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Economic Data  

What Is This Poor Payroll Report Telling Us?

I don't want to overreact to a single month, markets are looking past it, but carefully watch other indicators as well.

The Depressing Jobs Report Certainly Offers Some Short Ideas

Hedge your longs with shorts on companies whose business is quite literally drying up.

A Market of Stocks and Not a Stock Market

It is far more important to find the individual stocks that are working than to be caught up in macroeconomic predictions.

Jim Cramer: Are Bankruptcies Low? No! They're Soaring

Don't be lulled into thinking that bankruptcies are low. And there's no one there to stem them when the eviction notices slam the country.

All Eyes Are on the OPEC+ Meeting Thursday - What Can it Mean for Oil?

OPEC and its members have a bit of a dilemma as each country has its own government spending and deficit considerations.

Jim Cramer: A Great Market Is One That Can Ignore Negative News Entirely

The fact is that business in whole areas of the economy remain very strong despite what you heard about ZM this morning.

Sloppy Wednesday? Macro-Economic Data, Rising PC Demand, Best Steel Stock

Beyond the impacts of the pandemic, the political environment and its impact on potential policy have taken center stage.

Why Investors Will Get Spooked as Economic Activity Declines Further

I can easily see a 5%-10% pullback over the next few months with a larger drop possible.

Key Members in OPEC+ May Be Unhappy but We're Far From Breaking the Bonds!

The alliance is too scared to do what really needs to be done to get this market sorted, once and for all, the great reset.

Broadening Market Performance, the Vaccine 'Put', Trading McKesson

Basically, I think we laid out enough reasons for financial markets to revolt, yet they did not.

My Big Takeaways on Friday's Payrolls Report

I see almost nothing here not to like, and it shows plenty of signs that the labor market is actually gaining steam.

My Election Day Wish, Tech Sector Performance, Trading Amazon and 6 Other Stocks

Here's to the removal of uncertainty -- and thousands of campaign signs on thousands of lawns in my neighborhood.

Reading the Bond Market and Investing Through the Election

Most of the media's attention is on the presidential race. However, that isn't what has been moving the bond market in recent weeks.

Surviving in This Environment, Shaky Recovery, Lilly and Pfizer Setbacks

The 'work from home' or 'economic lockdown' trade is close to being back on.

Election Hopes, Buoyant Banks, Labor Labors Less, FDA's Remdesivir Thumbs Up

Plus, a quick look at Southwest Airlines and why it remains the one airline to own.

China Posts Disappointing Q3 Growth - But Growth Nonetheless

China is on track to be the only major economy to register growth for full-year 2020.

The Market's Week That Was, Upcoming Elections, the Economy, Stimulus

Portfolio managers are starting to see a very strong 2021 for markets and the economy regardless of electoral results.

Bulls Take a Late Hit, But Trading Action Remains Good

Things will pick up quickly as a variety of sectors start to report providing a better sense of overall expectations.

An OK Thursday, Man vs. Machine, Labor Labors, QE Forever?: Market Recon

Plus, we check in on Peloton and Datadog and the Nasdaq Composite Index.

Where Does This Broad Rally Go? Q3 Earnings Begin, Amazon's Prime Day, Apple 5G

What stocks do from here will, beyond electoral risk and potential stimulus, rely upon fourth quarter guidance.

Chinese Markets Pop as Mainland Investors React to Trump Illness

Shares were up and the yuan posted its largest one-day gain since the end of a U.S. dollar peg.

Maybe the Economy Isn't That Bad

Liquidity combined with a 'Climb the Wall of Worry' is a very powerful force that is likely to persist.

Key Takeaways for Investors in the September Jobs Report

Despite a headline miss, underlying details indicate there's a lot to like in this report.

The Economic Recovery Moves Sideways

What does it all mean?

I'm Not Sold on a 'Biden Bump' for the Markets

There are reasons why equities have done well over the last week other than the rising prospects of a Biden victory next month.

Trump's Positive Test Trumps All Else, Unsocial Media, S&P 500 Walks Fine Line

Plus, quick looks at the presidential line of succession and at ongoing foot-dragging in Congress.

September Ends in Fitting Fashion: What Will October Bring?

While known for a couple of big crashes, October is often a transitional month for the market.

Debate Spin, Slowing Recovery, Stimulus Hope, Notes on Regeneron, Disney, Tesla

Markets now look to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and Speaker Pelosi to do something.

The Economy, Politics, and Your Portfolio

There's huge potential for a spike in volatility.

What Happened to Gold and Silver Going Higher, Pounding the Table Calls?

As gold and silver tick lower and lower, investors are eagerly watching their charts to give them a clue that will never happen.