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Economic Data  

Jim Cramer: What a Day to Celebrate Not Being Short the Stocks I Like

I'm grateful for those who say that they like to short everything I like because crow is a dish best tasted cold, and are they ever eating a ton of it.

China 'Rules', Defense Stocks, Infrastructure Package, FOMC, Earnings

What if Beijing plays the power game with foreign firms reliant upon Chinese revenue, Chinese labor, or simply Chinese economic growth?

Jim Cramer: Nightmare vs Positivity

What's with this stark dichotomy? How can we be so at odds? It all has to do with COVID and herd immunity.

The Week Ahead, Earnings, Macro, Virus, Monetary and Fiscal Policy, Trading Roku

This week will tax your brain. Your ability to focus on what really matters will be tested.

Jim Cramer: Prosperity vs. Recession, and the D.R. Horton Journey

Normally DHI would be jubilant with the level of demand they are seeing. Not this time.

Not-So-Hot Thursday, Why Growth Will Stall, Unrelenting Virus, Snap Snapshot

Plus, what could be next out of the central banks and Congress and how it could affect Treasuries.

Jim Cramer: There's a Way for the Pandemic to End But It's a Terrible Way

We are a nation divided between those who are rabid to take the vaccine and those who are not.

It's All One Big Macro Trade!

And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Biden's Spending Plan, Market Rally, Trading Nvidia, Netflix, Chipotle

Also, there's reason to turn J&J's one shot jab into a two shot vaccine just like the rest.

Cross Asset Analysis: Who's Right?

Is this a short term deflationary setback or the start of a more ominous trend to emerge?

5 Key Themes Playing Out as the Market Heads Lower

Caution remains the order of the day.

Equities Under Pressure, Energy Stocks, Retail Sales Gut Punch, COVID Variants

There's no way to disguise investor sentiment when, for the week, the four defensive sectors easily take the top four slots.

Market Discomfort, Suffering Small-Caps, Understanding Powell, Manchin's The Man

The Russell 2000 is now down not just back-to-back sessions, but six sessions in the last eight with all six of those "down" days having given up 0.9% or more.

Inflation Likely Isn't Abating, So Seek Stocks That Should Benefit From It

One such name is GrafTech International, which should be aided by a rebound in spot graphite electrode pricing.

The Inflation Decision Tree

Decide what you think the inflation story is going to be and position accordingly.

There's Good and Bad in the Markets as Earnings Season Begins

Traders are looking for an edge, but there just isn't enough volatility to do much.

Kass: Bonds Are Now Criminally Overpriced

I remain short bonds based on the view that current yields are too low and don't accurately reflect the likely trajectory in inflation and economic growth.

Arm Yourself With Real Returns to Protect Against Valuation Corrections

Remember, cash flow never lies.

Organized Chaos, Growth Concerns, COVID Variant, Trading Amazon and Microsoft

Contrary to popular belief, this economic recovery that we seem to be enjoying has hit a pressure point.

Jobs Hold the Key, Premature Minimum Tax Celebration, and Enough Is Enough, Fed

Plus, the latest monthly ISM Manufacturing survey sends a disturbing signal about prices and a quick option play thought about Veeva Systems.

Major Market Catalysts Lurk Heading Into the Holiday Weekend

Issues of concern include a high level of IPOs sopping up liquidity and persistent labor and supply shortages impacting business.

What to Expect From the June Jobs Report on Friday

However you slice it, total labor supply doesn't seem to be in recovery mode.

Kass: 'Bizarro' Jerry (Seinfeld) Meet 'Bizarro' Jerry (Powell)

Everyone knows inflation metrics greatly understate what is going on in the real world. And everyone knows the Fed knows this as well.

3 Predictions for the Second Half of the Year

I see mounting inflation concerns, an improving job situation, and value beating growth.

Commodity Correlations Could Work Against Stocks

Perhaps the most important intermarket relationship is the correlation between crude oil and the S&P.

Stay Focused on What Can Go Right Rather Than What Can Go Wrong

The bears are on the wrong side of the action again.

Jim Cramer: Here's What Triggered the Torrid Rotation Most Didn't See Coming

It happened around May 12, but strangely, it's finally being talked about and noticed right now.

The Fed Is Doing Exactly What They Said They'd Do

Here's a challenge to the bond bear thesis.

Inflation Worries Remain in Check for Now Which Continues to Buoy Equities

But will that be the case by the fall?

The V-Shaped Bounce Is Back, and Growth Stocks Are Leading

The worries about inflation have been forgotten, and now we have the Nasdaq back at a new all-time high.