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Economic Data  

A Perfect 'Sell the News' Setup But It Shouldn't Last For Long

This is a market that is tired of the China trade issue and is looking to move on.

Jim Cramer: What Would Make a Good Stock in This Environment?

Let me give you the items I want to see before I bless buying anything in what has become a plain, out and out, treacherous market.

All Signs Point to Falling Rates as Downturn Looms

Here's my take on the Federal Reserve's expanded balance sheet, the Labor Department's jobs survey, and Fed's September meeting minutes.

A Narrow China Deal? Wild Market Ride Ahead, Trading GE, RH: Market Recon

My overall market posture has been one of leaning toward the defensive. I have no intention of making this stance permanent.

Balancing Risk, China Talks, Trading Delta Air Lines: Market Recon

Perhaps the greatest risk of all is that of systemic complexity, and this is as close to an unknowable risk as there is.

September Jobs Report: Has the Rot Already Set In?

Let's face it, the numbers aren't great and the trend is bad.

Fed Jobs Speak, Yield Curve Trouble, Streaming Wars, Buy Disney?: Market Recon

I think that one needs to take a diversified approach to not just wealth preservation, but the preservation of one's standard of living.

This Market Could Be Dangerous on Trade News and Jobs Report

This combination of macro uncertainty combined with a market under technical pressure is going to make it very tough for the bulls to make progress.

The Fed's Doctor Captain Obvious

John Williams is in charge of a balance sheet that last week totaled a cool $3.553 trillion dollars.

What This Market Needs Is a Solid Finish

Trading range action will be a helpful first step for this stock market.

ISM Services Report Immediately Triggered a Number of Sell Programs

The ISM disappointment appears to be digested fairly well right now but keep an eye on the intraday lows.

No False Positive: The Global Economy Is Slowing

Thoughts on the ISM, trade, Friday's key job report and how to play it all.

Banking's Future and Wells Fargo, Trading Facebook: Market Recon

The nation's central bank forever perverted the concept of what we used to call the 'free market.'

Jim Cramer: Starbucks Is Emblematic of the Fear Haunting This Market

Investors are culling the stocks that are worth owning and shedding those that aren't, and Starbucks is a prime example.

Houston, We Have a Problem: We Are in a Recession

The structure of your portfolio can change dramatically when you are managing through a recession. How to view the current economic picture and how it will affect the markets.

Jim Cramer: Why I Am Not Freaking Out About a Recession or a Warren Presidency

Are things that bad? I remain a non-believer in the recession thesis.

ISM Index Points to Weak Economic Growth

When I find charts and stocks I want to buy I will be more bullish but there is no choice but to wait.

Market Participants Face 6 Major Challenges as We Enter Treacherous October

October has delivered the biggest crashes in history but some major market bottoms as well.

You Could Have Made 8.7% on Japan in the Last 4 Weeks

International investors have been heavy sellers in Tokyo for quite some time. They tend to sell at exactly the wrong time. It seems many have made that mistake again.

These Fresh Signs Point to a Slowdown

German manufacturing appears to be falling off of a cliff, which could be a precursor to a recession.

4 Stock Price Targets Updated, Necessary Diversification, Fixing the Yield Curve

The lack of accurate predictability across all of these metrics is why a certain level of diversification is always necessary.

Gloom and Doom Could Lead to Several Positive Surprises

it seems that consensus is to interpret anything that can be viewed as bad, as actually bad, and anything that could be good, as an aberration that will soon become bad.

As Usual, Equities Are the Last Ones to Get What Is Really Happening

Like central bankers, the equity markets seem oblivious to weakening global economic conditions that indicate a recession already is here.

Powell and the Fed: Send in the Clowns

The Fed Chair's statement is such a mass of self-contradiction and obfuscation that it is no wonder his colleagues are deserting him.

Novice Trade: Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF

The economy is not nearly as bad as the news makes it out to be.

It's Time to Grow More Wary of Growth Expectations

GDP and corporate earnings trends are not favorable and increasingly indicate slowing economies here and abroad.

Oil Supply, Saudi Attacks, Fed Rate Cuts and Netflix: Market Recon

The U.S. economy may see a real lift-off in consumer prices due to higher energy prices, even if certain sectors stand to benefit greatly -- as might the trade deficit.

Bulls Win the Week and the Bears Are Cranky

The bears remain convinced a recession is on the horizon and the central bankers aren't going to be able to stop it.

OK Job Growth Isn't OK

If employment is weakening, it would be a very ominous sign that a recession is getting closer.

Jobs Report and Jerome Powell Dominate Markets

The bulls are counting on a friendly Fed to support the market while the bears are convinced that it is already too late for interest rate cuts to save the economy from a slowdown.