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Economic Data  

3 Food Stocks to Own in a Recession

Periods of economic weakness put into sharp focus those companies with reliable earnings streams, and in particular, reliable dividend streams.

Tidings of Comfort and Joy Are Scarce This Holiday Season

It's hard to blame the consumer for pulling back as we head into 2023.

Ready, Set, Shop! Retail ETF Dichotomy, Mixed Macro Signals, Fed Forecast

Plus, a British tabloid reports of Apple's possible interest in buying the iconic Manchester United soccer club.

Emerging Markets Set to Outperform in 2023: Here's Where to Look

These are the emerging markets to target next year, with EM growth set to easily outrun that of the recession-bound developed world.

Positive Seasonality Is Driving the Indexes Higher

The question is, how far will traders push at this point before they take profits and start positioning for a pullback?

Recession or No Recession in 2023? That's the Question

A big part of the answer depends on the price of oil.

If a Pivot Is in Order Maybe It Should Be by Investors, Not the Fed

Could the Fed be persuaded to change their view?

Stocks Are Stalling at a Critical Juncture

The S&P 500 is struggling to clear a major technical hurdle and that could signal trouble for those who are expecting a significant year-end rally.

Expect 2023 to Be the Year Consumers Traded Down

Consumers account for roughly 70% of economic activity and at this point they are tapped out.

Skating on Thin Ice, Missile Strike, Fed, Trading Volume, Charting the S&P 500

Make no mistake, the S&P 500 is currently strong from a technical perspective. That said, there is traffic ahead.

Bulls Have the Edge Short Term, but the Long-Term Economic Picture Stays Gloomy

There is still a good likelihood that inflation could spike again or that economic slowing will pick up, and the danger of a recession is not insignificant.

The Best Way to Deal With This Overly Optimistic Market

It feels frothy out there.

Inflation Concerns Are Cooling, But Growth Worries Are Building

The market is in good technical shape for more upside, however, there still are economic headwinds.

Crypto, Election, Inflation and the Fed: There's a Lot for Investors to Decipher

Here's how I'd be playing things right now.

Investors May Have an Inflated View of Just How Much Inflation Is Easing

The rate of inflation may indeed be coming down, but it is likely to remain at elevated levels for quite some time, and so are interest rates.

Attitude Adjustment, Louder Volume, Hot SOX, Tough Fed Talk, Big Retail Reports

Plus, more key tech earnings reports are coming out this week.

A Bounce or a Bottom? Just Focus on the Next Few Weeks for Now

The more important question is how far this counter-trend bounce can go even if it isn't a bottom.

Mission Accomplished? Not So Fast

Equities had a terrific day on Thursday, but the S&P 500 still must clear a couple big technical hurdles to prove the rally will last; plus, a quick look at trading Tesla.

Don't Expect an 'All Clear' Signal for the Economy Anytime Soon

Inflation is likely to stay above the Fed's target throughout 2023 at the very least.

Whether You're 'Out of Position' Depends on the Position You Want to Be In

You can't kick yourself for missing out on Thursday's big rally if you preferred to be underinvested going into the CPI report based on your investment or trading style.

CPI Deep Dive, Inversion Aversion, Prices Run Wild, Technical Signs Perk Up

Plus, trading volume on the Big Board and Nasdaq got turned up to ear-deafening levels on Thursday.

Don't Be Too Quick to Fight This Bounce

Bear market bounces can last longer than expected, so focus on the price action to see where Thursday's big rebound may lead.

Every Hang Seng Component Rises as Hong Kong Market Follows Wall Street's Lead

The hint of easing inflation has produced a spike in Asia's most-battered market, with a tweak of China's Covid quarantine rules thrown in for good measure.

Midweek Blues, CPI Watch, Crypto No Deal, Follow the Curve, 3 Long Ideas

There was a cornucopia of reasons why investors fled risk assets on Wednesday for the perceived safety of cash.

CPI Takes Center Stage as Anxious Investors Await

The market has been distracted by the election and crypto woes, but today's Consumer Price Index data will have a big impact on the size of the next rate hike.

Hungover Market Loses Its Risk-On Appetite Due to Crypto Indigestion

In the midst of small-cap earnings season, there are brutal selloffs occurring in some of these stocks.

Election Uncertainty Persists as CPI Becomes the Primary Focus

The CPI report will hit tomorrow morning and that is going to be a significant market mover.

Here's How I'm Electing to Look at Post-Election Scenarios

Even a small win for the Democrats could be reason to buy.

Midterm Election Markets, S&P vs. Nasdaq, Uninverted? Seasonality, Disney on Tap

The S&P 500 has posted a positive return for the 12-month period after a midterm election 19 consecutive times. That's a pretty nice batting average.

3 Market Sectors Are Likely to Be Most Impacted by the Midterm Election

The focus is on positioning for the election and CPI Thursday.