First Horizon National Is a Bit Bearish for My Tastes

The bank holding company's charts indicate now is not the time to take a long position in the stock.

Sector Haves/Have Nots, Lisa Su Does It Again, Trading Tesla and Microsoft

Earnings reports continue to outperform, but can this support equity markets at these levels now?

Will 'Sell the Microsoft News' Work for the Bears This Time?

The bears have predicted a negative reaction to earnings for many years and have seldom been rewarded for their pessimism. Microsoft will be a good test case Thursday.

Speculative Interest Stays High

There is still a very high level of interest in finding entry points -- it's not looking like a market that is ready to fall apart.

Jim Cramer: Here's What Could Derail This Market

It will not collapse on valuation, fraud, currently non-existent inflation or its own weight. But here's what could knock it off its feet.

Let's Try to Graph Out Texas Instruments' Correction

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I'm Not Waiting in Line for Tapestry Shares

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The Good and the Bad of Snap

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Markets at a Crossroads, Trump on Health Crisis, China to Shut Houston Consulate

The markets are really in the hands of Washington right now, and Washington is in the hands of the virus.

Focus on What Can Go Right Rather Than What Can Go Wrong

Positive momentum and sentiment continue due to good earnings, vaccines and European Union stimulus.