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Economic Data  

Making Sense of the Disappointing April Jobs Report (And How I Traded It)

When government data seems strange like this, it is more likely to be an artifact of sampling or some other one-off reason.

Thursday's Close Shave, Troubling New Highs and Lows, Peloton Kicks Into Gear

The market came within whiskers of a technical breakdown on Thursday, yet few people seem to know or care.

With Inflation on the Rise, Will Markets Get Spooked?

The only place to hide will be and has been commodities, as they are truly inflation protection assets.

Inflation Is Not Transitory

To get inflation fears, all we really need is a bunch of these subjects to hit the headlines.

Cashola, Debt Levels, Margin Squeeze, Earnings Expectations, Buffett, Amazon

I am going to tell you that there is no possible way that higher taxes are helpful from the market's perspective.

Does Jerome Powell Really Believe Inflation Is Transitory?

It probably doesn't matter. He's dead wrong. As always, the numbers don't lie.

Earnings Avalanche, FOMC, Growth and Inflation, Biden's Spending Plans

The US Ten Year Note has been on the move, and the US Dollar Index has also been climbing overnight.

Investors Don't Seem to Be Pricing In Hurtful Impact of Radical Biden Policies

The administration's actions and plans aren't friendly to either investors or business operators.

Market Turbulence, Credible FOMC?, GDP, Heavy Earnings Week, COVID in India

So far, for the season, the blended rate of earnings growth for the first quarter now stands at an incredible 33.8%.

China's Economy, Retail Sales, Helicopter Money, Walmart's Autonomous Vehicles

The 'organic' economy has to take over at some point, and at that point, at least in theory, demand for credit should accelerate.

S&P 500 Turns Near-Term Neutral

Sentiment data remain cautionary.

How 'Inflated' PCE Figures Might Affect Fed Rate Hikes

Prices are rising, but the data is messy, especially right now. Here is how I'm thinking about it, and when the Fed might hike rates as a result.

Is the Uptick in Inflation Just a Blip?

If investors start to factor in higher inflation, we could be looking at a big increase in volatility in the months ahead.

Bank Earnings, Late Day Market Surges, Vaccine Update, Trading Coinbase

Perhaps the most interesting result of an inflationary but not frightening CPI was visible in U.S. Treasury security markets.

Rotation Is the Key Issue as Earnings Season Starts

The reaction to earnings from the big banks this week should give us some insight into market sentiment.

Jim Cramer: When the Next Rate Hike Comes It's a Time to Buy Not Sell Stocks

If you want to sell in the next hike all I can say is you are listening to the bears who have been shown to demonstrate historical ignorance.

Kass: On the Market's Stairway to Heaven, Headwinds Abound

You can rock on for now while the music is still playing, but be prepared for the inevitable 'out of the blue' sour note.

Walking Alone, Low Volume, Watching the Russell 2000, Fed Minutes, Margin Buying

Looking at a painting by Renoir side by side. You see beauty. I check my watch. The same is true with economic policy.

Highlights From the March FOMC Minutes

I expect that stronger economic data will actually cause the market to assume more rate hikes down the road.

What Is Consensus?

This is a perfect time to make sure you haven't strayed too far into the mainstream, which has been the wrong trade for well over a year.

A Plea to Meet in the Middle, Jobs Pick Up, Yield Curve Concerns, Debt Downer

Plus, a look at the technical setup of KLA Corp.

March Jobs Report: What Stock and Bond Investors Need to Know

On Friday alone markets added half a rate hike to 2023.

Jim Cramer: Inflation Is Alive and Well and Raging Throughout the Economy

It might be too difficult for Jay Powell NOT to raise rates now that the Great Reopening is upon us.

Market Aground, Durable Goods Blues, Gimme Shelter, Pulp Fact (not Fiction)

Plus, there are reasons to have serious reservations about an International Monetary Fund "aid plan" allegedly to poor countries.

Rotation, Rebalancing, and Covid Worries Roil the Market

The unknown question right now is how much more rotation and reallocation will take place.

Jim Cramer: When the Market Hits a Crescendo

I think it's worth examining how we can spot a bottom the next time after the inevitable selloff.

Questions for Monday Morning, How the Fed Reacts, the Railway Deal

The Fed has probably refined what message that it wants to put forth and has sent the minions out to speak its current version of "truth".

The Week Ahead: Bond Yields, Personal Spending, GameStop Earnings and More

We are nearing the home stretch for the first quarter, so here's what's on tap.

Kass: What Fed Chair Powell Is Selling, I'm Not Buying

I remain negative on the market outlook.

Jim Cramer: We Don't Have a Vaccine Incentive System to Get to Herd Immunity

Right now I fear that in another two months we are going to have a lot more vaccines than arms to jab.