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Economic Data  

What the Fed Has Wrought

Damage From the central bank's policy mistakes are likely to keep growing.

Caterpillar's Stock Was Hot, Now It's Not: Here's the Trade

Two downgrades by a highly rated analyst are not to be taken lightly.

Bulls Shrug off Negative Arguments and Continue to Drive Big-Caps Higher

Strength in the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 is helping to drive sentiment, and that is keeping folks from embracing the bearish narrative.

Coming Recession, Charting Yield Curves, Fed, Yellen's Gaffe, Week Ahead

The Fed still has a somewhat Pollyannaish view of where unemployment and inflation will go as the economy slows.

Stay Away From These Types of Stocks, They're Radioactive

Here's what you're better off buying. I certainly have.

Restaurant Stock Rally Continues, But It's Not What You Think

Just check out your local restaurants and drive-throughs.

It's Not Whether the Next Shoe Will Drop, But Where and When

A few months of anxiety likely lies ahead of us, and caution remains the watchword of the day.

The Good, Bad and Ugly: What's Happening and What Investors Need to Do

Right now I have more in cash, or equivalents, than in equities. Ever hear of a Wall Street guy saying that before?

Contradictory Yellen, Bank Stocks, Markets, Fed Balance Sheet, Awful Inflation

It remains quite apparent that the banks are far from finding their way out of the woods.

Are Big-Cap Technology Stocks Leading the Market Higher or a Warning Sign?

These stocks are viewed as a safe play to part with excess liquidity, and the banking crisis has created a bit of excess cash that needs a place to go.

3 Bombshells That Rocked the Market

Between Powell and Yellen it was quite a day. And what a reaction we got.

Sorting Out the Market Impact of the Fed's Interest Rate Decision

To what degree can liquidity continue to override the obvious economic issues that have intensified due to the banking crisis?

The Most Important Thing Powell Needs to Do Wednesday

This will determine where stocks are by the end of the week.

The Most Consequential Fed Decision in Years

The biggest banking crisis since 2008-9 has shifted expectations about the economy and interest rates.

Fed Day of Days, Small Rate Hike? Banking System, Treasuries, Markets

Powell will be barraged with questions regarding the health of the US banking system and what exactly went wrong at several specific banks.

As Yellen Speaks About the Banking System, Is It Tradable?

Here's why I bought two regional bank stocks -- and my plans for both.

The Short-Term Price-Action Bulls Are Driving the Trading

Economics and fundamentals will drive the action in the longer term.

The Fed Is Playing With Fire: To Raise or Not to Raise?

Control, or at least the illusion of control, is everything to the central bank now.

UBS Buys Credit Suisse, Regional Banks, Central Banks, Fed, Bonds, Week Ahead

What does the Fed do this Wednesday afternoon? Do they commit to keep on fighting inflation? Or do they try to prevent some kind of economic catastrophe?

Here's What to Do Now as Market Chaos Builds Due to the Banking Crisis

The Fed is being forced to help banks and put its battle against inflation on hold.

It's Just Another Riveting Day in a Highly Volatile Market

As my late banker father liked to quip during these types of financial hiccups: 'There is never just one cockroach.'

Finally Changing Direction, Japanese Wages and Chinese Home Prices Move Higher

In signs of economic progress, two indicators that stubbornly have refused to budge are rising.

Algos Gone Wild, Credit Suisse, Macro Misses, Fed Funding, Trading Meta and AMD

Does the Fed end up fighting inflation? Or does it pour kerosene on the fire in order to prevent some kind of economic armageddon?

Facing the Banking Music, Fierce Rally, Hot Inflation, Volatility, SentinelOne

There are three ways to look at this volatility.

The Bank Crisis Is Not Over

Buckle up and adjust your trading goggles. It is going to be a bumpy ride.

Here's How This Technical Guy Is Approaching 3 Major Index ETFs on CPI Day

He also offers a tip on how to avoid troubled banks.

Bank Beating, Stunning Yield Spreads, How Did This Happen? CPI, Trading BAC, WFC

The 10/2 spread could be opening the door to what we have dreaded for so long: a recession that now feels like it might not end up being so soft or so shallow.

Will a Less Hawkish Fed Save the Market From a Banking Crisis?

With the CPI on tap, it is not as simple as dovish being good and hawkish being bad.

Another Guarantee: Banks Are Going to See Margin Pressures

Banks are going to get hit on the basis of valuation alone, even if there is not a run on deposits.

Lessons From the Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank

Commercial REITs also remain vulnerable, especially in the office sector.