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Economic Data  

Markets, Awful Empire State Index, Economy, Inflation, Covid Booster, Disney

The report from New York is certainly consistent with what one would expect to see as an economy heads either into recession or more deeply into recession.

The Pendulum Swings Back, but Don't Look for Things to Stabilize

It could swing past the point where things look normal or OK to a point where things look bad again.

So, Just How Bad Is China Right Now, Really?

Its economy isn't as robust as thought and its housing market is under duress.

Hot Markets, China's Economy, Busy Week Ahead, Retail Earnings, Trading Lockheed

If the economy does happen to contract for a third consecutive quarter, will anyone in Washington call that a "recession"?

End to China's Recovery Shows Policymakers 'Care About Growth, Just Not Much'

Poor July numbers erase hopes of a strong second half to the year, where lockdowns and the 'zero-Covid' policy have undermined confidence and activity.

Delisting of Chinese ADRs Is Part of the New Cold War

The process of dealing with a delisted stock is painful for individual investors and impossible for many institutional investors.

It's Far Too Early for a Victory Lap in the Race Against Inflation

Prices are continuing to rise, particularly for labor and rent, and that could put a drag on profits and consumer spending.

PPI Cools, Home Prices Don't, Fed in the Dark, Technical Battle Lines, Chevron

Just when is the Federal Reserve going to reduce the cash slosh, anyway?

Poorly Positioned Skeptics Fuel a 'Rampage of Buying'

This is an extremely tough market for new entries, but that is exactly why it keeps running.

The Market May Be Irrational, but That Doesn't Mean It Won't Go Higher

One of the most dangerous things you can do in a market like this is to try to time a market turn.

El Toro Returns, A Wednesday Full of Wow, The Technical Setup, Disney Reports

All hail the new bull. Same as the old bull? Not a chance.

2 Attractive Setups I'm Watching as CPI Takes Traders By Surprise

This is a tough market to chase, but charts should continue to develop

Investors Should Respect Current Market Uptrends

Weakness may present buying opportunities.

CPI Will Determine the Next Phase of the Market Move

The real issue is whether or not it changes what the Fed does in the months ahead.

I Don't Expect a Collapse, but the Market's Prevailing Narrative Doesn't Add Up

The idea that a hawkish Fed soon will become dovish and will cut rates rather than raise them doesn't seem likely to this trader.

Market Weakness, July CPI, Charting Fed Economic Data, Trading Disney

Understand that recent spending plans passed in the Senate will work to counteract measures being taken by the Fed to gain the upper hand on inflation.

The World Gets Worse as Inflation Gets Better?

Here's the shift in the narrative I expect over the coming days.

The Bullish vs. Bearish Narrative on the Market

The CPI report Wednesday is going to cause a more careful examination of inflation, a hawkish Fed, and a potential recession.

Traders Are Positioning for This Week's Inflation News

The argument over whether the market has priced in the macroeconomic negatives will be tested when the July CPI and PPI reports are released.

There Are Interesting Things Happening Beneath the Surface of This Market

Look for more positioning on Tuesday ahead of two important economic reports.

Hong Kong Cuts Quarantine to 3 Hotel-Stay Days

With its economy in recession, Hong Kong is finally recognizing that it must 'live with Covid' like the rest of the world.

Bulls Control the Market Narrative for Now

However, the July Consumer Price Index report later this week could change things.

If You Think We Have Problems, Look at Europe

It is hard to see how Europe can avoid a long recession at this point.

Watch for a Positive Spin on Jobs News Regardless If It Is Weak or Strong

This may be a case of all news is good news as market players have been on a rampage and are looking for reasons to continue buying.

July Jobs Data, Tesla's Ambitions, Boring Big Board, Nasdaq Shines, Oil Slips

We'll be focused in particular on the underemployment numbers.

With the Jobs Report on Tap, 3 Other Issues Are Equally Important for Investors

Here's what to expect in Friday's numbers, as well as my single biggest concern right now.

An Undeniable Trend, My Pitchfork Trading Approach, 4 Key Charts, What Now Fed?

Is there more room to run? That's very likely. What could screw that up? Really anything.

Resilient Equities, Fed, Treasury Markets, Jobs, Credit Card Debt, Trading AMD

Several Fed officials were out and about on Tuesday, and what they did was cause a selloff across Treasury markets.

The Fed's Moves Are Unlikely to Bring Down 9% Inflation

The problem is the economy is weakening and rate hikes are going to slow things down even more.

2 Hot Trade Ideas as We Start the Dog Days of August

I remain cautious, but that hardly means I'm sitting on my hands.