw Some Negatives Out of the Fed and Powell?

The Fed Chair really isn't concerned about the bubbly action in the stock market.

Jim Cramer: Stocks to Buy If You're Feeling Better About the Economy's Descent

You buy stocks of secular growers, the ones that have particular engines developed by themselves that allow them to fly into headwinds without a problem.

The Stock Market Predicts Economic Data Will Turn Up

I'd venture to say the market is even now looking past the November election results and into 2021 to see what might be in store.

My Trade Today Is Sitting on My Hands

Other than taking profits, I'm not interested in putting on new trades.

Today's Market Action Shows the Macro Can Outweigh the Micro

Time to make the leap from avoiding overvalued assets to actually investing in plays that will benefit from a reversion to fair levels of valuation.

Jobs Report Is a Welcome Surprise -- But Not as Great as It Seems

What happened? And what does it mean for the recovery?

Market Leaps Higher on Shockingly Strong Jobs News

The good news today isn't being sold but we have to stay vigilant and see if the positive price action continues.

Darden Restaurants Could Have Some Tasty Gains as the Economy Reopens

Let's look at the charts and indicators.

It's a Stock Market Bubble

An unrelenting rise combined with wild small-cap speculation in a difficult economy has market players struggling to understand what's going on.

Still Waiting for the Negative Market Narrative to Matter

There are some signs of a shift in market character so stay vigilant but don't be too anticipatory.

Jim Cramer: What's Normalcy in This Country?

We're cheering what may be an aberration, a bullish employment number. We'll take what it brings - a wholesale shift in what we're buying and what we're selling to fund it.

The Reopening of the Economy Seems to Be Driving the Positive Sentiment

The stocks that are leading are a completely different group than has led from the March lows.

Minor Selling Hits as the Market Rests in Front of a Long Weekend

The best approach is to trade and stay vigilant.

Jim Cramer: Why Is the Market Down? It's Simple

The market may be down but, once again, the decline's about the White House getting re-tough on China.

Hey Investors, Listen to Bill Murray, Not the 'Confederacy of Dunces'

This bizarre, up, up, up movement makes absolutely no sense.

When Will the Stock Market Care About the Economy?

The great challenge of the market isn't identifying the things that matter but timing when they do matter.

The High Level of Skepticism Is Driving This Market

Anyone attempting to navigate this market based on macro-economic analysis is going to have a tough time.

Poor Positioning, Not News, Is Driving the Market Action

If there wasn't so much skepticism, there wouldn't be so much strength.

Jim Cramer: The Narrative Has Changed

Let's take a moment to acknowledge how stupid something like sell in May really is, especially this year because it's turning out to be a pivotal month in the U.S. economy.

Bullish to Bearish and Back Again

If the opportunity is there, no need to be inactive. Bears make money, but long time bulls do far better.