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Economic Data  

Inverted Curve, Recession Risk and Defense Plays: Market Recon

Stocks to buy on this volatile global macro environment, and what needs to change to avoid a recession.

Sovereign Debt, Consumer Spending and a Play on CyberArk: Market Recon

Collateral damage from the trade war is clearly causing ripple effects across global markets.

South Korea Vows Japan Will Not 'Defeat' It Again After Trade War Blow

Japan has followed through on its threat to remove South Korea from its 'white list' of most-favored trade nations. The fight looks set to worsen.

Price Action Is Now Confirming the Negative Thesis

The only logical move at this point is to play stronger defensive.

Here's My Concern Over the Headline Jobs Numbers

Ultimately stocks are only going higher if the expansion does in fact keep going.

Tariffs, Jobs Report and How to Position Your Portfolio: Market Recon

Market indices are close enough to their apex where profits can be taken and cash be raised intelligently.

Reacting to the Fed

With the current Fed it appears as if the economy might be a second factor in making decisions.

The Market's Love/Hate Relationship with the Fed

Most traders are impatiently waiting for the Federal Open Market Committee's decision at 2 pm ET.

Fed Front and Center, Apple Earnings, Trading AMD: Market Recon

Understand that the expected Fed rate cut today is not about recent economic performance in the least.

Busy Earnings Week, China Trade, Fed Moves, Trading Beyond Meat: Market Recon

The real threat here would be if the Fed were fooled by domestic economic data that remains better than bad, from properly preparing for a very uncertain future.

The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword, With the Fed It Just Happens to Be True

Fed speakers are using this opportune time to posit their views.

Why Rates Really Can't Rise Much From Here

Beware the old way of thinking about the Fed.

Jim Cramer: You Need to Be Looking for Opportunities on Days Like Today

This is the kind of market that's worth running to when the stocks of good companies go down.

5 Key Takeaways From the Fed Minutes and Powell's Testimony

This appears to be one of the most spirited debates within the Fed in several years.

Fed Speak, Disappointing Earnings Outlook, Deutsche Bank's New Bad Bank

In addition to Fed Chair Jerome Powell's twin testimonies in Washington, the Fed will be out in force this week.

Jim Cramer: Why Laggards Like Kohl's, Citi and CVS Can Rise Now

I am neutral on this market, and only a cool off of the hottest stocks can justify a further advance.

Beware the Bond Shock on Strong Nonfarm Payrolls

The Fed can't justify a rate cut soon on the strong jobs growth data. Expect bond selling and a follow-on hit to equities.

Bulls Still Optimistic the Economy Is Weak Enough for Rate Cuts

It is an odd dynamic right now with the Fed being more important than the actual economy.

Jobs Report: How the Fed Will and Investors Should Read the Latest Numbers

It's time to move past the 'bad news is good news and vice versa' mentality.

Is Bad Economic News Still a Market Positive?

If today's jobs news is weak again the likelihood of a July cut will be a near certainty.

G-20 Trade Update, Plus Charting Apple: Market Recon

Apple's push toward services is a valuation-driven necessity.

Kass: You Should Not Read This Column If...

If you believe the following statements, this column clearly is not for you.

Market Activity, China Trade, Q2 Earnings, Trading TAL Education: Market Recon

Is the expansion on borrowed time? Is this expansion elderly? Or is this expansion still youthful, as in terms of growth?

Market Greets Bears' Arguments With a Shrug, Which Keeps Feeding the Upside

Market players know the negative arguments well, but the indices continue to hold up so they have little choice but to put cash to work rather than miss out.

Halfway Through 2019, Consider These 26 Stocks

Let's dissect what we are looking at, slow it down, take it apart, put it back together, and then kick it twice for good measure.

Ace Economist Andrew Hunt on Why Markets Were So Buoyant in June

Hunt watches a set of somewhat obscure financial indicators that have strong correlation with the performance of global equity markets.

The Market Remains Totally Unconcerned About Any Possible G-20 Bad News

Poor economic news is not having any impact on this market right now due to confidence that a rate cut will be forthcoming from the Fed.

This Dividend King Is in a Sweet Spot Right Now

Defensive names with inelastic demand are in a good place right now.

Tough Tuesday, Wavering Consumer and Interpreting the Fed: Market Recon

Key to a China trade deal will be that both sides come away from the G-20 meeting with the feeling that progress has been made, and that the schedule of tariffs has not been expanded.