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Economic Data  

Uncertainty Reigns Supreme

The VIX indicator typically shows higher levels when fear, doubt and uncertainty rise to a level of panic. That often subsides quickly, but not this time around.

Q2 Earnings Expectations, 4 Key Economic Questions, Trading Abbott Labs

I do believe that having no economy is temporary. I also believe that what comes out on the other side will be smaller, far less global.

A Look at Our Situation Now: Good, Bad, and Ugly, and 3 New Stock Groups

Consider these stock model ideas: virus groups, work remotely, and fiscal.

The Best Bounces Occur in Bear Markets

But don't get caught thinking volatility is in the past and we're all clear.

China After Wuhan, and Stocks to Watch

Where to invest as China restarts that economy?

Failed Rallies, Semiconductors Rising and the Fed's Big Guns

The Fed has attacked developing problems in real-time -- and as China shows signs of life, the semi stocks are benefitting.

We May Be Entering a New Paradigm Shift in Asset Allocation

We will enter a hyper inflationary world at some point. In that environment bonds and equities will move together in the same direction, and the 60-40 model will not work anymore.

The Fed's Big Bazooka, Covid-19 Treatments, Market Breather

Amid dramatically rising jobless claims, the Fed continues to fire big bullets, the Senate is pushing its economic support package and Gilead and Regeneron have made progress on coronavirus treatments.

The Fed Goes All In: What It All Means and How It Will Shape the Markets

Here's how the central bank's actions might help.

China Posts Worst Economic Performance on Record

Monday's numbers for production, retail sales and the jobless rate are all the worst on record for China. Asian shares continued heavy selling despite central-bank support.

The Virus Is in Control, Aggressive Fed Moves, How Low Equities?: Market Recon

Let's be clear. The virus is the problem, and the economy will contract, perhaps significantly so, regardless of policy efforts made to counteract this reality.

Coronavirus Impact Spreads, Market Selloff, Fed Action, Risk Tolerance

What came first? The chicken or the egg? The bear market or the pandemic? I don't care much for labels.

Virus Numbers in China as Suspect as Trading in Restaurant Chains

Shares in Chinese restaurant operators are not reflecting reality on the ground.

The Week Ahead: Coronavirus Impact, Super Tuesday, Jobs and 30 Earnings Reports

Buckle up for what is likely to be another eventful five days.

What the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Has to Say About Covid-19

Let's see, what does the guide to the entire universe have to say that could possibly help us in the face of a virulent virus? Two words.

Kass: Danger but Opportunity as Well

Let's examine the non consensus view - some reasons why I have started to do some buying.

Coronavirus on the Move, Down Go Markets, 4 Key Points to Remember: Market Recon

Here are a number of things that I'm watching now.

Japan's Economy Sicker Than Expected and Before Any Virus Effect

The world's third-largest economy is likely to now be in recession, and Japanese investors have sensibly switched into defensive sectors and low-volatility stocks.

Deflation to Reflation to Deflation: What's Next?

With central banks cutting rates aggressively and China and the U.S. pumping even more liquidity, be careful of being too bearish.

Amazon vs. Microsoft, Assessing the Virus, Sticking Up for Judy Shelton

Fed repo policy changes confirm that external issues are having only a small impact on U.S. economic performance.

Jim Cramer: One Thing This Market Doesn't Lack Is Confidence

You can sell any stock that's up and take that money to the bank and no one will say, "sorry that was made off of euphoria, we can't take it."

Tech Based Rally, Real-Life Virus, Powell Speaks, Tracking 5 Stocks

This rally has been industry, not sector led, and it is all based on technology, whether or not market leaders reside within the Tech sector or not.

4 Important Takeaways From the January Jobs Report

What the latest numbers mean for the Fed, interest rates and bonds.

Jim Cramer: The Merger of Politics and Stocks

It's the intertwining of Trump's fortunes with the stock market that allows investors to overlook all sorts of concerns that would normally have been paramount.

The Fed's Moves, Trading 5 Stocks, Coronavirus and the Market: Market Recon

It's no secret that the Fed would like to get out of the short-term repo business.

Casinos, Airlines Tumble as Hong Kong Stocks Resume in Punishing Fashion

The coronavirus outbreak from Wuhan has hit Hong Kong stocks hard as they resume trade. We won't know the impact on mainland listings until next week at the earliest.

Energy Stocks Are Due for a Face-Saving Rally

After all, it is nearly impossible to find a positive analyst on natural gas or oil.

The JOLTS Barometer, and the Best Bet on Bonds

There is no period in history where job growth slowed to a crawl and the economy didn't fall into recession.

The Week Ahead: Davos, Impeachment, PMI and 25 Key Earnings Reports to Watch

Almost 200 companies are slated to report quarterly results, including 43 S&P 500 constituents.

Kass: 5 Big Surprises That Could Impact Markets in 2020

Surprises in the political arena and in corporate profitability are my most important deviations from the consensus.