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Economic Data  

Tom Lee: When a Trade Becomes Obvious, That's Often When the Trend Can Reverse

Is this becoming a 'single issue' market singularly focused on yields? That will eventually change, but the turning point seems a bit away.

Virtues of a Free Market, Repricing Equities, 5 Ways for Investors to Proceed

Embrace and understand the impact of economics upon policy and the impact of policy upon economics.

Treasury Pressure, Magnificent Flight, AI's Good and Bad, Five-Headed Fed Punch

While the Nasdaq has posted four consecutive winning sessions, the bottom fishing that has benefited the large tech names may be growing exhausted.

Tom Lee: Here's Why We Believe Stocks Can Rally Into Year-End

After a challenging few months, investors are skeptical at start of October. But we remain constructive on stocks into year-end, even with near-term risks.

FS Insight Weekly Roadmap: Q4 Shows Promise After 'Vortex of Pain'

Despite a high volume of noise, inflation remains the primary macro driver for markets, while a government shutdown could put the Fed on an automatic 'structural pause.'

Dip Buyers Should Check Out These 3 Stocks

Let's go to the charts to create game plans for three names that have fallen into oversold territory.

What a Government Shutdown Could Mean for the Stock Market

In some ways, a government shutdown might actually automatically put the Fed on a 'structural pause.'

We're Just Starting to Pay the Price for the End of the Easy Money Period

The effect of higher interest rates on the housing market and the economy in general are only beginning to kick in.

Potential for a Market Turn Is Rising, But Soft Inflation Data May Not Be Enough

The market finally bounced on Thursday as interest rates dropped, but now the issue is whether the PCE report will bring in more buyers.

Anxiety Creeps Back Into the Markets, but I Think Outright Panic Could Lie Ahead

Volatility is picking up, but I believe it could become much more intense in the first half of next year.

'Anchored' Inflation Expectations Are the Key to Our Market View

The price action this week does not change our thesis that inflation remains the key macro driver for markets.

A Negative Narrative Has Taken Hold of the Market and Is Gaining Traction

There's a long list of negatives that have created uncertainties the market will need time to fully discount.

Despite Current 'Vortex of Pain,' History Suggests Markets Could Rally in Q4

We remain constructive through year-end as inflation remains key and, we believe, on a glidepath lower.

Is It a Contrary Indicator That a Year-End Rally Is Widely Anticipated?

The market is struggling with a downtrend, and an oversold bounce is likely, but whether it will turn into a new uptrend is the key question.

FS Insight Weekly Roadmap: Market Response to Hawkish Fed Is an Overreaction

Here's why we believe 'higher for longer DUE to higher GDP' has a more dovish tone, and remain constructive for the rest of the year.

Tom Lee: 3 Reasons the Post-Fed Market Decline Is an Overreaction

We view the magnitude of the equity drop and commensurate surge in yields disproportionate to the FOMC rate decision and press conference.

Doug Kass: Risk Happens Fast. This Is All About to Get Real

Caution and stock market congestion may lie ahead as interest rates stay higher for longer, while the stock market decline has now assumed a global character. Plus, more lessons from Howard Marks.

Powell's Terrible Swift Sword, Fed Fallout, What Scared Investors, Key Takeaways

The Fed Chair did not sound as sure of himself or the committee as has in the past. He seemed as uncertain about the future of the economy as are the rest of us, which is a negative.

Tom Lee: Here's Why We See a Favorable Setup Into Wednesday's Fed Decision

Markets are apprehensive into the September FOMC. But we think the risk/reward is actually somewhat positive into this meeting. Stay with Technology, Energy and Industrials.

Don't Go Into the Fed's Latest Decision Without a Game Plan

We know there are quick and often violent reactions to the Fed's pronouncements, so be prepared, even that means sitting on your hands.

Judgment (Fed) Day, What to Expect, Hawking Their Message, S&P 'Loses Contact'

The FOMC likely wants everyone to see this meeting as more of a 'skip' and less of a 'pause.'

Waiting on the Fed, Homebuilder Confidence Sags, Instacart IPO, Shutdown Risk

If you think we have no idea concerning economic growth, just get a load of these professional economists -- all working at regional district branches of our nation's central bank.

Small-Caps Could Be the Canary in the Equity Coal Mine, Which Spells Trouble

Traders would do well to take a wait-and-see approach to the market ahead of the Fed's next meeting.

Paul Krugman Is Wrong, Again

The noted economist who suggests that inflation has been brought down painlessly serves as a contrary indicator for this investor.

Fed and Negative Seasonality Present Major Challenges for the Market

Conditions are ripe for some difficult trading action this week.

Weakest Week of the Year, Where Markets Stand, Whole Bunch of Ugly, Fed Meeting

The week following the September 'triple-witching' expirations event, which was this past Friday, is often the worst week for U.S. market performance for the entire year.

FS Insight Weekly Roadmap: Stock Markets Churn Ahead of FOMC Week

We see multiple reasons to expect improved market performance going into the second half of September.

Doug Kass: Something's Happening Here... What It Is Ain't Exactly Clear

The song 'For What It's Worth' has relevance to the current conflict between bulls and bears.

Fed's Message, Markets, Retail Sales, Triple Witching Friday

The FOMC will have to altar market expectations for the November 1st decision in order to restore flexibility/optionality in decision making.

The Goldilocks Economic Narrative Returns, But the Bears Aren't Going to Give Up

The battle continues, and the best way to navigate it is to stay focused on price action.