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Economic Data  

Tech Beatdown, Technical Tightrope, Treasury Spreads, Fed Out in Force

Plus, many economists don't seem to understand the term "full employment" and earnings season kicks off.

The Fed Is Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The Fed is always backward looking, and that's why the market is unsure of where to go for now.

Inflation's Kick, Market Reacts, Treasuries, Apple on Deck?, Trading Wells Fargo

I do think that the Fed is on the case. I do not think that the Fed is as late as so many seem to.

As More Economic News Hits, the Market Is Struggling to Hold Up

Thursday there will be another reading on inflation when the PPI report is released as well as weekly unemployment numbers.

I'm on the Lookout for an Intraday Market Reversal

There are signs that a reversal may be brewing and many small-caps and biotechnology names are weak again.

Will the December CPI Report Trigger More Rotational Action?

The latest look at inflation is expected to produce the biggest increase in nearly 40 years, but the big question is to what extent it already is discounted by the market.

The Big Picture, Tech Stocks, Fed Moves, Conflicting Jobs Data, Week Ahead

Friday brings about data for December retail sales and industrial production, and the start of the fourth quarter earnings season as big banks start to report.

How Do CEOs View the Economy? Check Insider Trading Activity

Insiders are selling because they understand that valuations don't reflect the fundamentals.

Jobs Report, Fed Psychology, Bullard's Grenade, Notes of Note, Fresh Fresca

Plus, a look at rising mortgage rates and why SoFi Technologies is a stock for which I continue to hold out hope.

Friday's Jobs News Will Drive the Inflation Narrative

The issue of inflation and a more hawkish Fed is going to be with us for a while.

Jerome Powell Speaks and the Markets Are Very Worried

Here's what happens when market sentiment shifts.

Tech Stocks, Markets, Job Quitters, Manufacturing, Bitcoin and Gold

I'm sure that those who invest in precious metals 100 years after my death will hold physical gold. Can anyone holding Bitcoin make a similar suggestion?

5 Questions About 2022, January Effect, OPEC+, The Week Ahead, Tesla

This week will be about the macro. With earnings season still almost two weeks off, December job creation and wage growth will take center stage.

When It Comes to 2022 Forecasts, It's a Bit Different This Time

There should be enough momentum already in the economy to keep core inflation measures well above 3% for at least a couple quarters.

How Much Longer Can Inflation Run Hot?

That's probably the single most important question for markets in 2022.

How Recency Bias Has Created Risks -- and Opportunities -- for Tech Investors

Expecting recent trends to continue -- and not looking further into the past for parallels -- has driven a lot of questionable behavior in 2021 from both retail and institutional investors.

How to Handle Hedges as Inflationary Pressure Persists

With experts advocating everything from gold to real estate to cryptocurrencies, the debate over how to counteract inflation is far from settled.

Scrutinizing Fed Policy: Taper, Dot Plot, Mandates, Balance Sheet, Wild Card

The FOMC has a lot on its plate in December 2021 that will require adjustment, or at least comment.

No Ordinary Day, Trouble With the Curve, Crypto, Memes, Trading Pfizer, Nvidia

The fact is that some blood hit the floor on Monday.

Omicron's Threat Isn't What We Thought It Was, but Inflation Sure Is

And it doesn't appear the high level of inflation consumers are experiencing is going to abate any time soon.

Lay of the Land, Central Bankers, Looking Ahead, ETFs, Inflation, Apple at 3T

Yes, volatility beckons. I hear it too. There may be a revaluation of equities across the board in 2022.

The Market Is Losing Steam

Stocks are trading in a very inconsistent fashion.

As Inflation Soars, Here's One Stock to Add to Your Portfolio

I've scooped up shares of giant phosphate and potash concern Mosaic.

Here's My Strategy for Trading the Reaction to November's CPI Report

It involves focusing on the movement of the QQQ and taking my cues from there.

Bitten Market, Waning Volume, Virus Thoughts, Jobless Claims Quirk, CPI Watch

Plus, a quick look at earnings report winners and losers from Thursday after the market closed.

All Eyes on CPI as Inflation Worries Take Center Stage

Omicron variant concerns are diminishing as the strain is showing to be less severe than feared.

Morale Boost, Searching for Correlation, Evergrande, CPI Watch, Trading UiPath

I remain more comfortable trading than investing until there is at least one notably upward trading day on notably higher aggregate trading volume.

Has the January Effect Commenced?

This could be the start of nice rally in the beaten-down parts of the market, but here's why I am not chasing it.

Omicron Fears Fade But Inflation Worries Are Still a Concern

The big jump Monday helped to restore confidence, but it is hard to trust.

Macro Issues to the Forefront as Market Participants Deal with Technical Damage

The market is dealing with some of the most severe corrective action since the Covid selloff in February 2020.