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Economic Data  

The Economy, Politics, and Your Portfolio

There's huge potential for a spike in volatility.

What Happened to Gold and Silver Going Higher, Pounding the Table Calls?

As gold and silver tick lower and lower, investors are eagerly watching their charts to give them a clue that will never happen.

Jim Cramer: Guess What? It's Not 1999, So Start Some Buying, Not Some Selling

I think that when I see the kind of across the board give up as we have today, I think it's healthy not toxic.

Don't Be a Dip-Buying Hero Now

There are three key reasons why investors should resist the urge here.

Uncertain Times, Uncertain Markets, the RBG Factor, TikTok Deal: Market Recon

Are equity markets oversold? Sorry to say, but I don't think so. Not yet.

The Market Is Ignoring the Fed

I think that Jerome Powell actually believes he is accomplishing something...by doing nothing.

The Fed's Message, Market Reaction, Snowflake's Blizzard, JFrog, TikTok/Oracle

At least part of the market's negative reaction to the Fed on Wednesday may be tied to two factors.

Jim Cramer: Let's Go Behind the Scenes of How Some Big Institutions Work

The research firms today put something in context that seems almost impossible: we are having a boom in the goods side, not the service side.

Algos Kick In, Elections Matter, Garage Sale, Wary Eye on Amazon: Market Recon

Plus, federal legislators fiddle while the ranks of the unemployed continue to burn.

Waves of Buying, Above-Average Indices, Vaccine Mania: Market Recon

Plus, reading tea leaves in the recent action in Apple and Salesforce.com.

The Fed's Inflation Push and What It Means for Your Investments

With unemployment at 10%, the 'water in the pot' is pretty cold.

Weakening Dollar, Fiscal Relief Gridlock, Walmart+, Trading Albemarle

Also, interpreting Tuesday's market, Covid-19 vaccine update, and manufacturing growth.

The Weak Breadth Has Been Quite Misleading

What's most interesting about this market is how market players continue to hunt for entries despite all the warnings and negativity.

No Ordinary Month, Fear September?, Put/Call Ratio, TikTok Bidding War, Amazon

How September markets digest August ahead of momentous events will be far more important to uptrend maintenance than how August closed.

What Did the Fed Really Tell Us at Jackson Hole - Implications for the Dollar?

The true question is, is there even another currency that can replace the dollar? Not really.

Can the Recent Market Momentum Continue?

Strong markets tend to stay strong even when they are technically extended.

Looney Tunes, Market Rotation, Fed's Powell On Deck, Facebook's Slam Dunk

It's likely that Powell may try to change the way the Fed targets inflation, and what the public expects going forward.

Jackson Hole Preview: Everything You Need to Know Before Powell's Big Speech

Expectations are high for what's likely to be a news-making speech by the Fed Chair. Here's why it matters to investors.

Market at All-Time Highs but It's Literally Boiling Down to Just One Stock!

Is that a sign of a healthy market?

Strange Moves, Jobless Masses, Vaccine Hope, Adobe Advances: Market Recon

The headline numbers don't present the full story of what is going on with the equity markets.

Jim Cramer: In the Vast Patch of Market Green There Are Plenty of Weeds

It may just be a matter of time before the green chokes on the pestilence and the stock market stars don't even matter.

I Don't Have Confidence in the Fed to Take the Actions Needed

When the banking system is not healthy at its core, neither is the stock market regardless of its current price level.

I'm Staying Very Watchful of Overall Market Conditions

I'm concerned about breadth, and if we start seeing 3 to 1 negative breadth then I'll be very concerned.

There's Not a Single Dollar Bull Left!

Make no mistake, we're at the beginning of the demise of the dollar, but we're still years away from a total collapse.

What the Fed Said and What It Means for Investors

There were three simple investment conclusions from the Fed minutes.

Kind of Lousy Markets, Washington Stimulus? FOMC Minutes, Watching Amazon

Has the Fed created bubbles, or pockets better set up for success in this post modern world?

A Walk on the Wild Side, the Fed, Emerging Risk, Buffett's Gold: Market Recon

Markets are possibly fine until either growth or inflation force the Fed to change guidance on interest rates.

Kass: 10 Factors That Could Send Us Into a Sudden Bear Market

My view is that the period leading up to the November election holds a list of unique and potentially worrisome risks.

The Pockets of Speculative Action Continue to Be Pretty Narrow

I continue to be concerned about the price action of the indices but I can't complain about the stock picking.

Uncaring Rabble, Coming Covid-Flu Cocktail, Downer Data: Market Recon

Plus, the equity markets suddenly are trading quite listlessly and Applied Materials surprises.