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Economic Data  

Market's Response to Jobs Report Doesn't Change Our Cautionary Outlook

The S&P 500 appears to be at fair value, which makes us wary of buying into a market when more insiders are selling.

Will the Industrial Slowdown Spread?

With a mini-recession in the sector, all eyes are on Friday's jobs numbers, and the big question now is whether this will play out like 2015 to 2016, or worse.

Is the Stock Market Telling Us Something About the Economy?

All things being equal, don't be surprised when you hear analysts and forecasters raising their GDP and earnings estimates for early 2020.

The Fed Today, What Could Go Wrong in December? Watching 4 Stocks: Market Recon

I do expect there to be some early to mid-December profit taking. But to get from here to year end without hitting some mid-month turbulence would be a pleasant surprise.

Does the Macro Matter for Equities? Salesforce Dreamforce Begins, Trading Apple

Tuesday's Dreamforce features a discussion between Salesforce's Marc Benioff and Apple's Tim Cook.

Jim Cramer: Retail Stocks Are Turning Everything Upside Down

What's really going on here? Does the move make any sense? Let's take them case by case.

Investors Are Stuck Between the Fed and the Data

The market is disconnected from reality. But for now, the U.S. Fed is in full easing mode and the liquidity boost should show up in the economic data over the next few months.

My Focus Is Protecting Profits Amid the Euphoria and Earnings Landmines

Even the bulls are anticipating some sort of rest or pullback at this point.

This Market Is In a Classic Case of Duration Mismatch

Investors are borrowing money more and more from the future to buy into risky assets today.

The Week Ahead: Earnings Season Is Far From Over

Disney, Qualcomm and Square are among 75 key reports we are watching.

Jim Cramer: Dismal Days in the Worthless Science

Throw away the economics textbooks, they are not working.

Strong Jobs Report Is Likely an Outlier, Not Sign of a New Trend

Be careful drawing too strong of a conclusion from these numbers.

Hong Kong Retailers Hammered by Recession

Hong Kong's economy was already suffering before this summer's demonstrations, but consumer businesses have been hit hard by five months of chaos.

It's All About Sector Rotation: Cyclicals vs. Defensives

The Federal Reserve was slightly hawkish overall at the October FOMC meeting, and there should be a dollar bullish bias.

Fed's Action, Consumer Remains Robust, Unimpressive Twilio: Market Recon

I do think that this Fed Chair has learned to be cautious, in reflection of the policy errors made in late 2018.

Fed Rate Cut: What the Central Bank Is Saying and What to Expect From Here

It makes a lot of sense for the Fed to wean the market off its reliance on explicit forward guidance, but it won't be easy.

Sussing the Fed -- Plus Apple, Amgen and Other Earnings: Market Recon

Markets are watching what Fed Chair Powell will signal for future rate cuts during this afternoon's FOMC rate decision.

The Week Ahead: Fed Decision, October Jobs and 35 Big Earnings Reports to Watch

Rest up for a busy week that includes earnings from Apple, Facebook and Starbucks.

The Fed Is Running Scared

The U.S. Federal Reserve has u-turned too quickly and too aggressively this year, going from tightening to easing without allowing the market to react to "normalized" conditions.

Avoid These Stocks as India's Economy Experiences Crunch

The world's fastest-growing major nation has suddenly seen growth lurch lower. That's putting households, farmers and companies off big-ticket purchases such as vehicles.

Europe's Economy Has Ground to a Halt

It seems as if the complacency that has gripped the U.S. markets of late has crossed the Atlantic.

Market Rotation, the Fed, Consumer Weakness and a Play on CSX: Market Recon

Money fled high-growth, high-multiple stocks on Wednesday and chased a mix of both defense and value.

A Shift in Market Character Produces Improved Technical Action and Stock-Picking

This is a market that wants to focus on earnings, central banks, and other positive issues.

Valuation and 2 Names to Watch Into Earnings: Market Recon

Citigroup and Lululemon are on the radar this morning.

A Perfect 'Sell the News' Setup But It Shouldn't Last For Long

This is a market that is tired of the China trade issue and is looking to move on.

Jim Cramer: What Would Make a Good Stock in This Environment?

Let me give you the items I want to see before I bless buying anything in what has become a plain, out and out, treacherous market.

All Signs Point to Falling Rates as Downturn Looms

Here's my take on the Federal Reserve's expanded balance sheet, the Labor Department's jobs survey, and Fed's September meeting minutes.

A Narrow China Deal? Wild Market Ride Ahead, Trading GE, RH: Market Recon

My overall market posture has been one of leaning toward the defensive. I have no intention of making this stance permanent.

Balancing Risk, China Talks, Trading Delta Air Lines: Market Recon

Perhaps the greatest risk of all is that of systemic complexity, and this is as close to an unknowable risk as there is.

September Jobs Report: Has the Rot Already Set In?

Let's face it, the numbers aren't great and the trend is bad.